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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Leeds United v West Ham United
Friday, 16th March 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has been a bit worried this week. After the latest report that suggested red meat was, like, really, really bad for you, steak suddenly appeared on the menu at the Avram Grant Rest Home for the Bewildered for the first time in ages. Strangely, they didn't offer any to any of the other residents though. While we wait for his demise here's his look at Leeds United, in which you'll find the scandalous secret about their ownership that even the BBC weren't able to uncover. John Northcutt brings us back to reality with his stat round-up.....''

Tuesday, 13th March 2012
by Matthew Webb
''Saturdayís game versus Doncaster Rovers stretched our disappointing run of home form to four games without a win. Securing just four points from those four games could be the run of form that costs us an automatic promotion spot. ..''

West Ham United v Doncaster Rovers
Friday, 9th March 2012
by Preview Percy
''In 1997 Britpoppers Pulp released the single ďHelp the AgedĒ. If they'd ever met Preview Percy they probably wouldn't have bothered. Pulp are from Sheffield which is quite near Doncaster who are this weekend's opponents. Which is handy. John Northcutt is the man with the stats.....''

West Ham Utd v Watford
Wednesday, 7th March 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is in the doghouse with the staff of the Avram Grant Rest Home For The Bewildered. You see when he offered to run this monthís coach trip and announced that it would be to Wales, they were hoping for a little more than a four hour stop at Cardiff West Services whilst he and the coach driver disappeared to watch Sundayís match. Still not all the residents were unhappy Ė the soggy pasties meant that for once not all the food had to be put through a liquidiser. Meanwhile the old sod has recovered from the twin shocks of winning abroad and the cost of Werthers Originals at Motorway Service Areas in time to string a few words together re the forthcoming visit of Watford. John Northcutt is, as ever, our stat man... ..''

Cardiff City v West Ham Utd
Saturday, 3rd March 2012
by Preview Percy
''After he managed to upset all 350,000 inhabitants of a certain London borough last week we weren't totally sure about letting Preview Percy loose on a whole country. However, since we couldn't find anyone as cheap at short notice to do a Cardiff preview we thought "what the hell, it's only Wales". John Northcutt restores some much-needed sanity with his stat round-up.....''

Allardyce in... Dubai
Wednesday, 29th February 2012
by Lee Kelly
''Sam Allardyce is currently in Dubai along with his first team squad for a few days' warm-weather training ahead of a busy March schedule...''

Awful but effective?
Wednesday, 29th February 2012
by Haim Baram
''I feel a bit ashamed to grumble about Big Sam and his truly ugly football. ..''

Boo sucks!
Monday, 27th February 2012
by Paul Walker
''Amazing, isnít it, how things come back to bite you on the bum when you are least expecting it...''

West Ham United v Crystal Palace
Friday, 24th February 2012
by Preview Percy
''The population of Croydon is 330,587 or thereabouts. In his even more than usually warped look at this weekend's visit of Crystal Palace to the Boleyn, Preview Percy does his best to upset each and every one of them. Please direct all complaints direct to Percy c/o the Avram Grant Rest Home For The Bewildered. Sensible stuff on the stat front as ever from John Northcutt ..''

Miracles do happen... In triplicate
Thursday, 23rd February 2012
by Paul Walker
''Never have I been a pint half full sort, it comes from following West Ham all my life. So Iím always the one urging folk not to get carried away...''

Blackpool v West Ham United
Tuesday, 21st February 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy hasn't been to Blackpool in years. He sort of went off the place after the incident with the guest house landlady, the "kiss me quick" hat and a plate of whelks, one of which was off. Despite this he's found the time to pen a few words about this week's match. Unfortunately. Stats as ever from John Northcutt.......''

Questions, questions, questions
Friday, 17th February 2012
by Paul Walker
''The more this protracted, tiresome Olympic stadium debate continues, the more worrying questions it throws up...''

