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Flores, we are all 'tired' of you and your disgusting cheating

Filed: Thursday, 6th February 2014
By: Paul Walker

So Cheating Chico Flores is “tired” of the abuse he has suffered from West Ham fans. Bless...

I’ve got news for you pal, you cheating tart of a player. We are tired of you and your behaviour on the pitch.

The incident with Andy Carroll was not the first time the Spaniard has been involved in diving, simulation and whatever else they call cheating these days. We have seen it once before involving Carlton Cole earlier in the season, and Flores has got plenty of previous.

But he has chosen to bleat away on Twitter about how tired he is of all the stick, and surely we can see the violence displayed by Carroll last weekend.

Now I have covered elsewhere, as have many others, our opinions about the various elements of the Carroll red card, referee Howard Webb’s interpretation of intent and exactly what part of Flores’ pony-tail the West Ham striker did actually touch.

None of this do I intend dragging up again. What disgusts me - and, I am sure, the vast majority of West Ham fans and football supporters around the country - is that Flores fails to see what he has done.

He seems to believe it is OK to roll around holding your face when it is the top of your head that has been clipped by a forward’s arm. And for not condemning him publically, Swansea are equally as guilty.

He also seems to think that he has nothing to be sorry for. Forget the details of the incident and how the FA have handled things. What Flores has done is bring football and his profession into disrepute by virtue of his exaggerated reaction, his attempt to make out that Carroll caught him in the face.

That is a fraudulent insult to the game, and how it should be played. By re-Tweeting footage of the incident, Flores is saying he has nothing to be ashamed of. Well, pal, you most certainly have.

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Carroll and Webb, that is not the issue here if Flores continues to defend himself and now attack our club. He has taken this to a whole new level.
He has laid himself wide open for people to question his integrity, his professionalism and the very core of his attitude to sporting morality.

It is on this point that the FA should now take action against him for bringing the game into disrepute. He has insulted us, our fans and the very basis and essence of how and why we play sport. There has to be self-control, self-respect and the ability to know right from wrong without a referee in sight.

When children start to learn the game, hopefully, they are taught to respect their opponents, to compete fairly and to treat rivals and team-mates with respect equally. And to obey the rules. Flores has shown he holds none of these things sacred.

He knows he has fraudulently tried to get a rival into trouble. Webb may have decided that the swinging arm was worthy of punishment whether Fores rolled around on the deck or not, and I tend to understand that view even if it could have been handled very differently on the pitch.

Everyone has linked Webb’s punishment of Carroll with Flores’ actions. I tend to disagree, although I wish Webb would actually say something. But I feel that Webb’s actions and Flores’ cheating should be treated separately.

Now the shameless attitude of Flores has led him to start abusing our football, calling it “ugly.” Well, you pretentious prat, all smugness and pretty passing, if you look at the stats for Saturday’s game, Swansea completed more long balls (however they are collated) than West Ham did. What we had was a tall striker who is good in the air, and why should we not use that tactic?

Swansea tend to sit deep, maintain possession and try to hit their strikes with balls into the channels, as well as playing some admittedly neat, composed football. Each to their own. You are only two points better off than us and have just sacked a bright, attack-minded manager because he has spent a couple of days in Paris this week on a break (or so it seems).

Nobody is right or wrong in football styles as long as they stay within the rules, written down by authority or passed down through generations of people who are of a like mind when it comes to cheating or not.

But Flores fails to see the sheer stupidity of his reaction to criticism. He will now, forever, be branded a cheat. Someone you cannot trust on the pitch to behave in a civilised manner. Flores, you are a cheat, and you lose the right to any platform to criticise others. I hope you are happy with your position in life, and that you can live with yourself.

I sense you will get no sympathy from rival fans, even your own, or from referees in the coming months. Live with that.

And while we are on the subject of living with yourself, Howard Webb is also in the frame, or so it seems. I noticed a piece written by an old friend, Hugh Southon who turns out the busy, busy Claret & Hugh website. He has come up with a quote from Webb from a few years back--while he was officiating in South Africa--where he claims to be a Sheffield United supporter.

It was at the time when he was being accused of favouring Manchester United back home. Now I read that article and blinked, it took me a time to get my head around that statement.

Does that mean that FA, Football and Premier League administrators are appointing a man to take charge of our matches knowing he supports the Blades? Sometimes you cannot make it up.

Every season all officials fill in a form to say what club the support and whether they or any of their family, have bought a season ticket for a club. It, rightly, means that they cannot officiate at matches involving their own clubs. Makes sense.

That is not to suggest for one second that a referee would favour one club or other. But it takes away from any argument that grey area of doubt. The job is hard enough without leaving officials wide open for that sort of criticism.

But if Webb is a Sheffield United follower, and taking into account the long and acrimonious history between us and the Blades, why on earth is he being put into a position where his integrity could be doubted?

Brendan Rodgers got himself into a lot of hot water recently by questioning the appointment of a Bolton-based official for a match between Liverpool and Manchester City. Bolton, for those who don’t realise, is in the Government-created administrative area of Great Manchester. It has no historic connection with its big city next door neighbours.

Rodgers clearly does not understand the rivalry between Bolton-folk and those who support Manchester City or United. It is a fierce one. But he saw fit to mention it. God knows what he would make of Webb refereeing West Ham matches knowing the official supported Sheffield United.

Frankly I still cannot get over officialdom allowing something so fundamentally stupid. We should demand a recount!

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, KUMB.com.

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