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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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2018/19 squad confirmed
Thursday, 9th August 2018
by Staff Writer
''The summer transfer window has closed with West Ham United having made no less than TEN new signings...''

A constructive summer
Monday, 6th August 2018
by Paul Walker
''It grieves me to say this, and Iím sure many of you out there in the Irons nation will see my point, but one person has come out of this summer of love with a smile on his face, and thatís our beloved owner David Sullivan...''

Are West Hamís European hopes pure fantasy?
Tuesday, 31st July 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''The days following a World Cup can feel like an empty vacuum. ..''

West Ham injury analysis over the past six seasons (2012/13-2017/18)
Tuesday, 31st July 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''Football injuries are extremely common, and in some cases an injury to a player has the potential to ruin a clubís chances of silverware...''

Pellegrini gets his backing
Monday, 23rd July 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''Thereís a different feel to this seasonís build up and it has a lot to do with money. Three of the biggest transfer deals in West Ham's history - and the likelihood of more to come. ..''

What can West Ham fans expect from Ryan Fredericks?
Monday, 23rd July 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''West Ham United have moved quickly in this summer's transfer window with Manuel Pellegrini adding five new faces to his squad including Jack Wilshire and Felipe Anderson. ..''

Let's Fix Modern Football - Pipe Dreams Edition
Friday, 20th July 2018
by HeadHammerShark
''Imagine writing a long article highlighting the ludicrous, self serving, avaricious attempt by England's self styled biggest football clubs to murder the game, and then casually chucking in there that you had some plans to address those same imbalances. ..''

Keep calm and think of Everton
Tuesday, 17th July 2018
by Paul Walker
''Itís been some week, eh? Finishing on World Cup Final day by breaking our transfer record for the third time in a year and second time in weeks...''

Watching England in a World Cup semi final
Wednesday, 11th July 2018
by sicknote
''An "old twat", some of you young'uns might say. "Grumpy and cantankerous", I also hear you say. Yet some of us have done some things in life that will live with us forever. ..''

England, my England, where did you go?
Thursday, 5th July 2018
by Paul Walker
''Itís coming home, I keep being told. And there was a time I couldnít have cared one way or the other, such had been my disconnection with England and the unedifying circus that surrounded our national team...''

Saved by the bull
Thursday, 28th June 2018
by BristolHammerFC
''KUMB moderator BristolHammerFC writes in response to those who claim that West Ham United was saved from administration by the club's current owners in 2010.....''

Jeremy Nicholas' After-Dinner Stories (from My Disastrous Broadcasting Career)
Monday, 25th June 2018
by Gordon Thrower
''Youíll remember Jeremy Nicholas from his days as the match announcer at the Boleyn Ė his was also the voice behind the infamous ďMr MoonĒ announcements that alerted staff to potential problems in the stadium. ..''

Appiah hoping sessions at West Ham can help fulfil Ghana dream
Thursday, 31st May 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''Ex-Ghana international Stephen Appiah has taken his first steps towards his dream of managing his country by undergoing a knowledge-sharing experience at West Ham United...''

Sullivanís biggest gamble yet
Monday, 21st May 2018
by Paul Walker
''As gambles go, bringing in Manuel Pellegrini is pretty high up there as far as West Ham owner David Sullivan is concerned. ..''

Now let's see what you are made of Mr.Sullivan
Wednesday, 16th May 2018
by Paul Walker
''Not really been your day, mate, has it? Not even your last few months really. But letís just concentrate of the week in hand...''

A dream of summer
Wednesday, 16th May 2018
by HeadHammerShark
''With safety comes excitement, they said. Watch us throw off the shackles and dance like it's the last night of our holiday, we thought. ..''

Our first trip to Stratford
Tuesday, 15th May 2018
by Steven Huckle
''I will admit, I had been avoiding going to the new stadium; I haven't quite let go of Upton Park, a stadium I had been visiting for 35 years, so a trip to the Olympic Stadium would've felt a bit like cheating on the wife. ..''

West Ham v Everton
Monday, 14th May 2018
by Ten Thousand Miles From The Boleyn
''I don't dread meeting Everton since Bilic figured out how to stop Lukaku scoring every time; he just convinced Mourinho to cough up seventy five million quid for the bloke... Genius...''

West Ham United v Everton
Saturday, 12th May 2018
by Preview Percy
''Where will we finish in the league? Will the manager be staying? Will we ever find out the gender of this season's work-experience kid? All of these questions and more will fail to be answered in Preview Percy's last effort of the season in which he affords us his usual slightly offbeat look at the visit of Everton. Oh well.......''

So hard to say sorry?
Thursday, 10th May 2018
by Paul Walker
''Iíve come round to thinking that David Moyes deserves an apology for the way he has been treated at our club...''

West Ham United v Manchester United
Wednesday, 9th May 2018
by Preview Percy
''We are willing to bet that Preview Percy's look at the visit of Manchester United is the only preview this year that features Ant & Dec, The Wedding Feast at Cana and Gordon Banks' save against Pele in the 1970 World Cup. We will leave it to you to decide whether or not that's a good thing........''

Premier League Permutations and Odds: Update
Tuesday, 8th May 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''Despite only being only five points clear of the relegation zone with six points theoretically still up for grabs by the teams below them, West Hamís 2-0 win away at Leicester on the weekend means that, comes what may, United, currently sitting on 38 points, have avoided the possibility of dropping down into the Championship next season. ..''

No time to rejoice
Sunday, 6th May 2018
by Graeme Howlett
''West Ham United may have guaranteed their place in the Premier League next season, but this is no time to rejoice...''

Carrollís rogue behaviour likely to put him in shop window
Saturday, 5th May 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''Itís hard to say for sure whether Andy Carroll sees any light at the end of the tunnel as far as his stay at West Ham goes. ..''

Leicester City v West Ham United
Friday, 4th May 2018
by Preview Percy
''This week Preview Percy tries desperately to look at this weekend's visit to Leicester without mentioning beaches.And fails......''

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