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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham United v Stoke City
Friday, 30th August 2013
by Preview Percy
''We've kept Preview Percy busy this week. Well it stops him from going out and breaking all those restraining orders. Here's his look at this weekend's opponents Stoke City......''

West Ham United v Cheltenham Town
Tuesday, 27th August 2013
by Preview Percy
''It's League Cup time. Normally we'd bring in one of our fringe previewers to do the match preview. Only we haven't got any. So here's Preview Percy with his usual nonsense.....''

Morrison tipped for big season at West Ham
Sunday, 25th August 2013
by Celia Roche
''With many believing Ravel Morrison will inevitably end up heading the way of so many talented English footballers who throw away their massive potential, the young West Ham midfielder will be going into this season knowing how important it is to his career. ..''

Newcastle United v West Ham United
Friday, 23rd August 2013
by Preview Percy
''It's Friday which can mean only one thing. But before that Preview Percy takes a look at this weekend's opponents. You might want to give it a bit of a swerve if you're Joe Kinnear. Or even if you're not......''

Dubai Hammers
Monday, 19th August 2013
by Tony Sutton
''As the sand slowly runs out of the timer counting down the days to West Hamís first game of 2013/14 it is not just the East End that is filling with excitement. ..''

Five ways the Hammers can free up cash for a new striker
Monday, 19th August 2013
by David Meagher
''As the transfer window closure looms ever closer the pressure upon West Ham to find a striking back-up for Andy Ďinjury-proneí Carroll has intensified to breaking point. ..''

The missing link
Monday, 19th August 2013
by Gary Portugal
''Many of us will tell you that the reason we have not been able to get another striker is that nobody wants to warm the bench for Andy Carroll. They Ďll say that this was the case with Bony and Lukaku. And to a certain extent,this is true. ..''

Watching Ravel come of age
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by David Hautzig
''I think it was the reactions on the various Manchester United fan sites that got my attention...''

Tenacious transfer dealings: past & present
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by Jason Eves
''Our transfer policy has always been long a topic of debate among West Ham supporters and the press, from foreign unknowns, to established England Internationals. But a usual occurrence for our activity in the transfer window is for us to be linked with a relatively aggressive player, or a player with a chequered past...''

Big Sam plans to attack Cardiff with a blunt instrument
Saturday, 17th August 2013
by David Meagher
''So finally, itís back! In all itís gory glory, the Premier League is here to haunt our Saturdays. ..''

West Ham United v Cardiff City
Friday, 16th August 2013
by Preview Percy
''Like the club's search for a new striker, our search for someone less annoying to do our match previews has proved to be somewhat frustrating. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, if you must, our very own Preview Percy.......''

Was It Right To Spend £17.5m On Carroll?
Wednesday, 14th August 2013
by Sam Hills
''With the season nearly upon us and with the close of the transfer window not far behind it, in his kumb.com debut Sam Hills wonders whether we might not have put all our striking eggs in one basket......''

West Ham forced to withdraw new kit from general sale
Sunday, 11th August 2013
by David Meagher
''In a dramatic effort to stem the chaos that has followed the recent release of West Hamís gorgeous new home strip, the club have been forced to withdraw the kit from general sale and recall all items so far purchased in an effort to protect fans who have been exposed to Ďa number of significant health and safety dangersí...''

High hopes and dashed aspirations
Tuesday, 6th August 2013
by John Rolls
''Every time I visit the Sky Sports transfer centre, I get bemused. We are linked with so many players; surely a percentage of the stories must be true?..''

An audience with Allardisi
Tuesday, 6th August 2013
by David Meagher
''Ok, so lets be clear. Itís fashionable to blame the entire ills of your club on the manager and evil board (as well as the FA and a variety of intergalactic conspiracies involving Manchester United, Sheffield United and the Zorgians)...''

Twitter addiction?
Sunday, 28th July 2013
by David Hautzig
''"God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other."..''

RIP Phil Woosnam: a unique player and teacher
Monday, 22nd July 2013
by Paul Walker
''Phil Woosnam passed away in the States this weekend at 80, a man who became a huge name in football after he left West HamÖbut to those of a certain claret and blue vintage, he was a legend who had a massive impact on the transformation of our club in the 1960s...''

We need a winger - just not Downing
Thursday, 18th July 2013
by Celia Roche
''West Ham need providers if they are to make full use of £15m signing Andy Carroll, but that doesnít mean Liverpoolís failed winger Stewart Downing is the answer. ..''

Tactically Speaking
Wednesday, 10th July 2013
by David Hautzig
''I grew up watching football with my dad. ..''

The Only Way Is Up
Tuesday, 9th July 2013
by Ed Brooks
''A new dawn is on the horizon. When you consider the arrival of Andy Carroll in a club record transfer, a new kit deal with sportswear supergiants adidas and a forthcoming 54,000 stadium, all on the back of a top-10 finish in the Premier League, the future undeniably looks rosy for those in claret and blue. ..''

Awards for a Rewarding Season
Tuesday, 9th July 2013
by Julie Stewart
''From a completely unbiased point of view, the 2012/13 season was pretty decent for the Hammers...''

The season ahead
Monday, 8th July 2013
by Andrew Patterson
''With the pretty bubbles at the Boleyn Ground flying high, following a successful first season back in the big league, Big Sam has completed the biggest transfer in West Hamís history. But are all these positives leading to a false sense of security? What happens when those bubbles burst?..''

Are the kids alright?
Thursday, 4th July 2013
by David Hautzig
''Later this month my daughter is scheduled to have surgery. It's called Turbenate Reduction surgery to relieve a constant feeling of nasal congestion...''

The dangers in rushing to judgement
Monday, 1st July 2013
by David Hautzig
''There is a pretty decent bar to watch some football near where I live called Wolf's Biergarten. It's a Bayern Munich stronghold, but the beer is very good as are the sausages. It doesn't hurt that the manager is a West Ham supporter, so when I decide to watch a game away from home that's where I end up. Which is not often. ..''

Where do West Ham need to improve next season?
Wednesday, 26th June 2013
by footballtips.com
''No matter how successful a season is, you are always looking to improve in the summer months. This is the case for West Ham United as they aim to build on their top ten finish and something we have discussed at lengths with fellow tipsters on footballtips.com...''

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