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The Chris Scull column

Filed: Friday, 18th March 2016
By: Chris Scull

Wha’gwan? Chris Scull here, welcome to my first weekly blog here on KUMB.com.

Having presented the Knees up Mother Brown West Ham Podcast for four seasons and having talked about issuing a weekly blog about it, I’m pleased to say I’ve finally decided to do something about it.

There’ll be three sections to this blog every week; West Ham, the KUMB podcast and the rest of life.

West Ham United

So last week was Man Utd away in the cup. Made the journey up on train with the KUMB pod’s permanent co-host Bianca, our temporary one Rus Williamson and mate/occasional guest, Greg Anthony.

Firstly, I was utterly shocked and appalled by the amount of Man U supporters travelling up to the game. What an awful attitude to have. Sub-human scum.

Pre-match I was delighted to be distracted by meeting Kris Akabushi, AWOOGA! Selfie accomplished, the game kicked off.

Have to say I couldn’t understand our first half tactics; despite having two strikers, we never attacked with any real intent. Second half felt a different story. Although I couldn’t really see us scoring in open play.

Payet’s free kick; what a screamer. I think I fell about four rows forward. As for their equaliser, Bianca had just about convinced me it wouldn’t happen. But then it did.

As we left the ground, I’d heard murmurings that it shouldn’t have counted. But looking at the replay, I think we’d have been very lucky to have that goal chalked off – maybe if Randolph had made more of a meal of it and bundled himself into the net, we’d have been in with a chance.

When it comes to the replay, I think we can win. In fact, I’m 65 per cent sure we will win. With it being the last cup match, under the lights and with the crowd in full voice - I’m sure it could be as special as the Ipswich play off semi final of 2004.

The KUMB Podcast

Our guest this week was Damian Lazarus and I have to admit, I’m a big, big fan.

This week's Podcast dream team: Williamson, Lazarus & Scull

For those that don’t know, he’s a big house DJ and huge Hammer. He actually tweeted to say he listens to the show and that’s how we made contact – he was listening to the Tony Gale episode in Mexico on a tour bus at the time; that sort of fact still blows my mind.

Damian obviously came across fantastic. After the show he dragged Rus and I to a party to hear him DJ. His album is well worth checking out if you’re in the market for new music.

One question I forgot to ask on the pod is: "Would you rather be an international superstar DJ or play for West Ham?" I can exclusively reveal on this blog that he picked the former!

On the topic of the Podcast more generally, everyone has said how well Bianca is doing and I wholeheartedly agree. We’ve found our rhythm almost immediately.

I speak to James approximately every two weeks. I know last week he met up with some LA Hammers. He sent me the picture. The most astounding thing about it was his hair. He looks like Leo Sayer now; must’ve been an expensive operation!

James Longman with his freshly-discovered American pals

We’ll have a new episode out next Tuesday, fingers crossed. Our guest will be a West Ham fan and one of the finest first-class test cricketers in the history of the game. Should narrow it down somewhat.

The Rest of Life

I’m going to a charity ball tonight hosted by Suggs. Will try to get a picture.


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