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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Southampton v West Ham United
Saturday, 14th September 2013
by Preview Percy
''The Titanic (again)? Fish fingers? Haggis? Mini Kievs? It must be time for another of Preview Percy's, er, previews. There's also some stuff about the match in there if you look hard enough. Apparently.....''

Are We Nearing the End of the Road with Allardyce?
Thursday, 12th September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''The short answer? Not yet. But we’re not as far away as you may think...''

Could - or will - this ever happen?
Tuesday, 10th September 2013
by John Rolls
''So we are now into the FPP era, an era heralded by the Club’s directors balancing out the advantages of being a wealthy club as opposed to a soundly run, middle-of-the-road Club. An even playing field for all, so they said...''

The Carroll fiasco
Tuesday, 10th September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''Have you noticed how the goalposts keep moving? First we were told he would miss Cardiff. Then we were told it was the first three games. Then it was changed to he “might play a part” at Southampton...''

Should we worry about our lack of international players?
Monday, 9th September 2013
by Nick Hilton
''We’re living in a strange age for international football. In the past year, football players like Carl Jenkison, Wilfried Zaha and Ross Barkley have all received England caps, despite hardly having a season’s worth of Premier League football between them. ..''

Football Finances and 'Fair Play' Rules
Friday, 6th September 2013
by Geoff Toates
''Having just read Paul Walker’s excellent article, I’d like to throw my own views into the financial fair play debating pool...''

Fair play? You must be joking, Michel!
Thursday, 5th September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Now the dust has settled on the transfer window, we can start looking for who to blame for the shambles of the final day of deals as far as West Ham are concerned...''

The greatest power is so often misused
Wednesday, 4th September 2013
by John Rolls
''Looking at the farce that was transfer deadline day - the dealings of West Ham and the public eating of humble pie in the re-employment of a certain Mr Cole - got me thinking how the greatest power in the world can come back and bite you on the arse...''

The transfer merry-go-round
Wednesday, 4th September 2013
by Trevor Twohig
''Is anyone else confused about the dealings in the transfer market? The media circus reached its heady crescendo on Monday night with only three stories of any real interest. ..''

Vaz Te and Allardyce
Tuesday, 3rd September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''At the time of writing, Carlton Cole has had a medical - but regardless, the underlying theme of what follows remains especially since Cole will require time to get fit. ..''

Youth development: a solution?
Tuesday, 3rd September 2013
by Geoff Toates
''I’m sure I am not the only supporter to wonder why the once steady trickle of young players graduating from our youth set up seems to have dried up. And I’m also sure that, like me, others are speculating as to what might be the reason and what, if anything, we can do about it...''

A new home for the Hammers: How have other top clubs fared in new stadia?
Tuesday, 3rd September 2013
by Luke Aylward
''The Hammers will fall just short of a 100 year tenure at the iconic Upton Park Stadium when they move into the equally iconic Olympic Stadium in three seasons’ time...''

Enough already
Monday, 2nd September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''It's no surprise that Alan Pardew and Roberto Martinez have pointed it out, given that it's their players who have been subject to constant transfer speculation. But they are absolutely right. It is a total shambles that the transfer window shuts on September 2,after three Premier League matches have already been played...''

A very poor decision
Monday, 2nd September 2013
by Gary Portugal
''I like our owners a lot. They have invested loads in the club,without which it would have likely gone into administration or bankrupt...''

West Ham welcome the ‘all new’ Stoke City: get the body armour ready!
Saturday, 31st August 2013
by Staff Writer
''Hammers fans will hardly be fooled by the cynical attempt by Stoke City to reinvent themselves as a less Orc-like outfit. Cautious Bubbles will be wearing their specially-designed flak jackets and anti-aircraft shields as the pugnacious Potters arrive in search of Premier League points, and failing that just a good on-pitch rumble...''

West Ham United v Stoke City
Friday, 30th August 2013
by Preview Percy
''We've kept Preview Percy busy this week. Well it stops him from going out and breaking all those restraining orders. Here's his look at this weekend's opponents Stoke City......''

West Ham United v Cheltenham Town
Tuesday, 27th August 2013
by Preview Percy
''It's League Cup time. Normally we'd bring in one of our fringe previewers to do the match preview. Only we haven't got any. So here's Preview Percy with his usual nonsense.....''

Morrison tipped for big season at West Ham
Sunday, 25th August 2013
by Celia Roche
''With many believing Ravel Morrison will inevitably end up heading the way of so many talented English footballers who throw away their massive potential, the young West Ham midfielder will be going into this season knowing how important it is to his career. ..''

Newcastle United v West Ham United
Friday, 23rd August 2013
by Preview Percy
''It's Friday which can mean only one thing. But before that Preview Percy takes a look at this weekend's opponents. You might want to give it a bit of a swerve if you're Joe Kinnear. Or even if you're not......''

Dubai Hammers
Monday, 19th August 2013
by Tony Sutton
''As the sand slowly runs out of the timer counting down the days to West Ham’s first game of 2013/14 it is not just the East End that is filling with excitement. ..''

Five ways the Hammers can free up cash for a new striker
Monday, 19th August 2013
by David Meagher
''As the transfer window closure looms ever closer the pressure upon West Ham to find a striking back-up for Andy ‘injury-prone’ Carroll has intensified to breaking point. ..''

The missing link
Monday, 19th August 2013
by Gary Portugal
''Many of us will tell you that the reason we have not been able to get another striker is that nobody wants to warm the bench for Andy Carroll. They ‘ll say that this was the case with Bony and Lukaku. And to a certain extent,this is true. ..''

Watching Ravel come of age
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by David Hautzig
''I think it was the reactions on the various Manchester United fan sites that got my attention...''

Tenacious transfer dealings: past & present
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by Jason Eves
''Our transfer policy has always been long a topic of debate among West Ham supporters and the press, from foreign unknowns, to established England Internationals. But a usual occurrence for our activity in the transfer window is for us to be linked with a relatively aggressive player, or a player with a chequered past...''

Big Sam plans to attack Cardiff with a blunt instrument
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by David Meagher
''So finally, it’s back! In all it’s gory glory, the Premier League is here to haunt our Saturdays. ..''

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