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Time to say goodbye Harry...

Filed: Sunday, 15th April 2001
By: Andy Stone

At the moment the only good thing to say about us is that we have a decent youth team and 3 England players.

What else is there to be "happy" about?!?

We are doing sh*te in the league. We are currently doing just as bad as in 1997 except we don't have Hartson or Kitson to help us win.

We have a manager who has no idea of tactics or coaching.

We have a board that cares more about financing a loan for the stadium than on making sure we have a team to actually be in the top half of the table where we should be.

Every season we are told none of our best players are going to leave yet every season exactly that happens. 2 years ago the club looked to be going places.. now it seems they are happy enough just to scrape enough points to stay in the league like they had to 4 or 5 years ago which is not progress.

Harry has even said [it's on that 13 statements thing on the club's official site) that the side is so low because that's where it deserves to be and he's worried next year as Fulham and Blackburn are coming into the division - isn't this the same team that are the "best in 20 years"!??!

If we're not careful the likes of Kanoute, Di Canio, Lampard, Hislop, Cole, Sinclair and Carrick won't be here and then what will we do?!?

Trying to fill a 40,000 stadium in Division 1 - that's what we'll be doing.

For the club to move forward Harry must go. It's not like he's been here one or 2 years.. he's been here for 7. He's done the best he can and now it's time to move onto something else.

Part of the problem with the mindset is: We never did anything with 3 world cup winners so we can't be expected to do anything with any team.

That's not how you get anywhere. How have Ipswich got to 3rd in the league?!?! Do they have 3 England internationals in their midfield?!?! No.

They have a manager and board who are 100% committed to making them the best team they can. Their entire 11 know their jobs and duties on the field and are coached to such a degree where they know exactly what to do and when... certainly the same can't be said for us save 2 games.. Man Utd and Sunderland.

West Ham seem happy just to be somewhere in the league and make money from selling players like Hartson, Foe and Rio.

Imagine what a team we'd have if we still had those three. Instead to replace them we get Camara, Diawara and Stimac. You can't win anything with crap like that.

I have loved West Ham since Iwas 4 and will always do so, but i'm not going to say we're wonderful when we're not. We should be, with this team, a top 6 side. And it hurts me to hell that we can't beat sh*t like Newcastle - and we have only beaten Bradford and Derby this year.

This club means more to me than most things in the world. If I didn't care why would I write this stuff?!? I say these things because I want us to be a team who are fighting to get into Europe. I don't accept that we can never change.

Remember, the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and Leeds were sh*te for years and turned it round because they wanted to better themselves. It seems that most people are quite happy for us to lose most games in a season as long as we are still a Premier League side.

I don't want the Hammers to be admired for playing football but everyone knows it's an easy 3 points these days. I want us to be where the likes of Ipswich, Sunderland and Charlton are at the moment - it's not exactly a lot to ask.

Being happy with us being crap isn't going to help us achieve anything. Apathy never helps. We are underachieving and need to sort it out or we'll not be in the Premier League anymore. I honestly believe that - the way it's going Ican see it happening.

Yes, it's great that we're building a 40,000+ stadium - we need a bigger stadium to aid the extra costs of wages these days - but i hope it's not at the expense of team rebuilding and our Premiership status. The whole mindset of the club needs to change. There is no reason why we can't move forward, and slowly become a real force in the Premiership. London is a fantastic place to live and many of the foreign players desire to live there so we have that as a plus point in our favour.

But if the club is happy to stay in this position of lower table mediocrity forever then that's exactly where it will stay. Lack of ambition has always been a problem with the West Ham board. Harry seems to accede to this too by his continual comments that us fans shouldn't expect anything. What's wrong with wanting to make us better?

The only way to do it though is to say thanks to Harry and Lampard and get someone new.

The guys in the frame should be Curbishley, Vialli, Sanchez {Wycombe} and Moyes {Preston}.

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