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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Another one bites the dust
Thursday, 30th August 2007
by Tony Watson
''The dismay that invaded a normally calm and relaxed Alan Curbishley face said it all as new £7million pound signing Kieron Dyer lay on the Memorial Stadium turf in excruciating pain. ..''

Girls allowed? It’s encouraged
Thursday, 30th August 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’ve recently learned the hard way that you should never discuss politics and religion. My lodger and I became embroiled in a furious row over the conflict in Iraq. Dave was very vocal in his condemnation of Bush; but he flew off the handle when I criticised Brown. It almost came to blows...''

Jeroen Boere 1967-2007
Friday, 24th August 2007
by The Skerrit
''West Ham fans everywhere will be saddened by the untimely death of former player Jeroen Boere at the age of 39 after a tragic accident at his home in Spain last week...''

West Ham Utd v Wigan: match preview
Friday, 24th August 2007
by Matthew Coker
''We return, triumphant and with points in the bag, from Birmingham in time to take on our old foes, Wigan Athletic. The lack of any Sky interference means that it is a Saturday, 3pm start in the next leg of our 2007/08 Premier League adventure...''

Ding dong, merry Lee on high
Thursday, 23rd August 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Technology is not always a blessing. The growth of industrial automation has led to a good friend of mine losing his job. I accept that the confectionary industry has every right to make the despatch of its products more cost-effective, but that doesn’t help the out-of-work fudge-packer...''

Birmingham City vs West Ham Utd: match preview
Thursday, 16th August 2007
by Matthew Coker
''The 2007/08 claret and blue tour of duty starts this Saturday. After our sojourn to Liverpool was cancelled due to their Champions League qualifying commitments, we head to St Andrews to take on Birmingham City in a 3pm, Saturday afternoon kick off...''

Why fight the hand that kneads you?
Thursday, 16th August 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''The mobile phone has been heralded as a great invention, but I automatically frown upon any tool that encourages spousal interaction. ..''

Deadwood cost us
Tuesday, 14th August 2007
by Tony Watson
''Despite yet another disappointing pre-season injury list, I along with many other Hammers fans was full of optimism and excitement ahead of the new season. ..''

How speed dating and football make a winning combination
Sunday, 12th August 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''While Sven Goran Eriksson vehemently denied that his new signings had come from putting his feet up with a bucket of popcorn and some video tape performances, the football world’s version of speed dating seemed to have some merit by 4.45pm on Saturday afternoon. ..''

Post match analysis: how Curbs got it all wrong
Saturday, 11th August 2007
by Matthew O'Greel
''Whilst the players were from from their best today Alan Curbishley's key decisions cost the Hammers dear writes Matthew O'Greel...''

West Ham Utd vs Man City: match preview
Friday, 10th August 2007
by Matthew Coker
''After all the excitement of repelling the Roman invasion last week, the real deal of league football starts on Saturday. The fixture computer has favoured us this year as we end the season at home, get Boxing Day at home and more importantly, start the season at home. The visitors are Manchester City, the kick off is at 3pm and due to the miraculous end to last season, the competition we are entering is the Premier League. ..''

Live free or pie hard
Friday, 10th August 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''When the wife was pregnant with little Goliath, she asked if I’d still find her attractive when she put on weight. “More weight,” I instinctively corrected.”..''

The ultimate question
Sunday, 5th August 2007
by Alex Shilling
''It's one that surely all of us must have asked ourselves over the past few months; would we have stayed up if Pardew had been given another chance? ..''

It’s not if, it’s Sven
Saturday, 4th August 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''On reflection, my decision to take a couple of weeks off to ‘rest’ was flawed from the outset. The wife went completely ‘Stefan Postma’ on me; she was constantly on my back...''

West Ham Utd vs Roma: match preview
Thursday, 2nd August 2007
by Matthew Coker
''At long last, the waiting is nearly over. After three months of what has laughably been called a summer, we are just week away from a return to some proper football. ..''

Be proud and move on
Monday, 16th July 2007
by Alex Shilling
''As Carlos Tevez looks set to move to Manchester United, a new striker has announced his arrival in E13. ..''

Never let the truth ruin a good story
Monday, 16th July 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''Fashions generally come and go. However the current trend of West Ham hating is still in full swing. In fact, powered by the ability to reach millions of people a day, the media is making sure that this hate campaign shows no sign of reaching a conclusion. ..''

Why Tevez must go
Monday, 16th July 2007
by East Stand Martin
''This is bound to spark outrage amongst Tevez-worshippers, but I have come to the inevitable conclusion that it is time for our club to move on from Tevezgate...''

A ruck and a charred plaice
Friday, 13th July 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''We all do things in life that we later regret. More often than not; it involves pairing off with a tubster after a heavy night on the ale; or ‘Lenny Henry syndrome’ as it’s known on the street...''

Enjoy the ride
Sunday, 8th July 2007
by Tross
''Well with Blackpool opening the Infusion, Camelot opening the Knightmare, and Alton Towers for some time leading the pack with The Oblivion, it was always going to take something special to present a rollercoaster ride that had enough thrills and spills to take the crown in 2006/07. ..''

Post arbitration panel thoughts
Thursday, 5th July 2007
by East Stand Martin
''Over the past couple of months West Ham fans up and down the country have been fighting their corners against just about every other fan of another Premier League club about the rights and wrongs of the Carlos Tevez affair...''

Friend or (De)foe?
Sunday, 1st July 2007
by Alex Shilling
''As the transfer market approaches fever pitch with clubs seemingly signing anyone who isn't screwed down (eg Wigan signing Titus Bramble), it is crucial that teams hang on to their best players whilst raiding other clubs for their best assets. ..''

A small Murphy’s ... maybe
Friday, 29th June 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''I have nothing but admiration for the reunited Spice Girls. Their music may have been atrocious, and you’d struggle to find a greater collection of dogs outside of Battersea, but their trailblazing work in the field of ginger acceptance remains unsurpassed...''

Tuesday, 19th June 2007
by Andy Marriott
''I remember taking my O level in English Language a year early at school. English was my favourite subject, I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up (luckily that was one bit of careers advice I chose to ignore - I ended up becoming a careers adviser), so I thought I was in a great position to get a bit of a head start on all the real clever bastards in my year by going one-nil up on most of them...''

We have to stop the blubber ring
Thursday, 14th June 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Call me a non-conforming malcontent, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the concept of marriage. When at Alton Towers, I absolutely love it on the log flume, but after a few rides, I should be free to have a go on the black hole...''

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