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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Nottingham Forest v West Ham United
Friday, 26th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has spent the last few days banging his head against the wall muttering "It's Mansfield 1969 all over again". So it's been business as usual then for the doddery old twit, who just had time to prepare this look at Sunday's match at the City Ground before he was carted away for his therapy session..''

Exclusive chapter from 'Mr Moon'
Friday, 26th August 2011
by Staff Writer
''Last week, West Ham United's match day announcer Jeremy Nicholas released his latest book entitled 'Mr Moon Has Left The Stadium'. ..''

West Ham away form suggests win is good odds
Friday, 26th August 2011
by Guest Writer
''Nottingham Forest provide the opposition for West Ham this weekend and despite the bad result during the week, there is still plenty of cause for optimism for the season and weekend ahead...''

A letter to Sam
Thursday, 25th August 2011
by Fraggle
''There are times when, as a West Ham fan, I despair. Despite the great times I've had and the pride I take in wearing crossed hammers, and even after 40 years of loyal support, I sometimes look on from the sidelines and think to myself, oh dear oh dear, what on Earth was that? ..''

Width and pace, our saving grace?
Tuesday, 23rd August 2011
by Daniel Nussbaum
''It was there for all to see. Max Gradel, a primary West Ham target over the summer and gifted left winger, was wreaking havoc down our right hand side. Leeds' young Ivorian winger was exciting, dangerous and attack minded...''

West Ham United v Aldershot Town (Take Two)
Tuesday, 23rd August 2011
by Preview Percy
''When we popped in to pick up Preview Percy's latest offering we were greeted by a young lady who told us he was busy having treatment for his rheumatism. The funny thing is we're pretty sure that he doesn't have rheumatism. We're also pretty sure that wasn't a proper nurse's uniform either. Anyway he did leave the following scribbled on the back of an old betting slip......''

West Ham United v Leeds United
Friday, 19th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''We're not saying that Preview Percy went looting during the recent disturbances, but when we went to visit him this week there were a lot of suspiciously new tartan blankets scattered around the rest home for the bewildered where he spends his time when the pubs aren't open. Here the grumpy one takes time out from moaning about how easy 'A' levels have become to take a look at this weekend's visit of Leeds United.... ..''

Watford v West Ham United
Monday, 15th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''When we visited Preview Percy this week he had a smile on his face for once. We thought it was because we'd won away from home but it turned out that his dentures were playing up again. Here the miserable old buffer takes a look at this week's visit to Vicarage Road.... ..''

Doncaster Rovers v West Ham United
Friday, 12th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''As you can imagine, being an elder statesman Preview Percy had more than a few things to say about the recent outbreaks of civil disorder. Thankfully we had to go before he could tell us any of them. Here's what he had to say about this weekend's visit to Doncaster Rovers before we made our excuses and left... ..''

West Ham United v Aldershot Town
Monday, 8th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy is the sort of person who writes letters to the BBC about the programme “Grumpy Old Men” on the grounds that the participants are too cheerful. So you can imagine his reaction when we turned up at his rest home and told him that relegation would mean taking part in the first round of the League Cup and would he mind awfully writing another preview even though he’d only just finished the last one. Here’s his look at this week’s match against Aldershot Town.......''

West Ham United v Cardiff City
Friday, 5th August 2011
by Preview Percy
''We turned up at Preview Percy’s rest home in the hope that it was one of those that had been sold off during the close season and the occupants moved on without leaving a forwarding address. Unfortunately for you he’s still there and he’s still as barking as ever. Still, at a cost of a packet of Werther’s Originals a week it’s cheaper than paying someone to do a proper preview. Just. This week the old so and so takes a look at our opening match of the season against Cardiff City.......''

Upson downs
Tuesday, 26th July 2011
by Ian Sherman
''A couple of years ago, in one of the transfer windows, my brother and I were discussing who we thought would be leaving West Ham. The discussion came around to Matthew Upson...''

The Cole conundrum
Wednesday, 20th July 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''Go on admit it; you breathed a sigh of relief when Cole’s move to Stoke fell through...''

That good ol' West Ham way
Wednesday, 6th July 2011
by Kit Robinson
''So what is it, the West Ham way? Were West Ham ever this slick, great passing side that many of our fans believe we are? Is it a myth? Or are we living in a parallel footballing universe?..''

The Olympic Stadium reviewed
Friday, 1st July 2011
by BrownFatwa
''I had the good fortune to visit the Olympic Park last Friday - the highlight of which was a tour of the Olympic Stadium itself. ..''

Billy Bonds: will there ever be another?
Friday, 1st July 2011
by Deen Galer
''1967-1988: these are the years we saw the amazing Billy Bonds wearing the famous colours of claret and blue. Ron Greenwood was the manager to sign Bonds in a deal costing the club £50,000. Bonds made 95 league appearances, scoring one goal whilst playing for Charlton between 1964-1967...''

Back to the Academy
Friday, 1st July 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''So I’ve been scratching my head since that memorable day at the DW Stadium where our fate was finally sealed, when all of us were finally put out our collective misery and relegation was confirmed in the most thrilling and melancholic of fashions. In a game that completely and utterly summed up Avram Grant’s West Ham United...''

Hagland's transfer latest: 24th June
Friday, 24th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''Matthew Hagland brings us up to date with all the transfer news.....''

My sister and Sam
Thursday, 23rd June 2011
by Tim Keen
''My sister has just started dating this new guy, his name is Sam...''

Hagland’s transfer latest: 17th June
Friday, 17th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''Matthew Hagland takes us through all the big transfer news of the week.....''

That was the season that was: part III
Friday, 17th June 2011
by Gordon Thrower
''Gordon Thrower’s just been carried away kicking and screaming in the general direction of the Priory clinic. Before he departed he left us this, the final part of his review of the season. Those of a nervous disposition are probably supporting the wrong club.....''

That was the season that was: part II
Sunday, 12th June 2011
by Gordon Thrower
''Gordon Thrower continues his look through the 2010/10 season. He's suffered and now it's your turn......''

Hagland's transfer latest: 10th June
Friday, 10th June 2011
by Matthew Hagland
''KUMB issues a warm welcome to newest recruit Matthew Hagland who will be keeping a close eye on the transfer market throughout the summer, bringing you all the latest rumours and gossip from West Ham and the wider footballing community...''

Parker: legend - or Judas?
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Matthew O'Greel
''West Ham's 3-2 defeat at Wigan last month condemned United to relegation for the second time in ten years...''

The Allardyce way
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Paul Turner
''I have to admit to sending an email to West Ham United before we made Avram Grant our 13th full time manager. That email was about Sam Allardyce...''

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