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10 great things about the Olympic Stadium

Filed: Tuesday, 4th October 2016
By: Staff Writer

Given the many issues which have arisen since the club moved lock, stock and barrel to Stratford in the summer, if often appears as if there's nothing positive to say about the Olympic Stadium.

So we decided to make a list of 10 great things about West Ham United's new home in order to redress the balance a little...

1. The stadium looks fantastic upon approach

Since the club installed the giant 'West Ham United' sign at the entrance to the stadium, shortly before the start of the season, it has at least begn to feel like the club's new home. That impression is fuelled by the addition of a large club shop and plenty of claret and blue-themed signage both in and around the Olympic Stadium, all of which is clearly visible upon approaching the island from any direction.

2. You can sit anywhere you like

Long gone are the days of being confined to just one seat. Thanks to the plethora of non-existent 'plus 2s' and other empty sections, there are literally thousands of empty seats dotted around the stadium. Due to its oval structure, and lack of barriers restricting movement, fans have been taking advantage of moving around the stadium to find a better view.

3. Ticket prices are mostly right

For many years this website has taken issue with the cost of watching West Ham United on a regular basis. However the introduction of £99 season tickets for minors and £299 adult tickets (albeit up in the gods) is absolutely a step in the right direction and has allowed many dads to bring their kids with them for a reasonably small outlay.

4. Food, glorious food

No longer are we fans essentially restricted to just burgers and rib rolls, thanks to the plethora of food outlets situated both in and around the ground (and in Westfield too). From Pie and mash to all kinds of cuisine from around the globe, there really is something for everyone. Including popcorn, if that floats your boat.

5. Spacious seats

Back at the Boleyn woe betide you if the fella sat next door weighed more than 15 stone or stood higher than 6 feet tall, for that would invariably result in you enjoying an ';arse wrestle' for full occupancy of your seat - or having someone's knees constantly banging the back of your chair. Not any more, for the seats at the OS are well-designed and comfortably spaced.

6. Big screens that work and may be seen

It was a running joke at the Boleyn that the big screens and clocks were often faulty, especially in the club's final season there when it was deemed pointless financing improvements when the move to Stratford was on the horizon. The screens at the OS, on the other hand, are easy to see and situated above the goals, not in the corners of the ground which could be difficult for some to see.

7. Real ale

Or so I'm told, as I don't drink the stuff. Those who do have been most complimentary. And although it's probably a controversial point, it's nice to see fans watching the game and supping a beer at the same time from the concourses - as they are allowed to in other sports such as cricket and rugby.

8. Westfield

Whilst, on the whole, they may not want West Ham supporters there (I refer you to 'The Westfield Wall' which is erected prior to every home game) it's great to be able to pop into the shopping centre either before or after the game to stock up on those little things that you may have forgotten, or grab a bite to eat in warm, comfortable surroundings. That's going to be a godsend come December and January.

9. Pubs, clubs and more pubs

Stay in and around E20 and you'll find a whole host of hostelries only too willing to welcome West Ham supporters. Venture further afield and you'll discover even more pubs and bars also happy to extend a warm welcome to football fans - many more than were left in or around Green Street by the time West Ham waved goodbye. Just steer clear of the Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick...

10. Being there still annoys the hell out of everyone else

Opposition supporters may be enjoying West Ham United's many teething problems currently, but the club (especially the Board of Directors who enjoy a healthy financial interest) will have the last laugh. £2,5million per year for a 66,000 capacity stadium still represents an absolute steal.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, KUMB.com.

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