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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham United v Chelsea - Match Preview
Thursday, 9th September 2010
by Preview Percy
''The transfer deadline has been and gone but our attempts to send Preview Percy out on loan to FC Chernobyl fell through when we couldn't get anyone to pay the air fare. Or the bus fare. Or the postage. So here he is again. Unfortunately........''

Adorning our demise
Thursday, 9th September 2010
by Haim Baram
''We hear quite often the shrill lamentations from Avram Grant's corner, bitterly complaining about the lack of resources at his disposal. The eight new players and the recovery of our almost chronically injured stars don't seem to mollify our manager's hunger for success and trophies. ..''

From Gloom to Boom, the difficult truth
Friday, 3rd September 2010
by James Carruthers
''Avram Grant has experienced three defeats in his first three games so far this season, shipping three goals in each...''

Manchester United v West Ham United - Match Preview
Thursday, 26th August 2010
by Preview Percy
''We were hoping that the torrential rain we've had over the past few days might prevent Preview Percy from coming in to deliver his match preview. Unfortunately, he owns a pair of wellies.......''

Are you SPL in disguise?
Tuesday, 24th August 2010
by Kit Robinson
''Six days into the Premier League season and you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the end of the season as far as the top four standings were concerned...''

West Ham United v Oxford United - Match Preview
Tuesday, 24th August 2010
by Preview Percy
''If you take an infinite number of monkeys and give them word processors it is said that eventually they will produce one of the classics. Unfortunately we couldn't afford the monkeys so here's Preview Percy to run his eye past our League Cup opponents Oxford United......''

The Jeremy Nicholas column: How I became the West Ham announcer
Sunday, 22nd August 2010
by Jeremy Nicholas
''I moved to East London from Cambridge when I was six. I think my parents may have done the driving, but I think I did most of the packing and dealing with estate agents...''

West Ham United v Bolton Wanderers - Match Preview
Friday, 20th August 2010
by Preview Percy
''We thought we'd got shot of him but unfortunately he was only on holiday. If we'd known he was coming back we'd have moved. He is Preview Percy and the clue is in the name..........''

Best league in the world?
Monday, 2nd August 2010
by Gary Portugal
''The calendar has just hit August which normally means that I go into proper countdown mode for the start of the footy season. ..''

Cautious optimism: better days in the offing
Monday, 19th July 2010
by Haim Baram
''Normally one does not draw far-fetched conclusions from the pre-season friendly matches, but supporters are not necessarily rational creatures, and every victory for the Hammers counts...''

The great and the good
Tuesday, 29th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''I am sure that fans of other Premier League teams feel that their clubs input into England, with regard to important players or the number of their players, is as important as West Hamís, whether its Spurs, Chelsea or Man United. ..''

The United colours of West Ham
Wednesday, 16th June 2010
by Staff Writer
''With the World Cup now in full flow, why not take a break from the constant monotonous drone of the vuvezela and join KUMB as we take a look back at every foreign player to feature in the famous claret and blue (and some who didn't)...''

The Deadwood stage is rolling over the hill
Monday, 7th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''The arrival of the clubís new manager has been rapidly followed by the surprise arrival of the first signing of the summer...''

Lay not thy hand upon the lad
Monday, 7th June 2010
by Haim Baram
''Haim Baram, a well-known Israeli football pundit, is also a keen West Ham fan. There are mixed opinions regarding Avram Grant in the Israeli press but in the last 7-8 months his time at Portsmouth earned him a lot of credit within the Israeli sports media. Baram expresses a different voice. ..''

Expect the expected
Monday, 7th June 2010
by Kit Robinson
''Well here we are again. Itís like Christmas but every four years and always expecting to end up with a fake Action Man with no moving body parts, instead of the genuine article with gripping hands and eagle eyes. England are at the World Cup with media full of hype and expectation and we are being told we can win. But are we really expecting much? Are we destined for another series of limp displays and another sacked manager? Do we have the players with enough skill to bring the cup home?..''

Who is Avram Grant?
Thursday, 3rd June 2010
by Staff Writer
''Avram Grant was appointed as West Ham United's 13th full time manager earlier today. Join KUMB.com as we take a look back at his career to date.....''

That Was The Season That Was 2009/10: Part 3
Wednesday, 19th May 2010
by Gordon Thrower
''At the end of March we'd lost six in a row and were hovering just outside the relegation zone on goal difference. Worse still, Hull had a game in hand. Even worse, next up was a trip to in-form Everton. What could possibly go right? Gordon Thrower takes a final gulp from his oxygen tank as he concludes his look at the season just ended......''

Confessions of a West Ham supporter
Monday, 17th May 2010
by Alexander Ewing
''Itís difficult following your football team from abroad. In America you have two options: spend a small fortune on a satellite sport subscription or find a bar that shows "international sport", packed with Americans, draped in internet-ordered Chelsea and Manchester United scarves. ..''

That Was The Season That Was 2009/10: Part 2
Sunday, 16th May 2010
by Gordon Thrower
''When we left things at the end of 2009, the club was broke, the owners were broke, we had no strikers, the transfer window was just about to open and we were in a relegation fight. Still there was always the cup to look forward to. Gordon Thrower takes a deep breath, sips a large brandy and looks at the period January-March in part 2 of his season review.......''

That was the season that was 2009/10
Friday, 14th May 2010
by Gordon Thrower
''It's been another eventful season. Gordon Thrower, fortified only by several cups of strong, black coffee, has bravely relived the last 10 months so you don't have to. Here's the first instalment of his trawl through the archives.....''

The demise of Gianfranco
Friday, 14th May 2010
by Nik Hobbs
''As Gordon Brown said his goodbyes, collected his valuables and made a dash to the Downing Street gates, elsewhere in London a less recognised character was relieved of his duties following a similarly gruellingly drawn out character assassination. ..''

West Ham United v Manchester City: Match Preview
Friday, 7th May 2010
by Preview Percy
''In his (thankfully) final effort of the season Preview Percy has a pop at African football administrators, the manager of the year selection process, Piers Morgan and, of course, Lord Griffiths. He also mentions Man City. A bit. Applications for the post of match preview writer should be sent to the editor......''

Foolís gold?
Wednesday, 5th May 2010
by Lee Byron
''On Sunday I was looking forward to a game where, with all the pressure behind them, Zolaís boys could go out at Craven Cottage to really express themselves with a no fear attitude. At the very least I was expecting our team to go out and enjoy their football. ..''

West Hamís World Cup hopes
Wednesday, 5th May 2010
by Nick Robbins
''With the season in the bag now and security assured for another season at least, thoughts turn to the summer - and with it the World Cup. ..''

Fulham v West Ham United: Match Preview
Friday, 30th April 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy's just stopped laughing at Liverpool's midweek result. Unfortunately that means that he had time to write the following. Only one more to go......''

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