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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Whose club is it anyway?
Thursday, 14th August 2008
by Dutchman
''There is a defining moment in the life of every governing body or institution that sometimes decides whether it stands or falls but always determines how it will be remembered. In the case of the current Board at West Ham United Football Club the defining moment must surely be the increase in admission prices to levels that would not have appeared in a fan’s worst nightmare. ..''

Want to play for West Ham?
Wednesday, 13th August 2008
by Gary Davidson
''Forget supporting West Ham by just buying a match ticket, a chicken balti pie at half time and the odd piece of overpriced merchandising tat from the club shop. The numerous West Ham message boards that exist on the net have spawned a new breed of supporter, someone who is willing to travel and represent the Irons on the football pitch, as well as on the terraces...''

A good start to the season is crucial and very achievable
Wednesday, 13th August 2008
by Thomas Rooney
''The new Premier League campaign is nearly upon us. Like in the lead up to most seasons, no-one really knows what to expect from West Ham United...''

The song remains the same
Monday, 11th August 2008
by John Simkin
''When John Lyall was dismissed at start of the 1988/89 season he became the first West Ham manager to be sacked because of the performance of the team. This amazing fact tells us a great deal about what has been wrong with the West Ham set-up over the years...''

Bellamy injury leaves Curbishley with a distinct lack of fire-power
Sunday, 10th August 2008
by Thomas Rooney
''First of all, let me just say how disappointed I am for Craig Bellamy. The striker picked up a hamstring injury in a pre-season game against Ipswich Town and is set to miss the start of the Premier League season after being informed that he will be on the sidelines for at least a month...''

Pre-season so far
Monday, 4th August 2008
by Thomas Rooney
''The old clichés are that ‘it’s only a friendly’ and that pre-season games ‘mean very little’. Well, although I recognise they are not the be all and end all, they do hold some more significance than some people give them credit for in my opinion. It gives the manager the chance to find out more about his new players, experiment with formations and start to get an idea of what his best eleven is...''

North America: part two
Sunday, 27th July 2008
by Adrian Moses
''Adrian Moses is covering the North American tour on behalf of KUMB.com. In his final report, Adrian looks back at the last game of the trip - the 3-2 defeat to the MLS AllStars...''

Half a world away: part I
Thursday, 24th July 2008
by Upton Girlie
''KUMB regular Upton Girlie - whose son Tomas will be leading out the Hammers as head mascot when United face the MLS AllStars at the BMO Stadium tonight - brings us the latest from Canada as the Hammers prepare for their second and last game of the North American Tour .....''

North America: part one
Tuesday, 22nd July 2008
by Adrian Moses
''Adrian Moses is covering the North American tour on behalf of KUMB.com. In his first report, Adrian looks back at the first game of the trip - the 3-1 win over Columbus Crew...''

Hong Kong Sevens: a review
Monday, 26th May 2008
by Yabush
''KUMB regular Yabush reports from Hong Kong as Tony Carr's young side take on teams from across the globe in this year's Hong Kong Sevens tournament .....''

West Ham Utd v Aston Villa
Friday, 9th May 2008
by Matthew Coker
''As the season draws to a close, we tie up matters with a claret and blue clash involving the Brummie outfit, Aston Villa. As per Premier League tradition, all games kick off at the same time so it is a three o’clock start at the Boleyn for the mighty Irons...''

Weekend tips: a lazy ‘worst of’ compilation
Thursday, 8th May 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''Saying goodbye to the football season is very much like giving birth to a ginger child: after nine months of optimism, hope and anguish, you’re left with a genuine feeling of disappointment...''

And now the end is near ...
Tuesday, 6th May 2008
by Gary Kruse
''So here we are then, at the end of another eventful roller coaster of a season at West Ham United. ..''

Manchester United v West Ham United
Thursday, 1st May 2008
by Matthew Coker
''After a lengthy mid table spell with little to play for, we suddenly find ourselves smack bang in the middle of the title race...''

Good Evening West Ham...
Friday, 25th April 2008
by Mark Walker
''Last Saturday was Passover; Curbishley was worried about Mullins taking this literally, so left him on the bench. Possibly his first smart move of the afternoon...''

I’ve just about had an oeuf
Friday, 25th April 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''At one time or another, we all make a mistake of gargantuan proportions. When the wife asked for a potential destination for a short trip, I foolishly answered ‘France’. I completely forgot that the place was almost exclusively full of the French...''

West Ham Utd v Newcastle Utd
Thursday, 24th April 2008
by Matthew Coker
''After making hard work of last weekend’s victory, we enjoy a second successive home game at the Boleyn as we welcome Newcastle United down from the North East for a 3pm Saturday kick off...''

The dirty dozen
Monday, 21st April 2008
by Graeme Howlett
''West Ham United have confirmed that a number of first-team squad members face the chop this summer as Alan Curbishley is forced to reduce his playing staff. ..''

There Ste goes again
Thursday, 17th April 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''As a society, we’re obsessed with appearance. I blame teen magazines for perpetuating the myth that skinniness equals beauty. If I had to choose between a thin girl and a lady with a fuller figure, I’d choose the one with the better personality. Obviously, if they’re equally pleasant, then fatty’s out of luck...''

West Ham Utd v Derby County
Thursday, 17th April 2008
by Matthew Coker
''As we amble in a half arsed way to the end of a less than memorable Premier League campaign, our next set of opponents turn up to remind us what true suffering is. ..''

It’s just like watching ... Wimbledon
Thursday, 17th April 2008
by Dan Lee
''Okay, so I understand that our season is pretty much over but do the team really have to put us through the misery of the long ball game?..''

Curbs Out!
Monday, 14th April 2008
by Staff Writer
''As the debate on Alan Curbishley's future rages, three KUMB.com members give their reasons why he should not remain in charge next season - whilst another remains firmly on the fence...''

Curbs In!
Monday, 14th April 2008
by Staff Writer
''As the debate on Alan Curbishley's future rages, three KUMB.com members give their reasons why he should remain in charge next season...''

Bolton Wanderers v West Ham Utd
Friday, 11th April 2008
by Matthew Coker
''The penultimate road trip of the season sees us off to the North West for what could be our last trip to the Reebok for a little while. We look forward to a 3pm Saturday kick off against a struggling Bolton Wanderers outfit in a Premier League fixture...''

Red Bull – it gives you wins
Thursday, 10th April 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''I do enjoy a moral dilemma. An intellectual friend asked if I would kill a chicken to save a chicken’s life. I honestly replied that I’d happily slaughter a chicken if I missed breakfast...''

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