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Esports Betting: Overview Of The Market And Frequently Asked Questions

Filed: Tuesday, 18th July 2017
By: Staff Writer #3

People who are interested should read up on Esports Betting: Overview Of The Market And Frequently Asked Questions.

This is certainly one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. There is a huge market for the people who want to be able to see what other people can do with video games of all kinds. People who want to see how exciting video games can be should look into this market. However, they should do their research in advance in order to avoid any of the usual problems that can occur when people start almost any interest for the first time.

When looking at the size of the market, people will usually go by the amount that is wagered or bet, which is called the handle. When evaluating almost any online casino gaming market, this is usually the best way of going about it. In that way, the esports betting market is now worth billions of dollars. Then again, it is important to keep all of this in perspective. Sports betting in Nevada is worth around 4.2 billion dollars. This is in one of the gambling capitals of the world, which people should take into consideration as well. However, the handle for all of Nevada gambling is significantly higher, and this is just in a single state that is known for its gambling. Esports betting is huge, but there is a great deal of room for growth in an industry like this one.

Some people might be particularly curious about whether they are going to see their very favorite video games represented in the world of esports. As long as people like really popular video games, this may be the case. However, some of the most obscure video games have yet to really get a firm grounding in the world of esports. League of Legends is probably the number one player when it comes to esports games. Starcraft 2 is another huge player by this point in time, and it is something else that a lot of people will see over and over again in esports betting.

People who like the South Korean version of esports betting will really be interested in it. Dota 2 is also really popular and a lot of people should love it. CS:GO has similarly been popular for a while. The remaining games in the market do not really make up a large portion of the industry, given that people will really only be able to find another half a dozen games represented most often. These only comprise about eight percent of the market as well.

Still, the international nature of esports should make a lot of people hopeful. There is certainly a great deal of room for expansion in this way. Betway is also available in Kenya, and this is something that might surprise a lot of people. South Korea managed to become the esport capital of the world, even though many of the most popular games did not originate there. This is an industry that will certainly grow and change.

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