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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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My French is just shocking
Wednesday, 16th May 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''The FA Cup Final is a great British tradition, like a one shot tennis rally or stitching up the Irish. ..''

2006/07 in review
Tuesday, 15th May 2007
by Joe Harrow
''Joe Harrow takes a look back at one of the most eventful seasons ever experienced at The Boleyn...''

More sour grapes
Tuesday, 15th May 2007
by Jacob Steinberg
''Sheffield United chairman Kevin McCabe reckons that his club weren't relegated on Sunday because they lost at home to Wigan - that's Wigan, by the way, who had not won a game since 3rd March. He has suggested that Sheffield United went down because West Ham cheated...''

Sour Grapes?
Tuesday, 15th May 2007
by Tross
''Some may say, yet in the truest reflection of Aesop’s Fables the purists amongst us will recount that the fox only feigned disdain for the grapes after he could not attain them. ..''

It’s not over until the fat chairman sings
Monday, 14th May 2007
by Kit Robinson
''Optimism was high. There had been an FA Cup final, we had a young progressive manager, a youthful but enthusiastic team who didn’t know when to capitulate to the opposition...''

Fairness in football?
Monday, 14th May 2007
by Dan Wright
''KUMB.com member KBB replies to the Sheffield Star's 'Justice For Football' petition, launched today in an attempt to have West Ham united docked points for fielding the 'ineligible' Carlos Tevez .....''

Haven't we been punished enough already?
Monday, 14th May 2007
by P.Benjy
''Over the past weeks West Ham United have managed a remarkable turnaround in form, culminating in yesterday's win at Old Trafford to complete a truly ‘great escape’ from relegation. ..''

The end of the begining
Monday, 14th May 2007
by Ron Manager
''Good old Winnie. If ever a man could encapsulate a momentous moment in history using our magnificent language, he could...''

10 seconds that changed our season
Saturday, 12th May 2007
by Countryboy
''It only takes a second to score a goal - or miss one - or let one in. It's also the case that one pivotal moment - Kanoute missing THAT penalty v the Arse, for example - can change the course of a season. ..''

Man Utd v West Ham Utd: preview
Thursday, 10th May 2007
by Matthew Coker
''As my Newcastle supporting mate keeps reminding me, at least we have something to play for at this stage of the season. No danger of mid table obscurity finished off by half a dozen games where the players just go through the motions awaiting the onset of their beano to Magaluf. For us, it is do or die right up to the end of what has been one of the most undulant of seasons, even by claret and blue standards...''

64 seconds in Paris
Thursday, 10th May 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m not one of those parents who wrap their children up in cotton wool; I refuse to even pay for pyjamas. I do try my best to keep little Goliath away from television that he may find disturbing though, which normally involves avoiding programmes with Noel Edmonds...''

An open letter to our relegation rivals
Friday, 4th May 2007
by Andy Marriott
''Before KUMB.com becomes inundated with Fulham fans and whinging Northerners crying into their pies about how unfair it is that West Ham were not deducted points by the Premier League, and before even the outcome of the ‘battle at the bottom’ for the last two remaining drop slots are decided, I wanted to put the record straight in (hopefully) language that all of those embittered followers of the relegation scrappers could understand on the situation regarding Carlos Tevez, Javier Mascherano and West Ham United...''

West Ham Utd v Bolton: preview
Thursday, 3rd May 2007
by Matthew Coker
''Well, this week sees close of play at the Boleyn for another season as we get near to some well deserved r&r over the summer. However, there will be no easygoing end of term feel to this one as the Hammers fight for their very survival in what promises to be an emotional afternoon in the East End of London. ..''

McCaffrey's gone flat
Thursday, 3rd May 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''You have to admire the Chinese. Their ability to knock up a wall and eat with sticks is impressive enough, but it's their work in the field of insightful proverb creation where they truly excel. ..''

Deceit, greed and incompetence
Saturday, 28th April 2007
by East Stand Martin
''It took an independent inquiry to really blow the cover on the despicable Brown regime. Today’s FAPL judgement proved what many had suspected for a long time. Our club has been run by a bunch of parasitical charlatans without any obvious business ethics...''

Wigan Athletic vs West Ham United: preview
Thursday, 26th April 2007
by Matthew Coker
''We are entering the final straight of the Premiership season and as I write this on a Wednesday night, we still have a shot at survival. This week it is an epic, an almighty six pointer relegation play off as we troop off to the JJB to take on Wigan Athletic in a Saturday, 3pm kick off...''

A little Wayne never hurt anyone
Thursday, 26th April 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''As much as I enjoy my position as the country¢s leading football betting scribe, I occasionally yearn for the more glamorous world of investigative journalism...''

West Ham Utd v Everton: preview
Friday, 20th April 2007
by Matthew Coker
''In what is shaping up to be a week for the Blues, we have reached the penultimate home Premiership fixture of the season and at this stage it appears we won’t be seeing another until, at least, August 2008. This week’s visitors are Everton and the game kicks off at 3pm on Saturday...''

McDonnell: heir on the dog
Thursday, 19th April 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''I try to avoid the political arena as a rule, but as a concerned parent, I’m furious with this government’s education policy...''

West Ham Utd v Chelsea: preview
Wednesday, 18th April 2007
by Matthew Coker
''After cancelling the original date on Easter Monday, due to Chelsea’s Champions League commitments, we are on for a hastily re-arranged Wednesday night Premiership showdown. The kick off time is 8pm and we’re live on Sky Sports 1 as we welcome the Champions to the Boleyn. ..''

Sheff Utd vs West Ham Utd: preview
Thursday, 12th April 2007
by Matthew Coker
''What a difference three wins makes! This Saturday, we head by bus, train and car to Brammall Lane for a true relegation six pointer. The fact that we added “First team to win at the Emirates” to “Last team to win at Highbury” last weekend means that it is all back on again as we face off with Sheffield United on Saturday afternoon’s biggest 3pm kick off. ..''

An expired pizza to enter Jordan
Thursday, 12th April 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''There is nothing more annoying than a parent who talks endlessly about how ‘clever’ or ‘sporty’ their child is, before whipping out a picture of some spotty two foot hooligan tucking in to the contents of his nostril...''

Arsenal v West Ham United: preview
Thursday, 5th April 2007
by Matthew Coker
''Carlsberg don’t design weekends but if they did, they would probably make them all like the Easter one. Four days long, with (hopefully) enough hint of sunshine to encourage legs into shorts, plus you should be guaranteed a big slab of chocolate somewhere along the line and if Chelsea hadn’t been getting knocked out of the Champions League (fingers crossed) by Valencia, it would have been double helpings of the West Ham...''

Beer today, scone tomorrow
Thursday, 5th April 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Alcohol is undoubtedly cool, but it can often be abused. Earlier this week, the wife was rushed to hospital after a Buckfast frenzy. ..''

West Ham United v Middlesbrough: preview
Friday, 30th March 2007
by Matthew Coker
''After snoozing through the soulless goalless affair in Israel, I’ve ducked out of watching England vs some country with a population half the size of that of the Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s, to take a look at what we’ve all got coming at the weekend...''

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