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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Lanzini - these things take time
Monday, 1st April 2019
by Anjado
''Manuel Lanzini always starts off slowly when returning from injury...''

West Ham United v Everton
Friday, 29th March 2019
by Preview Percy
''It was just as well there's been an international break since the Huddersfield match. It's taken Preview Percy two weeks to try and make sense of what was going on. Frankly, we're not that sure he succeeded. Here's his look back at Huddersfield and his look forward to this weekend's visit of Everton.........''

Hammers United: a fresh opportunity
Thursday, 28th March 2019
by Tross
''Longstanding KUMB contributor Tross explains why he intends to support 'Hammers United', a new independent fans initiative hoping to take the Board to task.....''

The journey has just begun
Tuesday, 19th March 2019
by Andy Fletcher
''Following your team the length and breadth of the country is not only a huge financial commitment but with the alternating moods of abnormal highs (mania) and lows (depression) dictated by what happens on the pitch, being a football supporter should come with a health warning; it seriously damages your health!..''

How do you solve a problem like Hernandez?
Tuesday, 19th March 2019
by Paul Walker
''So there you have it, the enigma that is Javier Hernandez; the striker who, when he scores this season, West Ham win...''

Pellegrini and the future
Saturday, 16th March 2019
by Alex V
''It seems like quite a good time to assess Pellegriniís future - before the swings of a few end-of-season results muddies the picture based on our final placing. Iím broadly in favour of a change of coach/manager over the summer break. ..''

West Ham United v Huddersfield Town
Friday, 15th March 2019
by Preview Percy
''After last week's performance and the hike in season ticket prices you might expect Preview Percy to rather irritated and annoyed in his look at this weekend's visit of Huddersfield Town. You'd be right.......''

Did Sullivan say that?
Friday, 15th March 2019
by Paul Walker
''Sometimes it seems a little harsh to drag up things people said in the past; sometimes it does no harm to remind them of what they said...''

Suffer little children
Thursday, 14th March 2019
by Paul Walker
''The question surely is - why? Why have West Ham chosen now to drop a controversial season ticket hike onto their fans? Why, after the feelgood factor of the wonderful Billy Bonds tribute, do the club risk alienating their fan base so quickly for no obvious reason?..''

Away day (claret and) blues
Monday, 11th March 2019
by Paul Walker
''You would hope that the Cardiff debacle would be some sort of watershed, wouldnít you? That our pitiful away performances would be addressed. Enough is enough, surely...''

Cardiff City v West Ham United
Thursday, 7th March 2019
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy claims he was going to the Cardiff match anyway and the fact that they have scrapped the tolls on the two Severn Bridges is just pure coincidence. Frankly we have our doubts........''

92 times the pain
Tuesday, 5th March 2019
by Rio Barlow
''The 92: Why I hate every club in the country, including my own.....''

Billy brings back the spirit of West Ham
Tuesday, 5th March 2019
by Paul Walker
''If Carling could do West Ham matchesÖ well, they would have to go some to improve on the tremendous day we all experienced at the weekend...''

Fortress London: is Stratford starting to feel like home?
Monday, 4th March 2019
by Robert Barlow
''Itís been two years and eight months since our emotional farewell to Upton Park - The Boleyn Ground - and all that its legacy carried...''

Arise Sir Billy
Saturday, 2nd March 2019
by Paul Walker
''Itís been a long time coming, hasnít it? But at last Billy Bonds will receive the acclaim and adulation we all know he so richly deserves...''

West Ham United v Newcastle United
Friday, 1st March 2019
by Preview Percy
''What have two sheep, a parrot, a deer and a goat got to do with the visit of Newcastle United? Nothing. Obviously. Which didn't stop Preview Percy referring to them in his look at Saturday's fixtrue. Obviously..... ..''

Gizza a job, weíre the new kids on the block
Friday, 1st March 2019
by Paul Walker
''Any chance of sweetness and light emerging between West Hamís new fans board and an established group who do not want to be involved with the new venture, seems as far away as ever...''

One rule for the rich
Thursday, 28th February 2019
by Paul Walker
''A penny for Manuel Lanziniís thoughts as he watched Bernardo Silva dive Manchester City to victory over our boys this week...''

Manchester City v West Ham United
Tuesday, 26th February 2019
by Preview Percy
''Psst. Want to know how to beat Manchester City? Preview Percy shares the secret here in his look at Wednesday's visit to the Etihad.......''

A mid-season squad appraisal
Monday, 25th February 2019
by Alex V
''Here's my (early) appraisal of the current West Ham United squad with a 'valuation' for each player - ie. what in my view would be an acceptable bid that the club should strongly consider accepting.....''

West Ham United v Fulham
Thursday, 21st February 2019
by Preview Percy
''The club sent the players away for warm weather training so Preview Percy was delighted when we told him we were going to do the same with him. He was less than pleased, however, when he realised that this simply meant sitting outside in the unusually spring-like warmth of the grounds of the Avram Grant Olympic Rest Home For The Bewildered. Here's his look at Friday's visit of Fulham, which was his first preview of 2019 to be written wearing shorts.......''

What a difference a year makes - or does it?
Wednesday, 20th February 2019
by Paul Walker
''What were you doing this time a year ago? ..''

Declan Rice: Irish blood, English heart
Tuesday, 19th February 2019
by Paul Walker
''Declan Rice has done nothing wrong. He has nothing to apologise for or be ashamed of, he has broken no rules. Neither has his family, West Ham, or even = and it hurts to say this - his agent...''

An inconvenient truth
Friday, 15th February 2019
by HeadHammerShark
''There is an issue that has been vexing West Ham fans this week.....''

The Arthur Wait stand: how does it get a safety certificate?
Monday, 11th February 2019
by Pink Palermo
''On Saturday, I left the match at Crystal Palace two minutes after Mark Noble's penalty - which I didn't see due to two lads shoving past us (cheers lads). ..''

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