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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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15 years of KUMB: 1997/98
Wednesday, 4th July 2012
by Staff Writer
''15 years ago this month, KUMB.com - then known simply as 'Knees up Mother Brown' - first went online. To celebrate this inauspicious occasion we will be reproducing some of the best articles to appear on our website over the years ahead of the new 2012/13 Premier League campaign...''

Back in the big time - now how do we stay there?
Monday, 25th June 2012
by David Drury
''As a West Ham United fan, this is the most exciting transfer window in years...''

War drums
Sunday, 17th June 2012
by Haim Baram
''Less than a month ago I returned to my hotel in Marble Arch to watch the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. A mere 10 minutes remained until the ultimate ugliness would emerge on the TV screen...''

Championship? No thanks!
Sunday, 10th June 2012
by Matthew Kemp
''Following promotion to the Premier League, I thought it would be interesting to see what happened to the players that left following our relegation to the Championship the previous season. ..''

That Was The Season That Was 2011/2012 - Part Four
Wednesday, 6th June 2012
by Gordon Thrower
''He's cleared his domestic football inbox and written it all down so he can concentrate on watching the Euros. Well for three games anyway. Here's the final part of Gordon Thrower's end of season review. Let's see who he can annoy this time.......''

Samís season
Sunday, 3rd June 2012
by Ben Willoughby
''Cast your minds back 12 months and look at the difference now. We were staring down the barrel of impending doom and preparing to watch a majority of our best players flee back to the Premier League.....''

That Was The Season That Was 2011/2012 - Part Three
Thursday, 31st May 2012
by Gordon Thrower
''It's been dry warm & sunny over the last few days so, quite naturally, Gordon Thrower's thoughts have been on Christmas and New Year as he wades through the latest part of his look back at the season just ended. At this rate he'll be lucky to finish by the time the next one starts!......''

Sympathy? You must be joking
Wednesday, 30th May 2012
by Paul Walker
''I must admit, I never thought there would come the day when I felt sorry for Sheffield United or Tottenham...''

That Was The Season That Was 2011/2012 - Part Two
Sunday, 27th May 2012
by Gordon Thrower
''There's a theory that sunlight has the same effect on Gordon Thrower as it does on vampires. Which could account for why he locks himself away in a dark room for days on end this time of the year. While he's there he writes our end of season review, part two of which covers September-November 2011. Seems so long ago doesn't it?....... ..''

Poachíem United
Thursday, 24th May 2012
by Richard Williams
''Saturday was arguably one of the most intense, dramatic, exciting and heart stopping moments in football I've ever seen. ..''

That Was The Season That Was 2011/2012 - Part One
Wednesday, 23rd May 2012
by Gordon Thrower
''Every year, just after the season ends, Gordon Thrower locks himself away in a darkened room with a laptop, a vast urn of extra strength black coffee, three bottles of aspirin and a tin of swarfega. Nobody knows why. However, when he emerges a few days later, he is usually clutching a copy of his personal review of the events of the previous season. Here, in part one of his look at what turned out to be (another) eventful year, he looks at pre-season and the opening month of our return to the Championship. Don't worry - it all ends happily enough......''

Re-birth of the claret and blue... now get it right this time
Wednesday, 23rd May 2012
by Paul Walker
''Itís taken me a few days to get my fuzzy head around it all, I am sure you all understand(!) but the sheer joy, relief and elation of Wembley and promotion deserved to be savoured before thinking about next seasonís relegation battle...''

West Ham United v Blackpool: Championship play-off Final
Friday, 18th May 2012
by Preview Percy
''And so, for the last time this season, we visit the Avram Grant Rest Home For The Bewildered as we are proud* to present Preview Percyís Wembley Special**. As ever John Northcutt adds his statistical magic to proceedings.....''

Tell me mum me mum, donít make me tea me tea, Iím going to Wemberley...
Sunday, 13th May 2012
by Terry Land
''To much excitement my ticket came through the post this morning and for the first time in 31 years Iím off to Wembley with West Ham. ..''

Memories are made of this
Friday, 11th May 2012
by Paul Walker
''So itís Blackpool we will face at Wembley in the Play-Off Final, and I suppose most of our fans will be happier with that than another collision with Birmingham, a side we have beaten only once in six meetings over the past two seasons...''

Blackpoolís lack of rock is the key
Thursday, 10th May 2012
by Richard Williams
''With the final whistle ringing in the ears at St. Andrews, the Twitter consensus is that it was the result to suit West Ham in our quest for Premier League promotion. I have to say that I am in full agreement...''

Whatís it all about, Alfie?
Monday, 7th May 2012
by Jason Rose
''The history of football has been punctuated with famous Alfs...''

West Ham United v Cardiff City: play-off semi final, second leg
Sunday, 6th May 2012
by Preview Percy
''When we went round to pick up Preview Percy's latest ramblings we found him fast forwarding and rewinding footage of Liverpool picking up their FA Cup losers' medals and laughing uncontrollably. When he showed us Gerrard's face we had to admit it was quite funny. Eventually we managed to interrupt his giggling to grab a copy of his latest set of musings. John Northcutt, as ever, pops in with the history.....''

The England job - and journalistic integrity
Thursday, 3rd May 2012
by Staff Writer No.2
''Every morning the first stop for many of us is a look-see at Cockney Hammerís daily press review on the KUMB General Discussion forum. CH spends an inordinate amount of his life ploughing through the bowels of the tabloid press so that the likes of you and I donít have to...''

Cardiff City v West Ham Utd: play-off semi final, first leg
Thursday, 3rd May 2012
by Preview Percy
''We inserted a clause into Preview Percyís preview-writing contract entitling us to make him write stuff for the play-offs without us having to pay him any more. Not that we paid him anyway, unless you count the past their sell by date bags of Werthers Originals that we bring him. When we can be bothered...''

Home is where the heart is
Wednesday, 2nd May 2012
by Richard Williams
''Itís a sign of the turbulent season us Hammers have endured that we find ourselves looking forward to a Thursday night in Wales! ..''

Donít bring Harry... Redknapp
Tuesday, 1st May 2012
by Terry Land
''I was standing in the away end at the Valley, Charlton, and it was simply hosing it down as West Ham attempted to hold onto a 2-1 lead with a bit over a quarter-of-an-hour on the clock. ..''

England Euro 2012 odds might be generous after Roy Hodgson appointment
Tuesday, 1st May 2012
by Sam Darby
''Despite a public outcry from some quarters that former West Ham manager Harry Redknapp should be given the reigns as England manager it is Roy Hodgson who has been appointed the new England manager...''

Pards v Big Sam
Tuesday, 1st May 2012
by Staff Writer
''West Ham are back in the Championship play-offs for the first time in seven years. But how does the class of 2012 compare to the Final-winning side of 2006?..''

The Academy: a season review
Monday, 30th April 2012
by Willis Jamieson
''Success in youth football can be measured in different ways. ..''

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