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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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The Olympic Stadium reviewed
Friday, 1st July 2011
by BrownFatwa
''I had the good fortune to visit the Olympic Park last Friday - the highlight of which was a tour of the Olympic Stadium itself. ..''

Billy Bonds: will there ever be another?
Friday, 1st July 2011
by Deen Galer
''1967-1988: these are the years we saw the amazing Billy Bonds wearing the famous colours of claret and blue. Ron Greenwood was the manager to sign Bonds in a deal costing the club £50,000. Bonds made 95 league appearances, scoring one goal whilst playing for Charlton between 1964-1967...''

Back to the Academy
Friday, 1st July 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''So I’ve been scratching my head since that memorable day at the DW Stadium where our fate was finally sealed, when all of us were finally put out our collective misery and relegation was confirmed in the most thrilling and melancholic of fashions. In a game that completely and utterly summed up Avram Grant’s West Ham United...''

Hagland's transfer latest: 24th June
Friday, 24th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''Matthew Hagland brings us up to date with all the transfer news.....''

My sister and Sam
Thursday, 23rd June 2011
by Tim Keen
''My sister has just started dating this new guy, his name is Sam...''

Hagland’s transfer latest: 17th June
Friday, 17th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''Matthew Hagland takes us through all the big transfer news of the week.....''

That was the season that was: part III
Friday, 17th June 2011
by Gordon Thrower
''Gordon Thrower’s just been carried away kicking and screaming in the general direction of the Priory clinic. Before he departed he left us this, the final part of his review of the season. Those of a nervous disposition are probably supporting the wrong club.....''

That was the season that was: part II
Sunday, 12th June 2011
by Gordon Thrower
''Gordon Thrower continues his look through the 2010/10 season. He's suffered and now it's your turn......''

Hagland's transfer latest: 10th June
Friday, 10th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''KUMB issues a warm welcome to newest recruit Matthew Hagland who will be keeping a close eye on the transfer market throughout the summer, bringing you all the latest rumours and gossip from West Ham and the wider footballing community...''

Parker: legend - or Judas?
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Matthew O'Greel
''West Ham's 3-2 defeat at Wigan last month condemned United to relegation for the second time in ten years...''

The Allardyce way
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Paul Turner
''I have to admit to sending an email to West Ham United before we made Avram Grant our 13th full time manager. That email was about Sam Allardyce...''

That was the season that was: part I
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Gordon Thrower
''It wasn’t much fun was it. So spare a thought for Gordon Thrower. We’ve made him look back at the 2010/11 season for his now traditional end of season review. Part One takes us from the sun and rain in Austria to November blizzards in E13. Readers of a nervous disposition might care to go for a lie down or something.....''

The 2011/12 Championship revealed
Friday, 3rd June 2011
by Staff Writer
''The 24 teams taking place in next season's Championship have finally been decided. Join us as we take a look at all of West Ham's 23 opponents.....''

We're 'big fat Sam’s claret and blue army' - and we might win away games
Thursday, 2nd June 2011
by Paul Walker
''After two terrible seasons of incompetence on the pitch and misery for the fans, times just have to be a’ changing...''

Fresh, young aspirations
Tuesday, 31st May 2011
by Ryan Tinslay
''There is no doubt that a summer clear out for West Ham will be the only option for the owners, with bank balances simply not balancing. A barrage of players are set to leave Upton Park in the summer, hopefully!..''

Exterminate FIFA
Tuesday, 31st May 2011
by Gary Portugal
''FIFA is like a disease within our midst, like a plague from the Middle Ages which is slowly but surely ruining our great sport...''

Allardyce: a Bolton fan speaks
Monday, 30th May 2011
by Staff Writer
''With Sam Allardyce set to be confirmed as West Ham United's 14th full-time manager, we decided to take the opportunity to examine some of the more obvious fears regarding the former Bolton manager's tactical approach to the game...''

WHUFC - 100 Greatest Moments: #80-71
Monday, 30th May 2011
by Staff Writer
''Back in 2004, readers of KUMB.com voted for their greatest West Ham moments. With seven years having passed since - during which we've witnessed a number of memorable occasions, matches and goals - we decided to revisit the list in order to include some of these more recent events...''

Supporters' Advisory Board: in summary
Friday, 27th May 2011
by Phillip Marlowe
''The West Ham United Supportor's Advisory Board held their inaugural meeting at the Boleyn Ground last night. Here follows a brief rundown of the main points discussed...''

Supporter Advisory Board minutes
Friday, 27th May 2011
by Lyall Out
''For: West Ham United Supporter Advisory Board Date: 26 May 2011 Time: 6.00pm Location: Legends A..''

Why Parker's exit may be a blessing
Tuesday, 24th May 2011
by Steve Page
''I'm aware that this is going to be contentious. The fact of the matter is that Scott Parker has been head and shoulders above his colleagues during the last three seasons, and has, quite rightly, been awarded HotY three times in succession...''

Curbishley: the only EastEnder fit for the part
Tuesday, 24th May 2011
by Patrick Hobbs
''For West Ham United, this season has resembled that of a particularly absurd episode of EastEnders. ..''

The end - or a new beginning?
Tuesday, 24th May 2011
by Paul Walker
''The end of the world was supposed to be at the weekend. For West Ham fans it came a week earlier as Premier League football disappeared as quickly as Millwall’s daft plane stunt...''

West Ham United V Sunderland - Match Preview
Friday, 20th May 2011
by Preview Percy
''It's been a long tiring season for all of us. None more so than Preview Percy but there again he was old and knackered at the start of it all anyway. Before we say goodnight to the old so and so and pack him and his tartan blanket off to Eastbourne for the summer here's his last effort of the season......''

One good Carr beats two old bangers
Friday, 20th May 2011
by Brian Evans
''Crunch time...''

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