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Top 5 West Ham home shirts of all-time

Filed: Monday, 4th March 2019
By: Staff Writer #3

West Ham’s sky blue and claret colours combine to make the most gorgeous football shirt in the world.

While there are those who have stolen the colours over the years, no club has worn it quite like West Ham. The sky blue and claret colours have always stayed the same for the Hammers’ home shirts. But the designs, sponsors, and colour accents have been modified over the years. Supporters of the club can use gentpromocode.co.uk for the best offers on sports betting.

Which home shirts have stood the test of time and are reflected on fondly by supporters? The top 5 West Ham home shirts of all-time should take supporters down memory lane.

5. West Ham 2018-19

The 2018 home shirt was designed by British sports manufacturer Umbro. The company has been West Ham’s kit provider since 2015. The 2018-19 shirt is by far their best interpretation of what a West Ham shirt should look like. West Ham supporters can receive the latest IWCA bingo promo code in between matches.

Although the classic sky-blue sleeves have been eliminated for a nearly all red top, there are subtle touches of blue around the sleeves. The dark claret horizontal lines bring out the shirt even more giving it depth previous Umbro versions lacked.

4. West Ham 1958

West Ham’s 1958 shirt did not have the bells and whistles of modern football jerseys. Yet, it remains an iconic top and many replicas and reprints can be found around the London Stadium on matchdays.

The shirts were quite simple: claret body, blue sleeves, and a white patch with the Hammers logo. It was far simpler than Jose Mourinho’s Palmares and far more memorable. The 1958 shirt remains a fond memory of the past.

3. West Ham 1976-80

West Ham finished off the decade of disco with a stunning shirt made by Admiral that featured a quarter of it as sky blue. Of all the club’s home shirts, the blue truly dominates with the upper one-third of the shirt in blue.

One of the best aspects of the shirt was its crest. It had a “renaissance” shape with crossed hammers and the Boleyn Castle. It was the club’s first shirt to feature the castle as part of the badge.

2. West Ham 1985-87

In 1985-86, West Ham finished third in the old First Division. It was their highest finish in club history. Due to that tremendous feat, their shirt from 1985 to 1987 makes the list.

Like the 2018-19 shirt, it is nearly all claret with subtle touches of sky blue and white. It also has horizontal stripes and the blue brings out the claret body of the shirt.

1. West Ham 1993-95

The 1993 to 1995 home shirt has two iconic aspects that make it No. 1 on the list of greatest West Ham shirts of all-time. Firstly, it has the Pony check mark across the chest giving it an unmistakable look. Secondly, it has the Dagenham Motors sponsorship logo on the front.

In a day of multi-million-pound sponsorship deals and lucrative kit provider contracts for top-flight clubs, there is something special about this shirt. It is truly retro, and in many ways, it feels like it is older than the mid-90s.

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