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Leaks about the World Cup 2018 Football Jerseys

Filed: Thursday, 17th May 2018
By: Staff Writer #3

The World Cup 2018 is coming up and fans are waiting in anxious anticipation to see what their favourite teams will be wearing at the event.

Of course they're excited about watching the play, but Jerseys are important to fans who want to be the first to get their hands on the licensed sports wear. Here is what the teams will wear as they gather to compete in June at Russia this year.

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Adidas Nike sponsorship as assumed

We recently learned that the Adidas and Nike corporations will share the honor and responsibility for most of the 23 teams' jerseys for the 2018 World Cup. The best news is that we no longer have to wait to find out what they're going to be as they've already been revealed. It's hard to hold back news like this and we've been privy to the inevitable leaks about what each team will be outfitted in as they gather in Russia.

The Russian team will wear an Adidas Jersey that is inspired from the USSR jerseys off 1988 with the colors red and white for home, and their away is set to be white and blue.

Saudi Arabia
Nike is responsible for the 2018 World Cup kits for Saudi Arabia. These were disclosed in March of this year. We'll see a crest with a brand new federation symbol that will be located on the left side of the chest.

Adidas is supplying the Jerseys for Egypt. The 2018 Home Kit for Egypt was announced in November, and the 2018 was released in March.

Uruguay's Jerseys are being provided by Puma. They were made public in November of 2017 and March of 2018.

Nike is supplying the Portugal team Jerseys. We'll see a new template that comes with personalized details. The away Jerseys will be white and green which is a replacement for the teal color from 2016. We've learned that there will be an Anthem Jacket for home, and Away Anthem Jacket and a Tech Knit Jacket.

Adidas is is delivering the Spain team's Jerseys and they will be reminiscent of the 1994 edition. Theirr away shirt is going to be a light grey and red.

Adidas is in charge of Morocco's jerseys but there haven't been any reliable leaks about them yet.

We haven't received any word on which manufacturer will make the Iran team's jersey's yet, but we're assuming that it will be Adidas.

About all we know about the France team's jerseys is that the colors will be white and navy for the away games and there is supposed to be a new set of colors coming out.

Nike has been the supplier for the Australian team for the long term and this relationship will continue. This is all the information we have so far.

Umbro Jerseys will be worn by the Peruvian team, but it's rumored that this will be the last time for them.

Hummel of Denmark is in charge of the team's jerseys for the 2018 World Cup. No further details are available.

Adidas will supply a traditional striped jersey with inspiration by the 1993 edition.

New to the game, Errea kits will be worn by them in Russia and all will feature the same design with blue, reed and white for the home, away and third.

Nike is making the Croatian team's jerseys

Nike is in charge of the Nigerian kits that will feature an "outstanding design"

We're not sure who is making the Brazil kits but we've heard that they will feature a slight change in the yellow shade with a new graphic print with blue and yellow for away.

We don't know who is in charge of Switzerland's kits, but we've learned that the away will be very simple and clean, possibly too much so.

Costa Rica
The Costa Rica kits are supplied by New balance and the home shirt was announced in March.

Puma is supplying Serbia's kits instead of Umbro this year.

We'll see jerseys that remind us of the past with a grey graphic reeminiscent of thee 1990 uniform with the away kit in green.

These were the first kits to be leaked and we're told to expect unique new designs.

Adidas is supplying kits for Sweden.

South Korea
Nike is providing South Korea's team kits and these were released in March.

Adidas is providing Belgium with yellow away kits and an "outstanding design inspired by the 1984 kit.

This is Panama's firsts and New Balance is in charge of the team kits

Uhlsport is a small German brand that is in charge of Tunisia's kit.

Of course a bespoke graphic print will grace the front of England's jerseys. The away will be red and white and the print will differ from the home.

Nike is in charge of the Poland team's jerseys. This will be their first appearance since the 2006 event in Germany.

Puma will replace Romai Sports for this year's team jerseys.

Adidas in in charge of the Columbia team's World cup kits for 2018. The home will feature yellow and dark blue and away will be royal blue and bright orange reminiscent of the home shirts from the 1970s and '80s.

Adidas is in charge of the kits for the Japanese team. They were released in November of 2017 and March of 2018.

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