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Sympathy for the devil?

Filed: Wednesday, 5th December 2012
By: The Sherriff

West Ham United 3-1 Chelsea. Sympathy for Chelsea? Not one jot. Reap what you sow... and be careful what you wish for.

Most of their supporters wouldn't remember the Division Two days of mid-table mediocrity as they wouldn't have been interested in football back then. The 'Sky generation' fan.

We've been there, it isn't nice but makes you appreciate what you have. Each season in which Chelsea won the Premiership/Premier League they were the highest spenders; just one of their midfielders on Saturday cost more than our entire squad put together.

Their supporters never complained about selling their soul to dirty Russian money when the staggering club debt got written off, nor when collecting world-class players like Panini stickers and winning trophies.

I recall going to Stamford Bridge in the 80s and 90s and there being less than 15,000 people in the ground. Until they started to live beyond their means toward the end of the Bates era, our honours list were almost exactly the same.

The Sky generation football fan. Turning on your new manager because he [Rafa Benitez] managed your supposed 'new' rival who are based 200 miles away from your ground; because he had the voodoo sign over you for so many games and because he rightly mocked your plastic support with its club-supplied flags.

Get behind your team - if you feel that strongly, take it up with Red Rom rather than the middle man. We all know that if he ever pulls out, you will be f*cked. Despite your end of year accounts announcing a £1million profit, this conveniently failed to factor in your summer signings which have easily surpassed the 70million mark.

Your own fans might buy your propaganda bullsh*t, but the football masses don't.

Chelsea epitomise everything that is wrong with not only the modern game but also society in general. Messrs Bruce Buck and Ron Gourlay should be ashamed of the way they have conducted their club's affairs. The fanbase continually victimising the victims is an embarrassment to the game.

Saturday was not only a well-deserved win for West Ham United but also a moral victory for football. Our is a club whose fans have stuck with them through thick and thin, turning up in their droves despite the many hardships that we've faced over the years.

Then you have the spawny European Champions - yes, we know who you are - who constantly live beyond their means. A club whose growing legion of armchair fans shout and scream loudest, a club whose hierarchy display utter contempt to not only the ruling body of our beautiful game but also the court of laws in this land.

Chelsea are a club who failed to apologise when wrongly accusing a match official of racist behaviour. They are a club who failed to sack their captain when found guilty of racist behaviour.

Anders Frisk; Henning Ovrebo; Mark Clattenburg; Anton and Rio Ferdinand... That one was for you.

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by hammer hanna
10:30PM 5th Dec 2012
''I take it Chelsea is not your second club?''

by Nick John
02:26PM 5th Dec 2012
''Well put, angry but reasoned. Chelsea have become an ugly, cynical machine whose buying policy has been the ruin of many good players (Joe Cole anyone?) Excellent article...''

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