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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham 1-1 Leicester City (And Other Ramblings)
Tuesday, 28th November 2017
by HeadHammerShark

A ten point pledge of our own: update
Monday, 27th November 2017
by Graeme Howlett
''News that West Ham have finally agreed to sponsor the official Hammers Supporters Club is thoroughly welcome - even if the timing is perhaps a little cynical...''

West Ham United v Leicester City
Thursday, 23rd November 2017
by Preview Percy
''As if he wasn't grumpy enough already we had to wake Preview Percy up a day early for his preview of this week's visit of Leicester City. For pete's sake don't mention we have a midweek fixture coming up.......''

Watford 2-0 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Tuesday, 21st November 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''Let's not fuck about. We're in desperate straits. ..''

Watford v West Ham United
Friday, 17th November 2017
by Preview Percy
''And so a new dawn arrives. A new chapter in the history of West Ham United as a new manager takes the helm in the form of David Moyes. We're sticking with Preview Percy though because, er, well we'll get back to you on that one. Here's his look at the visit to Watford.... ..''

Will the real David Moyes please step forward?
Tuesday, 14th November 2017
by Paul Walker
''I know David Moyes is a good manager. Iíve seen it with my own eyes, week after week. This guy knows what he is doing...''

I feel cheated
Friday, 10th November 2017
by Ian Morgan
''As a fan who has been going to West Ham since the early '90s, Iím not new to seeing a poor side that's lacking belief, fight or passion. Iíve seen the previous relegation fights and struggles...''

Slaven Bilic: 10 Best West Ham games
Wednesday, 8th November 2017
by Staff Writer
''Popular manager Slaven Bilic was sacked by West Ham on Monday after two-and-a-half years at the helm...''

Next level? Count me out
Tuesday, 7th November 2017
by Jamie Norwood
''As expected, Slaven Bilic has finally been relieved of his duties. The board even had to drag that process out, I mean just put the poor guy out of his misery...''

West Ham 1 - 4 Liverpool (And Other Ramblings)
Monday, 6th November 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''"When your heart is black and broken And you need a helping hand When you're so much in love you don't know Just how much you can stand" - The Stone Roses, "Ten Storey Love Song"..''

In Retro: Jack Collison
Monday, 6th November 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''Imagine playing a game of football for West Ham against Spurs, and all the attendant emotional baggage that goes with that...''

West Ham United v Liverpool
Thursday, 2nd November 2017
by Preview Percy
''When we asked Preview Percy why he was so early with this week's look at Liverpool. He muttered something about laughing so much at what Jurgen Klopp said about Barcelona he needs hospital treatment. For further details enquire within. If you have nothing better to do......''

Season already written off?
Wednesday, 1st November 2017
by Jamie Norwood
''I know weíre only 10 games into the campaign, but is this season already a write off? ..''

Crystal Palace 2-2 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Monday, 30th October 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''"Now I've swung back down again, it's worse than it was before If I hadn't seen such riches, I could live with being poor" - James, "Sit Down"..''

Thatís the way to do it, West Ham - outfoxed again
Monday, 30th October 2017
by Paul Walker
''First things first - I like Slaven Bilic. I liked him as a player and I liked him as a manager who understood West Ham, who had charm and charisma and wears his heart on his sleeve...''

Crystal Palace v West Ham United
Friday, 27th October 2017
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy's been on his travels this week and, no doubt, pausing only to shout obscenities at the machine that reads your passport photo on your way home, he has rushed back to prepare a few words about this weekend's visit to Palace. You lucky people.....''

Spurs 2-3 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Thursday, 26th October 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''Sometimes it's easy to take things for granted. Sometimes it's easy to forget what made us fall in love with people, or places, or things or even, yes, football teams. ..''

West Ham 0-3 Brighton (And Other Ramblings)
Tuesday, 24th October 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''West Ham play Crystal Palace next week and Iím concerned that it will be a meeting of such colossal awfulness that it will somehow destroy the world. I'm not telling you to say goodbye to your loved ones, but I'm not telling you not to either. ..''

85 years a Hammer
Tuesday, 24th October 2017
by Roger Roseboom
''Back in 1944, my father took me to Craven Cottage where Fulham were playing West Ham. ..''

The unfathomable situation
Tuesday, 24th October 2017
by Trevor Twohig
''So here we are once more, huddled together like penguins, waiting for the news diligently, the news that doesnít come. ..''

500 days and counting: where do we go from here?
Monday, 23rd October 2017
by Paul Walker
''We have just passed the 500 days mark since we left our beloved Boleyn. Seems like yesterday, doesnít it, and those vivid memories of the last game played at Upton Park...''

They shoot horses, donít they?
Monday, 23rd October 2017
by Paul Walker
''I think Neil Ashton on Sky at the weekend got it just about right. When will Slaven Bilic be put out of his misery?..''

Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United (League Cup 4th Round)
Sunday, 22nd October 2017
by Preview Percy
''Depressed at Friday's performance? Need cheering up? It might be a good idea to give Preview Percy's look at Wednesday's League Cup visit to Wembley a swerve then. Believe us he was miserable enough as it was BEFORE he discovered who the referee was.....''

West Ham United v Brighton & Hove Albion
Thursday, 19th October 2017
by Preview Percy
''When the sky went a funny colour the other day Preview Percy refused to accept the "Saharan Dust" explanation, preferring instead to stand there muttering something about "tampering with nature by allowing centre forwards to wear no.2 shirts". Nevertheless, on the off-chance that the full apocalypse holds off until the weekend he still found time to prepare this look at Friday's match. On the whole the Apocalypse may have been more preferable......''

The paper that backs 'Francoís club' has the nerve to call us racists?
Wednesday, 18th October 2017
by Paul Walker
''So Spanish sports paper Marca has branded West Ham fans as racists. The hypocrisy is stunning, from a paper who have been in the pocket of íFrancoís clubĎ for more than seven decades...''

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