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Thursday, 19th May 2011
by Brian Evans
''Relegation, well we’ve seen it before. If you listened to ill-informed members of some sections of the media it is long overdue to us this time because of technical offences the then officers of the club committed when 'signing' Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano...''

WHUFC - 100 Greatest Moments: #100-91
Wednesday, 18th May 2011
by Staff Writer
''Back in 2004, readers of KUMB.com voted for their greatest West Ham moments. With seven years having passed since - during which we've witnessed a number of memorable occasions, matches and goals - we decided to revisit the list in order to include some of these more recent events...''

West Ham or the Premier League?
Wednesday, 18th May 2011
by Welling
''I believe that many fans of clubs that are relegated from the Premiership get so upset because they have lost sight of what supporting their club means and are actually in love with the Premier League...''

Decline and redemption
Wednesday, 18th May 2011
by Upton Larks
''Discussion can be had on where it all started; the decline. Be it failure to invest after the most unforeseen of successful seasons in the heady mid '80s, or maybe it came later, Rio Ferdinand’s departure? Glenn Roeder’s appointment? Or more probably in 2006 when a balding Icelandic fronted a takeover from much maligned long term owner Terry Brown. What’s not debatable is that it has happened...''

Heaven knows he's miserable now
Monday, 16th May 2011
by Graeme Howlett
''Kitzbuhel, Austria - July 2010: One of the small band of travelling supporters to follow West Ham on their pre-season tour of Germany and Austria spots new manager Avram Grant in the crowd as the team arrives for the friendly with Panathinaikos...''

By Royal appointment
Sunday, 15th May 2011
by Graeme Howlett
''So Avram Grant has finally gone. Several months too late, say many...''

Wigan Athletic v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 13th May 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has had a fun week. We’d love to tell you all about it but the members of the girl group and the person who supplied the equipment involved have all clubbed together to get a super-injunction so we’ll never know the real truth behind the smile on his face. Or how he found the energy to come up with this, his penultimate preview of the season..... ..''

Taking the cheap option
Thursday, 12th May 2011
by Jon Peach
''Gold and Sullivan attempted to stay up 'on the cheap' this year. That did not involve aquiring a high-profile manager, nor did it involve poaching another club's manager. They panicked in January, and very nearly gave the job to Martin O'Neill. By not doing so, they basically backed themselves into a corner meaning that they had to come out like the kids that had been caught looking at their dad's dirty magazines apologising and suggesting that it was all just a big misunderstanding...''

Tuesday, 10th May 2011
by Matthew Kemp
''Even before the 1-1 draw versus Blackburn Rovers, the cup looked half empty as opposed to half full. If only I could share Avram Grants’ optimism, yet hasn’t that been the case all season!?..''

'Til death us do part
Monday, 9th May 2011
by Charlie Stubbings
''55 years ago I was born in Mile End Hospital...''

West Ham United v Blackburn Rovers: Match Preview
Friday, 6th May 2011
by Preview Percy
''He's been away with the Derby & Joan club - whic came as a surprise to them since they kicked him out years ago. He is Preview Percy and here's his take on this weekend's match......''

The blame game: Torpedoes of truth surrounding our improbable relegation
Wednesday, 4th May 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''The following are the reasons why, with three games to go, West Ham United are bottom of the league and staring squarely into oblivion...''

Front up - and shut up
Tuesday, 3rd May 2011
by Paul Walker
''David Sullivan really should start doing his job. He should lead from the front at away games, front up when the going gets tough and learn to shut up...''

Make or break time for West Ham
Tuesday, 3rd May 2011
by Eddie Smith
''Sunday’s 2-1 defeat by Manchester City summed up West Ham’s season for me as the Hammers once again failed to pick up points – a scenario which leaves them rooted to the bottom of the Barclays Premier League title with just three league matches to go. ..''

The story of Billie the grey
Thursday, 28th April 2011
by Staff Writer
''88 years ago today West Ham faced Bolton in the first ever FA Cup Final staged at the new Wembley Stadium...''

The only way is ethics
Sunday, 24th April 2011
by Brian Evans
''Once again we arrive at matchday, the day of the week which matters more than any other to a football fan...''

Well done Scott, you deserve it
Saturday, 23rd April 2011
by Paul Walker
''Anybody who has witnessed Scott Parker carrying West Ham this season, and the way he has forced himself back into the England side, knows the Footballer of the Year award is fully merited...''

Chelsea v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 22nd April 2011
by Preview Percy
''As an older gentleman Preview Percy was pleased to see a brass band at the Boleyn last weekend. That's about all he enjoyed though. He's equally grumpy about our chances this weekend. He probably thinks that this weather won't last either.......''

The same old story
Monday, 18th April 2011
by Matt Porter
''If ever a photograph could sum up a football club, there was something strangely amusing about seeing Manuel da Costa on crutches leaving court today having pleaded guilty to assault and, tragically for him I’m sure, having been ordered by the judge to stay away from the illustrious Faces Nightclub in Ilford...''

Not getting any easier, is it?
Sunday, 17th April 2011
by Paul Walker
''So it’s come to this. Five games left, two that Avram Grant does not believe we can win and three more that the rest of us doubt we can win...''

West Ham United v Aston Villa - Match Preview
Friday, 15th April 2011
by Preview Percy
''He was away last week at a birthday celebration - apparently some of his jokes are now nearly 100 years old. And so is he. He is Preview Percy. Sorry no refunds.......''

West Ham United v Manchester United - Match Preview
Friday, 1st April 2011
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has taken time out from moaning about the cut in his winter fuel payments to give us his usual warped view of this weekend's opponents..... ..''

Consistency is key
Wednesday, 30th March 2011
by Kwame Boakye
''As I sat down with my pint to watch our recent draw with Tottenham at the Lane I was very comfortable in the fact that I knew exactly what the back four would be, I knew who’d be lining up in our midfield and I knew who would be leading the line...''

Scott Parker: our sympathies
Wednesday, 23rd March 2011
by Paul Walker
''I heard someone say after the Spurs game that Scott Parker looked like he was crying at the end of the match... now we know why...''

Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United: match preview
Friday, 18th March 2011
by Preview Percy
''He's grumpy at the best of times so you can imagine how bad Preview Percy has been all week after last weekend's shambles. Our man in the tartan blanket takes time out from giving the Meals On Wheels people a hard time to take a look at this weekend's visit to N17..... ..''

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