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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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The relegation scrap without any fight
Thursday, 22nd April 2010
by Matt Porter
''Calamity defending and a lack of cutting edge. This morning’s papers were probably able to recycle Monday’s night’s match reports from Anfield when describing Hull’s defeat to Aston Villa at the KC Stadium. ..''

Liverpool v West Ham United: Match Preview
Saturday, 17th April 2010
by Preview Percy
''We blew up a volcano in an attempt to stop him. Unfortunately the resulting cloud of ash failed to delay the buses so Preview Percy's back again and, gawd 'elp us, this time he's quoting T S Eliot.... ..''

West Ham United v Sunderland - Match Preview
Friday, 9th April 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy's here again, with possibly the only match preview you will read that contains the word "maelstrom". (There may be other long words in there as well but we lost the will to live at that point and sneaked off to the pub before he could find out where we were going.....) ..''

Everton v West Ham United
Friday, 2nd April 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has been missing of late due to "technical problems" with his PC. Unfortunately, he found where we hid his keyboard, so he's back...........''

Upson to follow in Moore’s footsteps?
Thursday, 1st April 2010
by Carole Paul
''English football will forever be inextricably linked with a picture of a West Ham United defender holding aloft the famous Jules Rimet trophy...''

Post-Wolves, post mortem
Friday, 26th March 2010
by Nick Robbins
''It’s difficult to look at West Ham at this point in the season and not treat them like some sort of wounded animal in need of being put down. ..''

Fit to wear the shirt?
Thursday, 25th March 2010
by Matt Porter
''The chants of “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” that greeted Wolves’ third goal at the Boleyn last night evoked memories of the dire straits that West Ham found themselves in three years ago. ..''

Football: rewarding failure
Wednesday, 24th March 2010
by Paul Scanlan
''I haven’t written an article for KUMB.com in months, in fact I’ve not written anything of merit for even longer. Life takes over and despite having plenty I’d like to say, the opportunities to do so have been few and far between...''

Chelsea v West Ham United: match preview
Friday, 12th March 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy has an IQ that is actually greater than Frank Lampard's. However, like Lampard he hides it well.......''

West Ham United v Bolton Wanderers: Match Preview
Thursday, 4th March 2010
by Preview Percy
''Inspired by the Prime Minister (allegedly), we thought we'd bully Preview Percy into going away. Unfortunately he hit us back and gave us a Chinese burn before submitting the following: ..''

Can the West Ham influence win the World Cup for England once again?
Thursday, 25th February 2010
by Carole Paul
''There will always be an inextricable link between West Ham United and England’s triumphant 1966 World Cup winning team...''

Manchester United v West Ham United: Match Preview
Monday, 22nd February 2010
by Preview Percy
''We were hoping that he might have forgotten that there was a midweek match on. Unfortunately somebody reminded him. Preview Percy takes a look at our forthcoming trip to Old Trafford.......''

Zola heaps praise on Diamanti as West Ham move on up
Monday, 22nd February 2010
by Thomas Rooney
''West Ham United boss Gianfranco Zola singled out Alessandro Diamanti for praise following the crucial 3-0 victory over relegation rivals Hull City on Saturday...''

West Ham United v Hull City: Match Preview
Friday, 19th February 2010
by Preview Percy
''We threatened him with a 25% pay cut if he didn't go away. Unfortunately, since we don't pay him anything in the first place, he turned up anyway. Preview Percy casts his eye over this weekend's match.... ..''

Ashton farce completes Icelandic legacy
Wednesday, 17th February 2010
by Matt Porter
''The revelation that West Ham are liable to pay out the remaining three years of Dean Ashton’s £65,000 per week contract should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, frugal spending and checking the small print haven’t really been the two strongest attributes within the Boleyn Ground boardroom over the past couple of years...''

Managerial madness
Monday, 15th February 2010
by Gary Portugal
''You might think by the title that I am suggesting that football managers are mad: quite the opposite, in fact. ..''

West Ham United v Birmingham City: Match Preview
Monday, 8th February 2010
by Preview Percy
''He claims not to have slept with Wayne Bridge's girlfriend. Ever. He is Preview Percy and this is his look at this Wednesday's match against Birmingham....... ..''

Burnley v West Ham United: Match Preview
Thursday, 4th February 2010
by Preview Percy
''Nigel Quashie may have gone for free but we'd have had to pay someone to take Preview Percy away. So, sadly, he's still here until the next window opens.......''

West Ham United v Blackburn Rovers: Match Preview
Friday, 29th January 2010
by Preview Percy
''We asked a number of highly respected football writers to give us their views on this weekend's match. The fact that we've got Preview Percy again should tell you how many responded......''

Zola has his say on Pompey draw as West Ham attempt to pull away
Thursday, 28th January 2010
by Thomas Rooney
''From the outside looking in, you would think that West Ham should be going to bottom of the table Portsmouth and picking up three points...''

Portsmouth v West Ham United Match Preview
Sunday, 24th January 2010
by Preview Percy
''The club may have new ownership but Preview Percy is still here. Sadly...... ..''

Transfer rumours a plenty as Gold and Sullivan takeover
Friday, 22nd January 2010
by Thomas Rooney
''It seems fairly standard that whenever a club is taken over by new owners, that they are expected to buy every player under the sun. When this takeover occurs in January, transfer speculation is likely to go into overdrive...''

Aston Villa v West Ham United - Match Preview
Friday, 15th January 2010
by Preview Percy
''Due to the recent weather conditions, the Metropolitan Police asked Preview Percy to cancel this week's preview on safety grounds. Unfortunately he ignored them... ..''

On transfer rumours
Saturday, 9th January 2010
by Vicky Grueber
''There has been a certain amount of speculation about the transfers that will take place during the January transfer window. ..''

Wolverhampton Wanderers Preview
Friday, 8th January 2010
by Preview Percy
''Preview Percy took time out from lobbing snowballs at passers-by to take a quick look at Sunday's match against Wolves..''

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