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A new West Ham Supporters Trust

Filed: Friday, 7th October 2016
By: PC Hammer

Discussion has been in overdrive in all forms of media about our wonderful club’s current malaise and while we all hope it will begin to pass (starting with a win against Crystal Palace next week) a number of people feel very strongly about a number of issues.

Of primary concern has been the lack of any central voice from the fans to the board, media or social media. Our websites are superb and from reading fans forums it is clear there are many excellent / diverse ideas out there - but actually where do they all lead?

Of course, some may be read by people in the media or at West Ham but it is clear the majority of correspondence to the club is not replied to, making people angry, upset and feeling they are not being listened to.

Any response usually boils down to a tweet from the Dave’s or a club statement – very impersonal. The SAB (and the new 'Supporter Feedback Forum', to which KUMB was not invited) has been shown to be a puppet in the hands of the club.

In response to this it has been decided to call a meeting at the Hammers Social / Supporters Club (HSC) in Castle Street off Green Street for a 3pm start on Saturday, 8th October to propose the formation of a supporters Trust.

It is noted that such efforts have been made previously and failed but there seems to be a groundswell of opinion that this time it will succeed, as many from previous attempts have put forward their names, ideas and groundwork covered.

Many fans are unhappy (to say the least) with the move and all its nuances while again there is great support from many for the supporters club itself to move to Stratford. We have lost so much that we feel we just have to do something and keep some things going.

West Ham seem to have washed their hands of the HSC, while Newham Council do not seem too bothered at this fine institution.

All being well the Supporters Trust will be a real place based at the HSC, with West Ham fans at its core giving fans a chance to voice any concerns they have which can then be put forward to the club.

We would hope to eventually be respected by West Ham as other football Supporters' Trusts around the country are. We will keep a check on what goes on with the club and being there to represent the interest of our fans going forward.

Many will say too little, too late but it seems now, more than ever, us fans need something. Be clear, this Trust is not an anti-OS crusade but one in the name of the fans of West Ham to keep the spirit of the Boleyn going as we venture into our first season at the new stadium.

Your support and input will be crucial and gratefully received as the Trust gets off the ground.

For those unable to make the 8th October a second meeting has already been arranged for Saturday, 22nd October again at the HSC with a 12 noon start so business can be completed for us to go see the Hammers smash Sunderland.

Thanks and Come on you bloody Irons!

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, KUMB.com.

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