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Hammers United: a fresh opportunity

Filed: Thursday, 28th March 2019
By: Tross

Longstanding KUMB contributor Tross explains why he intends to support 'Hammers United', a new independent fans initiative hoping to take the Board to task...

I'm in. And I've invited a shedload more.

I, like many I have spoken to, believe that the multiple frustrations with the board/club, compounded by an appallingly-handled transition to the Olympic Stadium created a tension amongst our fans not seen since the Bond fiasco.

1992 saw the Boleyn faithful revolt against the universally-reviled Bond Scheme

I also believe that those feelings of being oppressed, disenfranchised, the condescension demonstrated, it created a momentum that gave the fans an opportunity, for the first time in a long time, to make the board and the club sit up and listen.

I'm not looking to open the RWHFG v WHUISA "he said", "she said", "my Dad's bigger than your dad" debate - with respect to both parties, it's been done to death. What is apparent however is that an opportunity was lost... and the frustrations of the fans previously felt have not been resolved.

They are just simmering away, with the same number of people, quietly under the radar, banished to hurried pub conversations on a match day or the occasional social media post which is often self-destructed by those amongst us who no doubt care, but can struggle to articulate their arguments constructively, such is their pent up frustration.

Another reality that needs to be accepted early here is that there are others in the West Ham family (which is of course diverse and ever-evolving) who are perfectly happy with their perceived value of being a West Ham supporter.

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Perhaps an approach of educating that group, based on "our" perception of the many broken promises and apathetic behaviour demonstrated by those currently in control at the club, rather than ostracising them from the get go may be suggested?

Getting the new generation of WHU fans on side would be an absolute masterstroke.

Telling them they are brainwashed morons, blinded by the dark marketing magic of Brady & Co who are killing the traditions and history of YOUR club, with a dozen or so Facebook replies based on four-letter expletives will only serve to isolate the impact that Hammers United can have.

For me, since that great opportunity where we were all due to march fell by the wayside, the battle was lost, the club has had total control of proceedings since.

Anybody not willing to practice Idolatry to its false OSB (Official Supporters Board), anybody who wants to fall outside the wheels of the Claret & Hugh propaganda machine - well it has left me, and many more like me, placed in a most convenient holding pattern.

I'm surmising a bit, but given the naked honesty, political neutrality and transparency of the initial launch, I do dearly hope that Hammers United can be the force that is required to break that pattern.

Your time is now, gentlemen. I implore you to remember that it's in the critical moments of decision that battles are won and victory lives. Peparation for those moments is vital - life has taught me that poor decisions do tend to leave fortune always hiding.

I'll be at the first meeting in Plaistow, and at the game on Saturday. I'd welcome the opportunity to buy any of the founders of the group a pint and understand how I may be of assistance.

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