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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Take FIFA to court
Friday, 14th October 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Football operates in many ways that would never be tolerated or even contemplated in any other business. In what other industry, for example, does an employee get paid an absurd figure of £100,000 a week or more whether he worked that particular week or not?..''

My first trip to Upton Park
Monday, 10th October 2011
by Tim Sansom
''The East End has always been a bit of an interesting place for me. I keep on thinking that the streets of Plaistow, Barking, and Dagenham are a kind of Ashes to Ashes film set, where people drive around in 1983 Audi Quatros, and 1975 Ford Granadas, fighting the forces of crime on street corners...''

Crystal Palace v West Ham United
Friday, 30th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''It's been a miserable few days for Preview Percy just as it has been for the rest of us. Only he just likes to grumble about it a bit more. Here's his usual warped view of this weekend's trip to Selhurst Park. Those of you who live in Croydon might like to skip to John Northcutt's infinitely more useful section at the end..... ..''

(Not quite) the whole nine yards
Friday, 30th September 2011
by Ricky Galer
''After nine games of the new season Big Sam and his new regimeís honeymoon period is well and truly over, so what have we learned so far? ..''

Is Kevin Nolan part of the problem?
Wednesday, 28th September 2011
by Gary Portugal
''Kevin Nolan is failing on all counts at the moment. Apart from the occasional good pass, I cannot identify anything that he is contributing to the team...''

Come on Lee, give it a rest!
Wednesday, 28th September 2011
by Paul Walker
''I suppose we always knew it would be Lee Bowyer who was going to score againÖfor a West Ham fan he has an unhealthy desire to make us look stupid...''

West Ham favourites to beat Ipswich
Tuesday, 27th September 2011
by Guest Writer
''It was a return to winning ways for West Ham on Saturday with a narrow 1-0 win over Peterborough. ..''

West Ham United v Ipswich Town
Monday, 26th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is back and, since Mavis The Tea lady discovered that the overtime she put in over last week's preview was unpaid, we're lumbered with his ramblings once more. As usual there's more sensible stuff from the much better informed John Northcutt at the end so you might want to skip through to that. We did.... ..''

Win or lose, here come the boos
Sunday, 25th September 2011
by Daniel Nussbaum
''It was far from pleasant on Saturday as West Ham played host to newly promoted Peterbrough...''

Man crush
Friday, 23rd September 2011
by Adam R
''Itís time to get this out in the open. My mate since I was four years old, a fellow season ticket holder and general all-round good egg has a man-crush dilemma...''

Peterborough: no problems anticipated
Thursday, 22nd September 2011
by Guest Writer
''After two wins in a row and eight goals scored in those games, it was perhaps a surprise to see the Hammers play out a goalless draw against Millwall at the weekend. ..''

West Ham United v Peterborough
Thursday, 22nd September 2011
by Preview Percy
''Sadly, Preview Percy is away once again this week - something to do with an all-expenses-paid weekend of outrageous decadence in Bridlington. On the bright side, the office has lost that lingering 'damp' smell that curiously manifested itself during the old boy's presence - and the tea lady is delighted at the hour's overtime she's getting for writing this week's match preview.....''

Time to honour a legend
Thursday, 22nd September 2011
by Brian Evans
''Myths and legends - it's what makes most organisations 'human'. It's about putting a public face on an institution; someone to give it the human touch, make it seem much more real than just a building, company or club. It helps create or cement an identitiy for such entities...''

Together, not a loan
Tuesday, 20th September 2011
by Daniel Nussbaum
''The hot topic up for debate seems to be the loan system, for all of its advantages and disadvantages. Some love it, others hate it but the truth lays, as usual, somewhere in the middle. You need not look any further than our beloved West Ham United, when searching for a proper example of the conflict...''

Fans' forum: 15th September
Friday, 16th September 2011
by Brian Evans
''I popped along to this last night. I didn't ask any questions as I was trying to focus on David Gold's answers, but it's inevitable that in such a forum (I reckon about 120 were in attendance) there would be some repetition...''

Millwall v West Ham United
Thursday, 15th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is actually away on a Saga Cruise on the SS Marco Boogers which is currently touring somewhere where heíll complain about the food, water, tea, heat and anything else he can think of while heís not chasing after rich widows. Which is exactly what heís like when heís at home really...''

West Ham can keep goals coming against Millwall
Wednesday, 14th September 2011
by Guest Writer
''West Ham United gained a great result against Portsmouth last week to maintain their position as the favourites to bounce straight back from relegation with a return to the Premier League. ..''

Leader or leaner?
Tuesday, 13th September 2011
by Daniel Nussbaum
''Kevin Nolan's summer switch, the one that saw him leave a Premier League club in Newcastle to reunite with his mentor at West Ham, raised quite a few eyebrows. ..''

West Ham United v Portsmouth
Friday, 9th September 2011
by Preview Percy
''Now that the schools have gone back, the police are baffled as to why the levels of anti-social behaviour have actually increased in the vicinity of a certain care home. We're not ones to point the finger but surely the fact that Preview Percy is back from the international break cannot be wholly coincidental. Meanwhile here's the old sod's ramblings on this weekend's match against Portsmouth.... ..''

Our club has changed
Friday, 9th September 2011
by Paul Walker
''Sam Allardyce has been in control - and I mean real control - of our club for little over four months, and West Ham has changed dramatically and probably for ever...''

West Ham can improve home record against Portsmouth
Thursday, 8th September 2011
by Guest Writer
''West Ham United take on Portsmouth this weekend in a fixture that has been more commonly associated with the Premiership...''

The other side of the window
Tuesday, 6th September 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''So the transfer window has finally slammed shut, all the talk at long last has come to a halt and I think I speak for all us when I say that it was complete and utter success for West Ham United FC...''

The feelgood factor
Tuesday, 6th September 2011
by Matt Porter
''15 May 2011 at Wigan North Western train station: Itís about an hour after the full-time whistle and the news filters through that Avram Grant has been sacked...''

Thursday, 1st September 2011
by Lee Byron
''First of all, let me take my metaphorical hat off to Carlton Cole and Robert Green...''

So long, Scotty
Wednesday, 31st August 2011
by Daniel Nussbaum
''Today marks the end of Scott Parker's time in the claret and blue. Having arrived in 2007, his early days were marked by injuries and his £7million price tag was starting to raise some questions...''

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