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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham United v Manchester City
Friday, 18th October 2013
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy spent his week off laughing at Spurs. So no real change to any other week then really. He paused between giggles for long enough to write this though....... ..''

It's all about the money
Wednesday, 16th October 2013
by Daniel Barnard
''Despite spending millions upon millions on developing their academy, Chelsea FC, the former champions of Europe, have failed to bring a local player through since their captain John Terry. ..''

Hammers release new ‘Cuddly Hooligan’ merchandise
Tuesday, 15th October 2013
by David Meagher
''Who would ever have thought that the artistic types down the Boleyn would ever find themselves associated with ‘ugly’ or ‘effective’football as per the Allardyce method?..''

Here comes the future
Monday, 14th October 2013
by Liam Newman
''Last Thursday night, West Ham’s Ravel Morrison made his debut for the England Under 21 side and helped the Three Lions to a comfortable 4-0 win away at San Marino...''

The curious case of Carlton ‘Boomerang’ Cole
Monday, 14th October 2013
by David Meagher
''Am I alone in my gathering sense of discomfort about the whole Carlton Cole affair since he parted ways with the club last summer? ..''

Just like watching Barca and Bayern (well almost)…now play it again, Sam!
Tuesday, 8th October 2013
by Paul Walker
''Well Big Sam always said he was good enough to manage Barcelona, and now we have all got a first-hand look at just what the tough old grouch was on about!..''

The rise of Ravel: can we benefit?
Monday, 7th October 2013
by Josh Puttock
''West Ham enjoyed an incredible first victory at White Hart Lane since 1999 this weekend, but their start to this season’s Premier League campaign has been frustrating to say the least. ..''

Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United
Friday, 4th October 2013
by Preview Percy
''At a loose end? Why not take a gander at Preview Percy's look at Sunday's match at Tottenham. If you're a Spurs fan though you'll probably want to go catch up on the Miley Cyrus/Sinead O'Connor spat or something instead..... ..''

The power of rationalisation
Monday, 30th September 2013
by David Hautzig
''I'm going to tell you right now that I am writing under duress...''

The idiocy continues
Monday, 30th September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''The one-two punch: idiocy, followed by stubbornness. And it’s lethal. Enough to kill most mortals. And football teams. ..''

The price of loyalty
Monday, 30th September 2013
by John Rolls
''What is loyalty? Defined, it is "a feeling of attitude of devoted attachment and affection or a feeling of allegiance. A human quality where we can be loyal to a person or a cause". ..''

Unravelling a prodigy
Friday, 27th September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Nothing would delight me more this season, apart that from us staying in the Premier League, than to see Ravel Morrison crack it at the very top level...''

Hull City v West Ham United
Thursday, 26th September 2013
by Preview Percy
''If you're one of those who actually enjoys Preview Percy's ramblings, there are probably some people you ought to speak to. In the meantime knock yourself out..... ..''

Betting on West Ham United’s game at Hull
Thursday, 26th September 2013
by Staff Writer
''After an encouraging 10th place finish in the Premier League last season, the Hammers' 3000/1 dreams of a title are almost certainly already over...''

West Ham United v Cardiff City
Monday, 23rd September 2013
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has written another preview about Cardiff City. It's just as bad as the previous one. Let's hope and pray we don't get them in the FA Cup as well......''

At least we are not Sunderland
Monday, 23rd September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Five games into the Premier League campaign and we are struggling. No it’s not a crisis yet, and the time now is for calm, patience and strong nerve...''

West Ham United v Everton
Thursday, 19th September 2013
by Preview Percy
''Despite the fact the Liverpool was its home port, Preview Percy has spurned the chance to make it a hat-trick of mentions for The Titanic in as many weeks. Which is a shame really as it's usually the only factually correct thing in his so-called "previews". Here's his look at this weekend's visit of Everton..... ..''

Beautiful Eggs and Rotten Ones
Thursday, 19th September 2013
by Trevor Twohig
''The Happy One confirmed his thoughts about the Chelsea squad, claiming he had 'beautiful young eggs' he needs to keep 'warm'. An amusing interview, which depicted the reason why English football needs Mourinho back in the Premier League...''

Southampton v West Ham United
Saturday, 14th September 2013
by Preview Percy
''The Titanic (again)? Fish fingers? Haggis? Mini Kievs? It must be time for another of Preview Percy's, er, previews. There's also some stuff about the match in there if you look hard enough. Apparently.....''

Are We Nearing the End of the Road with Allardyce?
Thursday, 12th September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''The short answer? Not yet. But we’re not as far away as you may think...''

Could - or will - this ever happen?
Tuesday, 10th September 2013
by John Rolls
''So we are now into the FPP era, an era heralded by the Club’s directors balancing out the advantages of being a wealthy club as opposed to a soundly run, middle-of-the-road Club. An even playing field for all, so they said...''

The Carroll fiasco
Tuesday, 10th September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''Have you noticed how the goalposts keep moving? First we were told he would miss Cardiff. Then we were told it was the first three games. Then it was changed to he “might play a part” at Southampton...''

Should we worry about our lack of international players?
Monday, 9th September 2013
by Nick Hilton
''We’re living in a strange age for international football. In the past year, football players like Carl Jenkison, Wilfried Zaha and Ross Barkley have all received England caps, despite hardly having a season’s worth of Premier League football between them. ..''

Football Finances and 'Fair Play' Rules
Friday, 6th September 2013
by Geoff Toates
''Having just read Paul Walker’s excellent article, I’d like to throw my own views into the financial fair play debating pool...''

Fair play? You must be joking, Michel!
Thursday, 5th September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Now the dust has settled on the transfer window, we can start looking for who to blame for the shambles of the final day of deals as far as West Ham are concerned...''

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