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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham, women and what we do in the shadows
Thursday, 3rd January 2019
by HeadHammerShark
''I often wonder what is wrong with me...''

West Ham United v Brighton And Hove Albion
Tuesday, 1st January 2019
by Preview Percy
''Welcome to 2019. If Preview Percy made a resolution to be slightly less grumpy we think he might have broken it already. Here's his look at Wednesday's visit of Brighton & Hove Albion.....''

Burnley v West Ham United
Saturday, 29th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''That bloke ahead of you in the queue spouting lots of consumer law in an attempt to get a refund for a faulty zimmer frame he got for Christmas? It's Preview Percy. He's in the shop because he got fed up with being on hold during the call, a state of affairs which lasted so long he had time to write his look at this weekend's visit to Burnley.......''

Watford and what might've been
Thursday, 27th December 2018
by Robert Barlow
''Ahhh. The West Ham we are all too familiar with have poked their heads around the corner just before Christmas. Very on brand, yet not entirely disheartening...''

Southampton v West Ham United
Wednesday, 26th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''After another match in which a referee performed well below acceptable standards, Preview Percy took it as well as you might expect. Here;s his look at the forthcoming visit to Southampton......''

West Ham United v Watford
Friday, 21st December 2018
by Preview Percy
''Is Preview Percy happy with us getting four in a row? Surprisingly, the answer is yes he is. It hasn't stopped him moaning about the weather at Craven Cottage though. Here's his look at this weekend's visit of Watford which will take place in warmer and dryer conditions. He'll have to find another excuse for those "medicinal" brandies then.....''

Have a laugh at a Spurs fan
Tuesday, 18th December 2018
by Alan Potts
''Let me start this piece by saying that I'm a lifelong Spurs fan, and my father and uncles would have disowned me as a boy if I'd chosen any other team...''

Pellegriniís Claret and Blue Army
Monday, 17th December 2018
by Paul Walker
''It was a day to remember, surely, when West Ham boss Manuel Pellegrini was inducted into the Claret and Blue Army...''

West Hamís Noble intent
Friday, 14th December 2018
by Paul Walker
''Some say itís easy to criticise West Ham..and Iíve done my fair shareÖ but it should also be easy for praise when it is merited. Like now...''

Fulham v West Ham United
Thursday, 13th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy nearly broke into a smile with the team having won three in a row. Especially as the third win came against Palace from Croydon, a town for which he has much disdain (something about his ex-wife). Then he saw who was refereeing this week's visit to Fulham. Normal service resumed then......''

How well are we playing the generation game?
Monday, 10th December 2018
by Paul Walker
''Iíd like to talk about legacy. The West Ham United we will pass onto our kids. The ones who have never been inside the Boleyn Ground but will have the much-maligned London Stadium as their home...''

West Ham United v Crystal Palace
Friday, 7th December 2018
by Preview Percy
''There's a spring in Preview Percy's step this weekend. Two wins in a row will have helped, of course but he also seems convinced that it is "open season" on carol singers and was last seen looking for his baseball bat. Here's his look at this weekend's trip across the water by Crystal Palace.......''

West Ham may be a club for turning
Thursday, 6th December 2018
by Paul Walker
''Now I have been warned not to use the words 'turning point'. Something about not tempting fate and having to buy the half-time booze if I dared. A fate worse that death that, in the Bobby Moore lower concourse...''

Crazy snooker challenge lifts West Hamís spirits
Tuesday, 4th December 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''A light-hearted snooker challenge could prove to be the catalyst for an upturn in West Ham Unitedís fortunes this season...''

West Ham United v Cardiff City
Monday, 3rd December 2018
by Preview Percy
''We wouldn't describe Preview Percy's mood on his return from Newcastle as "happy". More "slightly less displeased than usual". As a newt. Here are his musings on the midweek visit of Cardiff City in which, unusually for him, he manages to not use the word "sheep" once..... ..''

Newcastle United v West Ham United
Thursday, 29th November 2018
by Preview Percy
''This week we're spoiling you as Preview Percy brings you mention of not one but TWO footballers who aren't quite as dead as some people think. And maybe if there's time something about this weekend's trip to Newcastle.....''

West Ham searching for improvements at Newcastle United
Tuesday, 27th November 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''West Ham United visit Newcastle United on Saturday aiming to improve on their recent poor run of form in the Premier League...''

Engineering works in progress
Tuesday, 27th November 2018
by Rio Barlow
''For longer than I care to recall, engineering works have been the bane of every West Ham fan's life. From the Boleyn to the murky world class transport links in E20, a diet of delays, diversions and rail replacement buses have caused strain on everybody determined to get to watch our beloved team...''

West Ham United v Manchester City
Thursday, 22nd November 2018
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy delivered his look at this weekend's visit of Manchester City twenty-four hours earlier than usual, telling us that he had "somewhere else to be" at the usual time. In hiding from the Abu Dhabi royal family we reckon.... ..''

West Ham season expectations for 2018/2019
Wednesday, 21st November 2018
by Staff Writer #3
''New manager, new era for West Ham United. ..''

It can only be us, canít it?
Friday, 16th November 2018
by Paul Walker
''Itís all so West Ham, isnít it? We are too obvious, too true to form, too predictable. Too often part of a painfully embarrassing soap opera that just delights everyone but us...''

How can we produce an atmosphere?
Tuesday, 13th November 2018
by cockneyboy21
''Iím a season ticket holder in my late twenties and generally do around a dozen away games each season...''

Huddersfield Town v West Ham United
Friday, 9th November 2018
by Preview Percy
''We've spent most of today trying to work out exactly who the "mischievous few" are from this site that Sam Allardyce was moaning about in his latest radio rant. Then we remembered Preview Percy. Here's the old fool's look at this weekend's trip to Yorkshire.....''

Letís act like a big club
Thursday, 8th November 2018
by Paul Walker
''We want to be big time, donít we? So now is the moment for our Board to start acting that way, and that means handling in the correct manner the two difficult contract issues at the opposite ends of our squad...''

More of the same, please
Tuesday, 6th November 2018
by Paul Walker
''Weíre getting there, arenít we? Bit by bit, inch by inch, the West Ham we all view as the great unpredictables, who donít know the meaning of the word consistent, are beginning to look the part...''

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