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Deadwood cost us

Filed: Tuesday, 14th August 2007
By: Tony Watson

Despite yet another disappointing pre-season injury list, I along with many other Hammers fans was full of optimism and excitement ahead of the new season.

No more relegation battle and the Tevez saga had finished Ė it was a clean slate, a chance to put all the negativity behind us. When arriving into the ground I was greeted with confirmation of the Spurs result, it all seemed set up for a perfect opening day.

The crowd as always was in full voice and as the teams came out the place was buzzing. How can the passion of this crowd not get you up for a game I thought to myself as the teams completed the pre-match hand shakes and made their way to their starting positions. I think everybody was fully expecting us to start with the same tempo that we started with the last home league match with against Bolton Ė boy, were we wrong!

Memories of last yearís disjointed performances came flooding back as we like so many times last year we looked clueless in the final third and struggled to pass the ball forward with any confidence or conviction. Whilst Cityís one touch passing looked dazzling at times we were just chasing shadows and couldnít get near them, especially in the middle of the park where Lee Bowyer showed no presence whatsoever.

I hate to say it but heís a shell of player he once was. His partner in the middle of the park Mark Noble was giving his normal 100% but he was facing a task near the impossible, heís tireless running and effort is great to watch as a fan though and his all round game is reminiscent of John Moncurís.

Like so many of our great fans I love West Ham with a passion and I hate to slam players that wear our claret and blue shirts but how desperate are we for a decent left back?? Iím afraid McCartney is nowhere near the standard we require if we want to push on, at times on Saturday he looked like a schoolboy.

Jonathan Spectator as he has become known is another one that got my goat on Saturday. One has to question how he ever played for United, heís distribution is infuriating, his defending is naÔve and on the rare occasion he gets into the final third he more often than not tries that silly move that never works, the one where he knocks the ball past the full back and tries to run round him, it normally ends up with him on the defenders back giving away a free-kick.

Not to pick on Jonathan Spector for too long and not to be too negative but the fella was on loan at Charlton and the addicks had an option to sign him on a permanent basis, an option they chose not to go with Ė Does that tell you anything?

In the post match press conference Curbs said ĎApart from Robert Green in goal I don't think too many of our players can come out of the game and say to themselves 'we did alright' Ė A bit harsh on Matty Etherington I thought who replaced an ineffective Boa Morte at half time and was probably our best player in the second half. He produced a few dangerous looking crosses that Bellamy just couldnít get to, had Deano been on the field of play at that point who knows what the outcome might have been.

This leads me on to a more positive subject. How great it was to see Deano make his first league appearance in over a year. He got into some good positions, nearly getting an equalizer too, his volley from about 7 yards flying over the bar Ė with more match practise maybe heíd have slotted it away.

Although it was a terrible start to the season, things can only get better, it is only one game and hopefully we will have Lucas Neill and Scotty Parker back for the trip to Brum, two leaders such as those can only make our team stronger Iím sure.

With players coming back from injury, a few decent signings before the window closes and key men such as Bellamy and Ashton yet to show the best of themselves we still have a great deal to look forward to, no reason why we canít grab ourselves a top 10 finish!

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by Charlie
10:24AM 14th Aug 2007
''Great article, good to see some sense about the place. We definitely need at least three more signings ...''

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