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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Blackburn Rovers v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 17th December 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has spent the week dodging the fat ugly bird with the mistletoe and stepping over frozen pools of vomit deposited on the pavement by once a year drinkers just to bring you this look at this weekend's trip to Ewood Park. We wish he hadn't but there it is......''

Tradition or nostalgia?
Thursday, 16th December 2010
by Kevin Mousley
''Nostalgia is a terrible thing. At its heart it betrays a lack of confidence in the future. Too often it is an indulgence of the present that seeks the balm of the past...''

Should West Ham move?
Wednesday, 15th December 2010
by Ian McKee
''For over 106 years the Boleyn Ground has been the home of West Ham United with some of the best players in history having come through their celebrated academy and pulled on the claret and blue shirt at the famous stadium...''

Grant... what improvement?
Tuesday, 14th December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Surely anyone who witnessed the predictable defeat by Manchester City now knows that nothing will improve the situation under the current management...''

A costly episode
Tuesday, 14th December 2010
by Haim Baram
''In the relatively foreseeable future our fans will remember Avram Grant's tenure at Upton Park as a forlorn episode, soon to be cast into dark oblivion as a sore but not too significant tiny detail in our history...''

Grant out?
Monday, 13th December 2010
by Nick Daly
''After a disappointing 17 games in the 2010/11 campaign, the Irons sit bottom of the Barclays Premier League...''

West Ham United v Manchester City - Match Preview
Friday, 10th December 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy so dull that even Wikileaks doesn't mention him............''

Sunderland v West Ham United - Match Preview
Saturday, 4th December 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy was supposed to be going up to the North East this weekend but the weather stopped him from travelling. This meant he had time to do a match preview. There's never a council gritter about when you need one is there.......''

Grant: a stay of execution?
Thursday, 2nd December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Two wins in four days and how the mood has changed, particularily with that stunning victory over Manchester United...''

The one that got away
Wednesday, 1st December 2010
by Staff Writer
''West Ham have booked their place in the last four of the League Cup for the eighth time since the competition's inception at the beginning of the 1960s...''

West Ham United v Wigan Athletic - Match Preview
Friday, 26th November 2010
by Preview Percy
''Tube workers and even Scottish referees are going on strike this weekend. Sadly Preview Percy hasn't joined in with the winter of discontent. We live in hope but in the meantime......''

Machiavelli eat your heart out
Thursday, 25th November 2010
by Lee Byron
''It doesnít take a rocket scientist to see that Gold and Suillivan are shrewd businessmen. They may not be great football club owners, but they sure know how to manipulate their position as one...''

Hillsborough and other stories
Wednesday, 24th November 2010
by Paul Walker
''KUMB welcomes Paul Walker to the team as he looks ahead to next week's Carling Cup quarter final clash with Manchester United.....''

Liverpool v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 19th November 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy was a bit under the weather last week. We told him to "take as long as it takes" to get better. Unfortunately it only took a week.... ..''

A moderate defeat
Friday, 12th November 2010
by Haim Baram
''I have coined the term Ďmoderate defeatí and used it for years in Hebrew, in order to impress upon my readers and viewers that a draw in football is a miserable result...''

West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion - Match Preview.
Tuesday, 9th November 2010
by Preview Percy
''The Large Hadron Collider has finally produced a result for all those billions - a rather pretty picture a schoolkid with some coloured biros could have produced. Undeterred, we slammed some rather larger particles (ok, a plank of wood) into the back of Preview Percy's head. The results, though cheaper, are just as disappointing.... ..''

Birmingham City v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 5th November 2010
by Preview Percy
''BBC journalists have been out on strike today. We were hoping that Preview Percy was going to join them even though he doesn't work for the BBC. We were disappointed. Again...... ..''

Arsenal v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 29th October 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has only just got home from Wednesday night's extra-time win over Stoke. Unfortunately, he had his laptop with him so here's his look at this weekend's visit to Arsenal.... ..''

West Ham United v Stoke City - Match Preview
Tuesday, 26th October 2010
by Preview Percy
''Paul The Psychic Octopus is sadly no longer with us. Preview Percy is in rude health however, despite the fact that we've stuck him in a fish tank. (Nothing to do with predictions - we just don't like him much). Here's his look at this week's League Cup match against the Potters...... ..''

The Jeremy Nicholas column: If you can remember the sixties, you weren't there
Friday, 22nd October 2010
by Jeremy Nicholas
''Iíll be taking my autograph book with me on Saturday for the Newcastle game. We have some legendary West Ham players from the sixties, coming down for a chat pitch-side before the game. ..''

West Ham United v Newcastle United: Match Preview
Thursday, 21st October 2010
by Preview Percy
''"If you pay peanuts you get monkeys" or so the saying goes. We're saving up for a bag of Percy Dalton's. Until then, Preview Percy writes our match previews. Here's his take on this weekend's visit from Newcastle United... ..''

Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United - Match Preview
Thursday, 14th October 2010
by Preview Percy
''We asked the Chilean authorities if they had any plans for the hole now all the miners are free. Unfortunately, as soon as we mentioned Preview Percy they hung up. Here's his take on this weekend's trip to the Midlands.........''

Gollivanís travails
Wednesday, 13th October 2010
by Suhail Dhawan
''January. That fateful time of the year when every claret and blue peeps out from the comforts of their heated apartments to brace the chill of a month where the East Londoners are inevitably going to face a blizzard. ..''

The Jeremy Nicholas column: Mr Moon all over the world
Friday, 1st October 2010
by Jeremy Nicholas
''The new FIFA 11 came out today. I think itís the best football video game in the world. But Iím biased; Iíve been involved in the EA Sports FIFA games since 2006...''

West Ham United v Fulham - Match Preview
Thursday, 30th September 2010
by Preview Percy
''Look at it this way: if Preview Percy wasn't at home writing this stuff he'd be out on the streets mingling with members of the public. We figure that this is the lesser of two evils......''

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