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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham United v Derby County
Friday, 25th November 2011
by Preview Percy
''We're not saying Preview Percy is old but he does keep moaning about those 'reckless youngsters' on "Last of the Summer Wine". Before he disappeared down to the bookies with his Winter Fuel payment he took a look at this week's match against Derby County and sent us his thoughts. We didn't see why we should be the only ones to suffer.... ..''

Away day delight
Sunday, 20th November 2011
by Paul Walker
''Take a bow, West Ham’s travelling army, you were brilliant at Coventry on what was a great day out… all apart from that first 45 minutes, that is!..''

Coventry City v West Ham United
Friday, 18th November 2011
by Preview Percy
''The international break is over, which means Preview Percy is back. Sorry. John Northcutt will be along later with some sensible stats... ..''

International bright young thing
Monday, 14th November 2011
by Henry Lowe
''Cristian Montano is one of the hottest prospects to emerge at the Boleyn Ground in recent times. The 19-year-old striker is ticking all the boxes and looks like he really could be something for the future. ..''

Do England really need Rooney?
Monday, 14th November 2011
by Gary Portugal
''On the surface, a really daft question. After all, the England side is not exactly brimming over with natural goal scorers is it?..''

Some slack and less stick please
Tuesday, 8th November 2011
by Paul Walker
''I never thought it would come to this, but I find myself saying that we really really do need to cut Big Sam some slack and get off the backs of our team...''

Is our support really that bad?
Monday, 7th November 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Well that depends on whether we’re talking about home or away. If it’s away you talk about, our support is consistently top drawer both in volume and number –all the players and manager will tell you that. ..''

Hull City v West Ham United
Friday, 4th November 2011
by Preview Percy
''When we popped over to see Preview Percy he was in the gardens of his rest home putting the finishing touches to an effigy of Mike Dean to throw on a bonfire. The strange thing is he didn't actually realise it was Guy Fawkes' Night this weekend. Here's the mad one's look at this weekend's visit to Hull City. As ever John Northcutt pops in at the end with some statistics... ..''

Another letter to Sam
Friday, 4th November 2011
by Chris Trethewey
''Dear Sam,..''

West Ham United v Bristol City
Monday, 31st October 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy was looking forward to Halloween. Then we ruined it for him by telling him that the use of mantraps and anti-personnel mines is illegal in this country. Here's the old sod's look at Tuesday night's match against Bristol City. John Northcutt Supplies the stats as usual... ..''

West Ham Utd v Leicester City
Friday, 28th October 2011
by Preview Percy
''We had to drag Preview Percy out of the pub to rewrite this following Leicester’s change in management this week. ..''

Don’t sell the long ball short
Thursday, 27th October 2011
by Gary Portugal
''I’d be lying if I said that I enjoy watching us pump long balls up to a lone striker all game long, even if it is Carew who can hold the ball up well. I don’t. But a long time ago, I came to terms with long ball. If it gets us promoted and out of the Hell-hole that is the Championship, then I can easily live with it...''

Spitting mad
Monday, 24th October 2011
by bristolhammer
''As a West Ham United fan of may years now, winning has been an added bonus to watching a team play good flowing football for the most of the time. I was brought up believing we were a club whose ethos and values other clubs envied...''

Roger Johnson was spot on
Sunday, 23rd October 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Generally speaking, when a player takes on his own supporters he is on a hiding to nothing. And that's certainly the case with managers. After all, to a certain extent the supporters pay the players’ wages. But a situation at Wolves recently proves to be the exception to the rule and hit on what has become a real issue in the game. ..''

Brighton & Hove Albion v West Ham United
Sunday, 23rd October 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is fed up with the change of date for this one. The new date clashes with the night the girl comes round to do his bunions apparently. Meanwhile he's taken time out from laughing at pictures of Ferguson and Terry to have a look at Monday night's visit to Falmer. As usual,John Northcutt takes a a less jaundiced look at the history between the clubs at the end......''

Southampton v West Ham United
Tuesday, 18th October 2011
by Preview Percy
''We're working Preview Percy hard this week. The theory was that if we asked him to write two columns in four days he'd finally take the hint and get lost. Oh well, at least the nurses in his rest home will get a few hours off from being chased all over the place as he takes his usual slightly warped look at Tuesday's visit to Southampton. We're just surprised he's realised that they've moved from the Dell. As usual, John Northcutt supplies a welcome burst of statistical sanity at the end. Or at least he will do once one or two technical glitches are sorted out here at Kumb Towers... ..''

West Ham United v Blackpool
Friday, 14th October 2011
by Preview Percy
''The only good thing about an international break is the fact that it gives us a week off from Preview Percy. Trouble is when club football returns, so does he. The shenanigans of the England football, rugby and cricket teams means that he’s even grumpier than usual – and trust us that takes some doing. Here’s his take on this weekend’s visit of Blackpool.....''

Take FIFA to court
Friday, 14th October 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Football operates in many ways that would never be tolerated or even contemplated in any other business. In what other industry, for example, does an employee get paid an absurd figure of £100,000 a week or more whether he worked that particular week or not?..''

My first trip to Upton Park
Monday, 10th October 2011
by Tim Sansom
''The East End has always been a bit of an interesting place for me. I keep on thinking that the streets of Plaistow, Barking, and Dagenham are a kind of Ashes to Ashes film set, where people drive around in 1983 Audi Quatros, and 1975 Ford Granadas, fighting the forces of crime on street corners...''

Crystal Palace v West Ham United
Friday, 30th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''It's been a miserable few days for Preview Percy just as it has been for the rest of us. Only he just likes to grumble about it a bit more. Here's his usual warped view of this weekend's trip to Selhurst Park. Those of you who live in Croydon might like to skip to John Northcutt's infinitely more useful section at the end..... ..''

(Not quite) the whole nine yards
Friday, 30th September 2011
by Ricky Galer
''After nine games of the new season Big Sam and his new regime’s honeymoon period is well and truly over, so what have we learned so far? ..''

Is Kevin Nolan part of the problem?
Wednesday, 28th September 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Kevin Nolan is failing on all counts at the moment. Apart from the occasional good pass, I cannot identify anything that he is contributing to the team...''

Come on Lee, give it a rest!
Wednesday, 28th September 2011
by Paul Walker
''I suppose we always knew it would be Lee Bowyer who was going to score again…for a West Ham fan he has an unhealthy desire to make us look stupid...''

West Ham favourites to beat Ipswich
Tuesday, 27th September 2011
by Guest Writer
''It was a return to winning ways for West Ham on Saturday with a narrow 1-0 win over Peterborough. ..''

West Ham United v Ipswich Town
Monday, 26th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is back and, since Mavis The Tea lady discovered that the overtime she put in over last week's preview was unpaid, we're lumbered with his ramblings once more. As usual there's more sensible stuff from the much better informed John Northcutt at the end so you might want to skip through to that. We did.... ..''

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