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West Ham United Sexiest Wives and Girlfriends

Filed: Tuesday, 4th December 2018
By: Staff Writer #3

Most often, it turns out that good footballers always have very beautiful girls, who also attract a lot of attention to their personalities.

By the age of 30, most of them are happily married or at least in a relationship with some beauty. Everyone is interested to know how these beauties from the world of football stars look like. So, we present our list of the most beautiful girls of famous football players of West Ham United.

Inna Yarmolenko (Andriy Yarmolenko)

Although the footballer has already amazed West Ham United fans with his skills, they were even more blinded when they saw his soul mate. Inna shows glamorous and sexy photos on her Instagram. Apparently, she spends a lot of time with her husband in the gym.

However, fans focus not only on her beauty but also note that Ukrainians are very educated and socially active. Every year, she organises a charity event in the United States, promoting Eastern European culture abroad. It is not surprising because Russian and Ukrainian women are considered the best. That is why many men want to start dating a Russian woman.

Sara Arnautovic (Marko Arnautovic)

Sara Arnautovic is the wife of Marko Arnautovic. He says that she is the only girl who can keep him. He became more serious in real life. Sara is a doctor and model. The German met Sara at the Bremen disco. It didnít take long before lovers were married. Two years later, his wife Sara became pregnant. After delivering her daughter, Sara refused to work as an assistant doctor and model to care for a baby and Marko.

Camila Sodi (Javier Hernandez)

In 2017, the Mexican media wrote about a new football romance Ė football player Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) dates beautiful Camila Sodi, known in her home country for many roles. The facts pointing to a relationship of Chicharito and Sodi were so eloquent that they got on the cover of the Mexican edition of Hola Ė a couple spent a romantic weekend in Paris that didnít escape the lenses of the ubiquitous paparazzi.

Who is this Camila Sodi? It turned out that the 32-year-old Mexican is no less popular in her own country than the footballer with whom she has an affair. She is successfully implementing herself both in the modeling business and in the cinema and on the stage. Camila starred in a dozen movies, as well as in three popular Mexican TV shows (which is even more prestigious for her homeland).

Andriani Michael (Jack Wilshere)

Another fabulous love story happened to midfielder Jack Wilshere. He married the daughter of his hairdresser. Her name is Andriani Michael. The football player saw her once when he went to a new salon and couldnít forget her. However, at first, he became friends with the girlís father. And then he took courage and proposed to her. In summer, the couple played a magnificent wedding Ė the newlyweds, their friends, and relatives had been celebrating it for three days in Tuscany.

Denise Snodgrass (Robert Snodgrass)

This midfielder is not as aggressive in life as on the pitch. Robert is a typical family man, not a fan of nightclubs and noisy parties. But he brings up two daughters with an advertising agent Denise. In 2013, Robertís wife had an accident being pregnant. She broke expensive cars as well as the storefront. Fortunately, neither the child nor the girl was injured.

Wives of football players are the subjects of interest. Girls fall in love with them, men want to know who their idols choose, and the most sentimental representatives of the older generation follow the chronicle of dating and parting of celebrity couples. Hope we partly satisfied your curiosity.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should be attributed to, KUMB.com.

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