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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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An inconvenient truth
Friday, 15th February 2019
by HeadHammerShark
''There is an issue that has been vexing West Ham fans this week.....''

The Arthur Wait stand: how does it get a safety certificate?
Monday, 11th February 2019
by Pink Palermo
''On Saturday, I left the match at Crystal Palace two minutes after Mark Noble's penalty - which I didn't see due to two lads shoving past us (cheers lads). ..''

Crystal Palace v West Ham United
Thursday, 7th February 2019
by Preview Percy
''Here at kumb.com we are as baffled as anyone as to how Jurgen Klopp could possibly have any complaints about a referee who handed his team another undeserved point. Preview Percy tries to make sense of it all here in his look at the events of Monday and at our upcoming visit to Selhurst Park. (Spoiler alert: he fails)...''

Would the real West Ham fans please stand up
Wednesday, 6th February 2019
by Chris Wilkerson
''Real West Ham fans. What impact has that term had on this club recently?..''

The Engineer, The Academy and the usual
Wednesday, 6th February 2019
by Robert Barlow
''The 2018/19 season so far has been something of a rollercoaster for those of a claret and blue persuasion. ..''

West Ham United v Liverpool
Sunday, 3rd February 2019
by Preview Percy
''We've lost our last three in the league and signed nobody in the transfer window. However, Preview Percy has an unusual suggestion for a signing of what might be a free agent. Read more in his look at the forthcoming visit of league leaders Liverpool.......''

The price we pay
Saturday, 2nd February 2019
by Paul Walker
''I want to tell you a story… and it’s never likely to be as funny as when Max Bygraves said it back in those old black and white TV days...''

Maybe, maybe it’s not always their fault...but then again!
Friday, 1st February 2019
by Paul Walker
''It’s tin hat time again for our wondrous owners. Right in the firing line from enraged fans after a largely non-existent transfer window...''

Gone in just 11 days of unrest
Thursday, 31st January 2019
by Paul Walker
''We’ve lost something special, haven’t we? Something we all witnessed being slowly built by Manuel Pellegrini...''

Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United
Monday, 28th January 2019
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy was at the AFC Wimbledon match. He is also a cricket fan. So we sent someone over to the Avram Grant Olympic Rest Home for the Bewildered to pick up his preview for Tuesday's visit to Wolves. I mean he's bad enough when we are winning......''

AFC Wimbledon v West Ham United
Thursday, 24th January 2019
by Preview Percy
''Despite the cold weather, last weekend's defeat and an England batting collapse Preview Percy seemed remarkably chipper when we popped over to the Avram Grant Olympic Rest Home For The Bewildered earlier today. We think the announcement today that there are now more distilleries in England than there are in Scotland may have had something to do with his improved demeanour. Not that you'd notice it from this, his look at Saturday's visit to Kingsmeadow for AFC Wimbledon in the 4th round of the FA Cup..........''

Are we heading for a no-deal disaster?
Sunday, 20th January 2019
by Paul Walker
''I suppose this is our Brexit moment. You know the one. When we put our trust in people not to make an almighty cock-up of our lives and futures...''

So it is all about Marko...
Friday, 18th January 2019
by Paul Walker
''This week should have all be about us, shouldn’t it? About our team, who had produced the best performance under manager Manuel Pellegrini, the best since we left the old gaff...''

AFC Bournemouth v West Ham United
Friday, 18th January 2019
by Preview Percy
''With news of "Spygate" coming out of Leeds we were surprised to discover that a website writer had been caught in the grounds of Preview Percy's rest home, presumably in an attempt to discover the secret of how NOT to write a match preview. Here's the grumpy one's look at this weekend's trip to Bournemouth.....''

West Ham United v Arsenal
Friday, 11th January 2019
by Preview Percy
''Note to fixture arrangers and assorted TV companies: Please could you stop scheduling our matches for the early kick-off slot. Our resident preview writer is grumpy enough without our having to wake him up at the crack of dawn. In the meantime here's Preview Percy's look at this weekend's vist of Arsenal. Sorry about all the snoring.....''

Are we West Ham anymore?
Friday, 11th January 2019
by Pink Palermo
''A debate regarding the changing state of West Ham United's fanbase has been raging on the KUMB Forum in recent days. Here, one of the Forum's leading figures has his say.....''

Selling Marko Arnautovic
Thursday, 10th January 2019
by Tross
''First off, if he were to be sold in January, Marko Arnautovic is comfortably a £60million player in this window - accordingly that somewhat narrows his list of potential suitors, given the price tag. ..''

It always has to be about Marko…
Sunday, 6th January 2019
by Paul Walker
''Marko Arnautovic crossed a line in the Cup tie win over Birmingham, an inexcusable line of respect for a manager that all footballers will understand...''

West Ham United v Birmingham City
Thursday, 3rd January 2019
by Preview Percy
''He was up late for New Year's Eve. He was up late for the Brighton game. He will have to get up early for the Birmingham game. So if Preview Percy is grumpier than usual just for once he has an excuse. Sort of........''

Thanks Nobes, we are all softies in the end…
Thursday, 3rd January 2019
by Paul Walker
''Now I have been waiting all through the holiday break to have my ten cents-worth on a whole host of West Ham issues...''

West Ham, women and what we do in the shadows
Thursday, 3rd January 2019
by HeadHammerShark
''I often wonder what is wrong with me...''

West Ham United v Brighton And Hove Albion
Tuesday, 1st January 2019
by Preview Percy
''Welcome to 2019. If Preview Percy made a resolution to be slightly less grumpy we think he might have broken it already. Here's his look at Wednesday's visit of Brighton & Hove Albion.....''

Burnley v West Ham United
Saturday, 29th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''That bloke ahead of you in the queue spouting lots of consumer law in an attempt to get a refund for a faulty zimmer frame he got for Christmas? It's Preview Percy. He's in the shop because he got fed up with being on hold during the call, a state of affairs which lasted so long he had time to write his look at this weekend's visit to Burnley.......''

Watford and what might've been
Thursday, 27th December 2018
by Robert Barlow
''Ahhh. The West Ham we are all too familiar with have poked their heads around the corner just before Christmas. Very on brand, yet not entirely disheartening...''

Southampton v West Ham United
Wednesday, 26th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''After another match in which a referee performed well below acceptable standards, Preview Percy took it as well as you might expect. Here;s his look at the forthcoming visit to Southampton......''

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