West Ham United v Southampton
Tuesday, 14th February 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy spent some of his childhood not all that far from Southampton having been evacuated to Hampshire. There wasn't a war on or anything, his parents just didn't like him. Here's his look at the Valentine's Day meeting of the two sides. Statistical input from John Northcutt..''

WHUFC 100 Greatest Moments: #10-1
Sunday, 12th February 2012
by Staff Writer
''Back in 2004, readers of KUMB.com voted for their greatest West Ham moments. With eight years having passed since - during which time we've witnessed a number of new memorable occasions, matches and goals - we decided to revisit the list in order to include some of the more recent events...''

Peterborough United v West Ham United
Friday, 10th February 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is rather regretting spending that winter fuel payment he got just before Christmas in the pub. He's having to make do by burning all those documents that nice Mr Redknapp brought round for his fire last week. There's enough there to keep him going for a few years. In the meantime here's his look at this weekend's visit to Peterborough. Stats courtesy of John Northcutt ..''

West Ham United v Millwall
Friday, 3rd February 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has given him every chance but his patience has finally snapped. Meanwhile, taking a break from writing angry letters to the head of Channel 4 regarding how poor he thinks the new host of "Countdown" is, he dropped us a few lines about this weekend's visit of Millwall. John Northcutt calmly follows with a few items of statistical interest... ..''

Forward thinking Sam
Friday, 3rd February 2012
by James May
''So thatís it, the curtain closes on another deadline day with West Ham once again being a major player in the dramatic last day of wheelingís and dealings...''

Ipswich Town v West Ham United
Monday, 30th January 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy's cough is so loud that the builders working next door to his care home have complained that they can't tell if their pneumatic drills are working properly. In between existing on a diet of Veno's, rum and his usual Werther's Originals he managed to put together a few words about this week's midweek visit to Suffolk. As usual John Northcutt provides the statistical background to the match.... ..''

James Tomkins and the ginger Harry Secombe
Monday, 23rd January 2012
by Staff Writer
''On Saturday afternoon, prior to West Ham United's 2-1 nPower Championship win over Nottingham Forest that took Sam Allardyce's side to the top of the table for the first time this season, it was confirmed that James Tomkins had signed a lucrative four-year contract with an option for a further year...''

Ernie Gregory remembered
Sunday, 22nd January 2012
by Paul Walker
''They really donít make them like Ernie Gregory any more. Gone are the days when a man stays with his first club for over 50 years...''

West Ham United v Nottingham Forest
Friday, 20th January 2012
by Preview Percy
''Next we entertain Nottingham Forest at the Boleyn in a 3pm kick-off this Saturday. Lovely. Tubes? Well the Hammersmith & City is out, which will mean a detour for visitors arriving at St Pancras. The bottom end of the District is also out, though the section serving Upton Park and points East will be open...''

The 2011 accounts reviewed
Tuesday, 17th January 2012
by Brian Evans
''Before getting stuck into the Board, I would just make the point that the club paid a group of players in excess of £48million last season , and they took us down. That's £8m more than Gianfranco Zola's squad earned...''

So we can stay at the Boleyn
Monday, 16th January 2012
by Paul Walker
''So now we know. If our owners do not go for the Olympic Stadium option, we wonít leave the Boleyn and will aim to redevelop our 108-year-old home...''

A blessing in disguise?
Sunday, 15th January 2012
by James May
''Last Sunday afternoon saw West Hamís first and final FA Cup appearance of the season as Chris OíGradyís late winner for Sheffield Wednesday sent us crashing out of a tournament that never really begun for Big Samís men...''

Portsmouth v West Ham United
Friday, 13th January 2012
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is unwell. He's got a temperature higher than Alastair Cook's batting average, he aches all over and he just wants to stay in bed. Did we leave him alone? Did we heck. We poked him with a stick and this is what he came up with. John Northcutt will be along to round things off later.......''

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