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An Insight to Mobile Gambling and Sports Betting

Filed: Tuesday, 21st November 2017
By: Staff Writer #3

Recently Net Insight has joined with Bet365 and SIS in order to solve what has been an all too familiar occurrence of delay issues associated with the live streaming of OTT betting content.

A huge number of gambling brands sponsor football teams and many of them are household names. The comparison site bingosites.uk lists most of these brands.

Net Insight is as the forefront of its industry being the leading provider in media transport and also resource scheduling. Bet365 is a world-wild recognised name as one of the leading online gambling companies whilst SIS is one of the main supplier of services and product to both the online and the retail betting markets.

This collaboration promises a more 'holistic' approach to the problems that the industry experiences regarding the live OTT services within the betting market.

One of the greatest challenges the collaboration will meet is the variable streaming delay, but it is hopeful that the combined experience of the combined companies will cover all the bases.

Bet365 will of course be offering the application with SIS provided the answer to the betting CDN service whilst Net Insight will supply the live OTT streaming technology. This true OTT streaming technology, Sye, will enable fully synchronized, and extremely low latency video streaming to OTT platforms.

Bet365's Head of Systems Development, Alan Reed is reported saying:

'We believe this joint effort with Net Insight and gives us an unique opportunity in the market, enabling us to offer a better, more controlled betting experience to our online audience'. Mr Reed also said, 'We also foresee how this solution will enable us to create new types of betting experiences keeping at the forefront of live betting innovation.'

There is no doubt that the gambling industry is evolving and changing as it evolves into online, mobile and in-game betting applications, if the problems of OTT live streaming and the ability to synchronize video stream as well as video and data are solved then the possibilities are massive within the whole industry.

The gambling industry is renowned for being in the forefront when we talk of pioneering new technologies and innovative ideas. Betting is one of the main application which is enabling technology performance and innovations around live sports.

Providing a live and fully interactive media experience for anyone on earth is a massive vision, but one that Net Insight is aiming for. A global media marketplace where live sports and content can be exchanged with interaction taking place between TV audiences in real time.

Possibly a big call although when you realise that in excess of 500 world class customers run mission critical media services using solutions provided by Net Insight the dream might not prove to be so far away.

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