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The Christmas Q&A - with Dave Sullivan

Filed: Thursday, 24th December 2015
By: Staff Writer

Christmas is of course a family affair - so we asked Dave Sullivan, son of West Ham United co-owner David Sullivan to tell us how he and the family will be celebrating the big day!

Dave, the eldest of the chairman's two sons also happens to be a fanatical Hammer - so we couldn't help asking him about his 2015 highlights too, in our exclusive Christmas Eve Q&A...

Dave: where will you be spending Christmas Day and with whom?
I will be spending it with my brother Jack, Mum and Dad. We'll be in London so we can make the Aston Villa game on Boxing Day.

Who'll be cooking Christmas dinner for you?
We go for lunch at the Ritz because we've had a few nightmares in the past when we've tried to cook it at home!

What do you want for Christmas?
To be honest, I have no idea what I want! My Mum has been on at me to think of something but I don't really want anything. That's quite a boring answer, but it's the truth!

What's your favourite Christmas present ever?
Probably some Nerf guns which I got when I was much younger. Jack and I had a lot of fun for a couple of hours shooting each other, though I'm not so sure my Mum and Dad were as pleased as we were!

Do you watch the Queen's speech on Christmas Day?

Dave (second from right) appeared on the KUMB Podcast with brother Jack and co-owner David back in August

On to West Ham; who was your best signing of 2015?
Dimitri Payet - the statistics speak for themselves. I think if he had been fit up until now, we'd be in the top four - 100 per cent.

And your favourite player?
Payet, again. He has so much such skill and he doesn't run with the ball, he glides with it. The little tricks he does are like he's playing beach or street football. I think he possesses certain characteristics which may be drilled out of players who have been at Academies from the age of seven; as with Jamie Vardy, there are some things you just can't be taught.

We've had some cracking results, but what was your favourite match of 2015?
We always get smashed up at Anfield, so away to Liverpool - especially after going 1-0 ahead and having a feeling we would throw it away. Instead the game went totally the opposite way and we beat Liverpool comfortably!

Back of the net - what was your favourite goal of the year?
Mauro Zarate's in the 2-0 win at the Emirates on the opening day of the season. It was a very good goal - with an element of goalkeeper error, admittedly - but also because it helped seal a win against Arsenal.

The transfer window is almost upon us once again; what are your hopes for January?
I think it will be fairly quiet, but you never know. In the summer we need to sign a proven striker; more goals equals more points. Also Carl Jenkinson's loan is up so we need to sign a right back, but if James Tomkins maintains his current form in that position we won't be needing one!

What are your hopes for the remainder of the 2015/16 season - and where do you predict we'll finish?
I think if we keep the squad fit anything is possible, but the way this season has been going I couldn't tell you! We could finish fourth, equally it could be 10th. If pushed, I'd go for ninth.

There's a good crop of youngsters coming through the Academy once again. If asked to pick one, who'd be your tip for the future?
Reece Oxford. If he keeps progressing at the rate he is, he will be playing for England in no time at all.

Your father and DG purchased a majority share of West Ham United six years ago next month; what's your favourite memory of the Boleyn Ground so far?
I couldn't give you just one as there have been so many good times! However beating Manchester United 4-0 at a wintry Boleyn Ground in the Carling Cup was great.

What's the funniest thing you've seen at a West Ham game this year?
That'd be when we beat Chelsea 2-1 back in October. Right after we scored the second goal, the guy behind me almost pushed me over the edge of the Betway Stand Upper Tier whilst we were celebrating !

Mind your backs: the Directors' Box celebrate Andy Carroll's winning goal against Chelsea

* Our thanks go to Dave Sullivan for taking part in our Q&A.

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