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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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West Ham Utd v Fulham
Friday, 11th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''We are back on the Premier League trail this week as we welcome West London rivals, Fulham, to the Boleyn for a 3pm Saturday kick off...''

Spending spree glee: do we need it?
Wednesday, 9th January 2008
by Dan Lee
''So the January transfer window is upon once again and some shrewd signings from Curbs last season seemed to have had some kind of impact of our great escape...''

West Ham Utd v Manchester City
Friday, 4th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''Iíll kick off this FA Cup Preview with an apology for the lack of previews for the last two games. I was a victim of the excesses of Christmas, where the speed of games and the impossibility of trying to keep up with opponentís results, form and injury lists during the busy period was just beyond me. ..''

Letís all do the Bart Man
Thursday, 3rd January 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. Iíve recently discovered that binge drinking can lead to long-term health problems, such as crabs and Chlamydia. ..''

Mid-term report: season 2007/08
Monday, 31st December 2007
by Peter Hamersley
''ĎTis the festive season and the madness of 4 games in 11 days is upon us. During this spell we will pass the half way mark in league games and it is time to give an assessment of how we have done...''

West Ham Utd v Reading
Monday, 24th December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''Welcome everyone to the Boxing Day fixture, a game seeped in British tradition as we all don our Christmas sweaters and drag our hangovers out of the front door after spending the previous day overindulging and loafing to excessive levels...''

Middlesbrough v West Ham Utd
Friday, 21st December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''I guess we are now into the official Christmas period as we look to churn through four league fixtures in ten days, the first of which is the only one that takes us out of London. It does take us quite a way out of London though, as we venture to the North East to take on Middlesbrough in a traditional, 3pm, Saturday kick off...''

Bow down to happy Gilmore
Friday, 14th December 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Iím all for good-natured banter at a football match, but supporters are beginning to overstep the line. Harry Redknapp commands respect from all the major players in the game, such as Frank Lampard and Jamie Redknapp, yet the colourful manager endured a torrent of vitriolic abuse when Portsmouth travelled to Aston Villa...''

West Ham Utd v Everton
Wednesday, 12th December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''This week at the Boleyn sees us welcome Everton, then Everton as we face them in quick succession. Wednesday night has seen the two sides drawn out the hat together for a Carling Cup quarter final and we meet again just three days later in a Premier League fixture. ..''

Blackburn Rovers vs West Ham United
Saturday, 8th December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''After last weekís trip to Stamford Bridge, the Premier League fixture list hands us a second successive weekend on the road. Itís time to don your thermal Georgie Best and pack up your hip flask and laser pen as we head to Lancashire to take on Blackburn Rovers in the weekendís 4pm Super Sunday fixture. ..''

Third ruck from the son
Saturday, 8th December 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''A great book does not necessarily make a great movie. Catch 22 is probably the seminal piece of literature of the twentieth century (if we choose to overlook Derek McGovern on Sports Betting); yet the film was a major disappointment...''

Magnusson: a year in quotes
Sunday, 2nd December 2007
by Graeme Howlett
''It's now a year since Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson and Eggert Magnusson's Icelandic consortium took control of West Ham United FC...''

Short and fat, with a Terry on the top
Friday, 30th November 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Sigmund Freud was nothing but a hairy quack. My cantankerous nature is not the result of a repressed Oedipus complex; I only feel hostility towards my father because heís really annoying...''

Chelsea v West Ham United
Friday, 30th November 2007
by Matthew Coker
''We continue at the weekend with a little run of games that have seen us get more TV time of late than Vernon Kaye. This week, we travel to Stamford Bridge to take on arch enemies, Chelsea, in a 12.45pm, Saturday lunchtime kick off. ..''

Itís Wayne in cats and dogs
Friday, 23rd November 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Iíve never really saw the point in children. I can appreciate their usefulness when theyíre big enough to nip down to the off-license, but Iím not sure if that justifies the £10 a year it costs to clothe them...''

West Ham Utd v Tottenham Hotspur
Thursday, 22nd November 2007
by Matthew Coker
''We reserve an extra special, East London welcome this Sunday for Tottenham Hotspur, as we face off in a 1.30pm kick off in front of the Sky cameras...''

No prawn sandwiches please, weíre Hammers
Thursday, 8th November 2007
by Gary Kruse
''Towards the back end of last season, a mate of mine went to the Arsenal Ė Man City game at the Emirates. Mid way through the match, he was up on his feet, singing his little Gooner socks off when he was told to sit down and shut up...''

The Wright to remain silent
Thursday, 8th November 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Advertisements rarely reflect real life. Take the long-running advert where an irritating couple attempt to arrange a £25,000 loan...''

West Ham Utd v Bolton
Sunday, 4th November 2007
by Graeme Howlett
''Due to the absence of our regular match previewer Matt Coker (thanks to the arrival of the latest member of the Coker clan) we asked Crazy Horse from Bolton site the-wanderer.co.uk to give us his opinions on our visitors today...''

This is the ode to Hel
Thursday, 1st November 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Iíve never been particularly lucky in love. As a result of a severe lack of confidence, I can only approach women after a skinful of lager when the beer goggles are on. Even Kermit would have turned his nose up at some of the pigs Iíve tried my luck with...''

Lies, damn lies and Jamie Redknapp
Thursday, 25th October 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''My heart goes out to supporters of Liverpool FC. The club have been rocked by Champions League failure, the validity of their Merseyside derby victory has been questioned, and they have to travel to Liverpool at least once a fortnight...''

Sunderland Ė make or break for Curbs?
Thursday, 18th October 2007
by Dan Lee
''Sundayís game against Sunderland could well be a pivotal point in Curbishlyís reign at Upton Park. After wiping away our opening day blues against Mr Erikssonís impressive Manchester City with away wins at Birmingham and Reading - plus the home victory against Middlesbrough - all of a sudden, things seemed to be looking pretty rosy for us Hammers. ..''

Cole, Frank incensed and meh
Thursday, 18th October 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Iíve never been a great fan of Steve McClaren, but itís wholly unfair to place the blame for the death of English football at the feet of one hapless individual. Personally, I hold Frank Lampard solely responsible...''

One flu overÖ the cuckooís next
Saturday, 13th October 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Even by my own modest standards, itís been a bad week. Iíve been left virtually incapacitated by what I can only assume is a new super-strain of bird flu, possibly created by an increasingly desperate rogue element of the bookmaking industry...''

Aston Villa v West Ham Utd
Thursday, 4th October 2007
by Matthew Coker
''We head off to the Midlands this weekend as we take on Aston Villa in a 3pm Saturday afternoon kick off. ..''

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