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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham Utd v Burnley: match preview
Sunday, 20th February 2011
by Preview Percy
''We've had a few emails regarding the whereabouts of Preview Percy. We can reveal only that the old fool has been resting up this winter in a nursing home for the elderly and bewildered. We didn't tell the taxman or the Child Support Agency which one though......''

Where will the new fans come from?
Friday, 18th February 2011
by Matt Davies
''West Ham Unitedís move to the Olympic Stadium is not yet Ďrubber stampedí and with Barry Hearns ready to challenge the move on behalf of Leyton Orient, the final decision could be a few weeks away. However this is just a delay and it is very unlikely to make any difference to the decision. So let us assume that we are moving in for the 2014/5 season. What does that mean?..''

Do it the West Ham way
Thursday, 17th February 2011
by James Carruthers
''Let me assure you, with the exception of Scott Parker, the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with events on the field this season. It relates to the furore surrounding the Olympic Stadium, the venue destined to be West Ham Unitedís new home...''

The Olympic Stadium blueprint
Thursday, 17th February 2011
by Staff Writer
''KUMB.com sat down with Olympic Project Director Ian Tompkins earlier this week in order to get up to spec on the club's latest plans for the move to Stratford. Here's a brief summary of the ensuing conversation...''

Bring the noise
Saturday, 12th February 2011
by Paul Turner
''The decision has been made and West Ham United has been given the nod as the preferred bidder for the Olympic Stadium by the OPLC...''

The hope gets you...
Thursday, 10th February 2011
by Paul Walker
''They say that itís the hope that kills you in the end, and supporting West Ham is beginning to feel like that...''

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Thursday, 10th February 2011
by Anon Mouse
''The catchment areas for football clubs in terms of support are no longer confined to the clubs immediate vicinity. Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United achieve high ticket sales by leapfrogging traditional boundaries for their catchment areas (i.e. QPR/Fulham; Bolton/Oldham) to suck in fans from a wider area. ..''

Uneasy feelings, a few thoughts and a plea
Wednesday, 9th February 2011
by Lee Byron
''There is bound to be disenchantment, frustration, and plain old anger at the constant propping up of the Premier League this season by our beloved team. Some will direct these feelings at certain players, some at the manager, some at the owners, and some at all three. ..''

Defending the Daves
Tuesday, 1st February 2011
by Matt Porter
''Itís refreshing, isnít it?..''

Beyond repair
Friday, 28th January 2011
by Haim Baram
''When I received our beloved clubís letter on Thursday afternoon a faint sensation was shot through my body, perhaps a very light touch of nausea accompanied by a more potent emotion of real anger. ..''

The wrong end of things (again)
Monday, 24th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''Ok, this is going to be a partisan, angry, twisted, bitter, frustrated rant - pretty much par for the course and sure to hit a raw nerve amongst Irons fans. But is it just me who feels we are getting the rough end of things from all levels of football authority since the Tevez saga?..''

Avram Grantís youth policy: a victory within the misery
Saturday, 22nd January 2011
by Nik Hobbs
''We are constantly informed that football is a results based industry. Managers must scramble for their commission in a continuous struggle against the ultimate judge; the win/loss column...''

Go north and multiply
Friday, 21st January 2011
by Tross
''I read todayís article on our plans for a move to the Olympic Stadium by old sourpuss, and felt a need to reply. Time has been a bit of a commodity for me of late, however if this particular piece was intent on riling me as a West Ham fan, it succeeded...''

Yet more of a circus
Tuesday, 18th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''You couldnít make it upÖsadly though at West Ham you donít have to, because every day seems to bring more shambolic nonsense...''

The debacle continues
Sunday, 16th January 2011
by East Stand Martin
''It's hard to conceive a more preposterous cock-up than what has been going on of late. But let's face the facts: it's no great surprise given the way Sullivan and Gold have managed our club since the took over...''

Stick to the knitting
Sunday, 16th January 2011
by Brian Evans
''Karren Brady is clearly a successful and competent business executive. As Chief Executive of Birmingham City she oversaw an intitial investment by shareholders of £700k mature into a £72m dividend in the space of 17 years...''

Always a circusÖ
Saturday, 15th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''Is it just me who hates transfer windows? The uncertainty, the constant flicking onto Sky Sports News, the expectation and the constant disappointment...''

MYWHUFC: in opposition to the OS
Friday, 14th January 2011
by Peter Caton
''MYWHUFC is a campaign run by West Ham United supporters who oppose the proposed move from the Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, to the Olympic Stadium at Stratford as outlined by the clubís owners...''

West Ham United v Barnsley - Match Preview
Saturday, 8th January 2011
by Preview Percy
''A 5-0 drubbing at Newcastle but is Preview Percy depressed? Well yes, he is. However he decided that he's suffered enough this week so now it's your turn... ..''

A Message to Grant
Friday, 7th January 2011
by Haim Baram
''We have seen enough, we have heard enough, we are sick with all the excuses, politics and underhand tricks...''

Newcastle United v West Ham United
Tuesday, 4th January 2011
by Preview Percy
''Petrol's up, VAT is up and train fares are up. The start of 2011 is full of gloom and doom. And just when you think the start of the year couldn't get any worse, here's Preview Percy to prove you wrong. Very wrong..... ..''

West Ham United v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Friday, 31st December 2010
by Preview Percy
''Another Christmas has passed and yet again Santa forgot to bring Preview Percy a Scalextric. So he's taking it out on us........''

Keeping it in the family
Thursday, 30th December 2010
by Ian Sherman
''As this is my first column, I had better introduce myself Ė I am an Essex boy living in Texas and I am an avid West Ham United fan. By way of that introduction/confession, I almost feel like Iím attending an alcoholics anonymous meeting but Ö I am not ashamed at being a West Ham fan or an Essex boy. ..''

The West Ham way
Thursday, 30th December 2010
by Andrew Douthwaite
''As the nights have closed in, the seemingly everlasting gloom around the Boleyn has grown thicker. With the club flirting with relegation once more and the Olympic Stadium decision date drawing closer, one phrase that I constantly hear on the terraces is 'it's the West Ham way'...''

Thankful for small mercies
Sunday, 19th December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Those 2,000 hardy souls who did get to Blackburn at least saw spirit, effort and a point from a game few expected to survive the shocking weather...''

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