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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Southampton 3-2 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Monday, 21st August 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''It's impossible, it feels to me, to be able to accurately convey the feeling of being a West Ham fan to other people. We can try, certainly, but the reality is that all football fans are convinced they are on a rollercoaster journey of zeniths and nadirs that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. ..''

Southampton v West Ham United
Friday, 18th August 2017
by Preview Percy
''In view of all the transfer speculation that takes place at this time of year, we would like to issue a kumb.com official statement as follows: Preview Percy is categorically NOT for sale. You can take him away for free if you want. Here's his usual mad Friday ramblings. Contains geothermal energy, village idiots and, if you look hard enough, a few words about this weekend's trip to Southampton. Possibly...''

In Retro: Trevor Sinclair
Thursday, 17th August 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''If the early Nineties was a test of faith for West Ham fans, then the second half of the decade was as near as we ever got to the promised land...''

When will we see you again?
Tuesday, 15th August 2017
by Paul Walker
''So the athletics have gone, taking the most corrupt sport on the planet with them. But when, seriously, will have their circus of cheating and drug taking at the London Stadium again?..''

Manchester United 4-0 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Monday, 14th August 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''Yesterday I drove for the best part of twelve hours from Essex to Southern France, which is roughly enough time to get me halfway to Manchester based on some reports I read today, and I'm completely knackered. ..''

In Retro: Ian Bishop
Sunday, 13th August 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''I'm looking backwards - I can't face the future just yet...''

Manchester United v West Ham United
Friday, 11th August 2017
by Preview Percy
''A new work experience kid? Odd rants about pyjamas, pitch markings and Abba songs? It can only mean one thing. The return of Preview Percy. If you find anything interesting in there it's likely to have come from the good people of kickoff.co.uk by the way.......''

New WHUISA Committee elected
Wednesday, 9th August 2017
by George Mann
''Ten new members have been elected to the West Ham United Independent Supporters’ Association (WHUISA) committee for the next year. ..''

Three reasons for West Ham fans to be positive despite poor results in pre-season
Wednesday, 2nd August 2017
by Staff Writer #3
''West Ham rounded off their pre-season tour of Germany with a 3-3 draw against minnow Altona 93, which saw captain for the night Winston Reid sent off before half-time in his first game back from injury...''

Maybe the hardest bit is yet to come
Monday, 31st July 2017
by Paul Walker
''So far so good, this has been the best transfer window in years at West Ham, but David Sullivan probably knows the toughest bit is yet to come...''

The long and the short of the transfer circus
Friday, 28th July 2017
by Paul Walker
''Short-termism is the new buzz word, and even our gloriously stocky leader David Sullivan admits it’s not the way he would want to do business...''

West Ham - kingdom of the not quite
Monday, 24th July 2017
by HeadHammerShark

Why should we not be worried?
Monday, 10th July 2017
by Paul Walker
''Maybe I am just too cynical, maybe I have been following and commenting on football for too long now not to be able to see anything positive about my club...''

Give us a clue, what’s the plan?
Monday, 3rd July 2017
by Paul Walker
''Like it or not at West Ham of late, there’s always been a plan, a golden vision on the skyline that was supposed to propel our club to the land of plenty...''

27 years and out
Monday, 5th June 2017
by Neil Willis
''First and foremost, I would like to explain that I'm not a fairweather supporter who throws his toys out of the pram when things don't go West Ham's way. I have experienced many highs and even more lows since my first game on New Year's Day 1983, when a certain Tony Cottee scored. ..''

It's not just the hope that kills you, it's the 'spin' as well
Sunday, 28th May 2017
by Samba
''Blame the Board? T'was ever thus. West Ham 'Boards' have generally NEVER treated West Ham fans with respect...''

The first brick in the wall
Sunday, 28th May 2017
by Paul Walker
''With apologise to Pink Floyd, our new signing Pablo Zabaleta is not another brick in the wall, he is the first of a significant rebuilding process...''

An update from WHUISA
Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
by PC Hammer
''Interim Joint Chair Paul and Committee member George went to meet the club for a get to know you session with the club last Wednesday afternoon. ..''

Burnley 1-2 West Ham (And Other Ramblings)
Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
by HeadHammerShark
''1. Holiday..''

Burnley v West Ham United
Saturday, 20th May 2017
by Preview Percy
''It's the end of what has been a long, trying season. But that's what having to deal with Preview Percy is like anyway. Here's his final offering of the season before we lock him under the stairs for a few months. Don't worry he'll be back. Unless we lose the key.......''

Looking forward to next season
Wednesday, 17th May 2017
by Jamie Norwood
''I am sure I am not the only one who is relieved that the season is over on Sunday. ..''

West Ham 0-4 Liverpool (And Other Ramblings)
Monday, 15th May 2017
by HeadHammerShark

West Ham United v Liverpool
Friday, 12th May 2017
by Preview Percy
''For obvious reasons, Preview Percy has been in a rather good mood this week. Frankly we preferred it when he was grumpy. Here's his look at this weekend's visit of Liverpool. He still finds stuff to moan about, you'll be pleased to hear.... ..''

50 years since he signed for West Ham
Friday, 12th May 2017
by Paul Walker
''There are important landmarks in any club’s history…and then there’s the day Billy Bonds arrived at West Ham. They don’t come much more important than that...''

Why we come back
Thursday, 11th May 2017
by Adam Smith
'''Abysmal' would be the best way to describe the 2016-17 season, but a near perfect 1-0 win over London rivals Tottenham Hotspur quells this ugly truth for an moment. ..''

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