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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Two sides to every story
Monday, 25th February 2008
by Paul Scanlan
''Itís been a while since I wrote an article, in fact itís been a while since Iíve done anything constructive other than working. With that in mind, I should probably be grateful to the likes of Niko Kovac and Arsene Wenger for prompting me into action because it is their abuse of Birmingham Cityís Martin Taylor that has driven me to return to writing. ..''

A dodgy ruby and a stuffed nan
Thursday, 21st February 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''In a week where Mohammed Al Fayed has pointed an accusing finger at Tony Blair, the Nazis, Dracula and a crocodile, it seems odd that Richard Scudamore has emerged as footballís leading figure of fun...''

West Ham Utd v Fulham
Wednesday, 20th February 2008
by Matthew Coker
''Itís time to shuffle off down the District Line, as we head west to take on Fulham in our next Premier League fixture in a traditional Saturday, 3pm kick off...''

Strawberry Fields for Heather
Friday, 15th February 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''I absolutely despise Valentines Day. Conformity demands that I waste good money on a pointless gift and a meaningless card, even though the wife has spent the last 364 days of the year criticising me for being lazy. Iíd happily dump her; but itís a lot of effort to find someone new...''

One for the money, two for the show
Monday, 11th February 2008
by Kit Robinson
''Well it had to happen, you could see it coming. After talk over the past decade of there being a break-off European league for the regular Champions League qualifiers (which hasnít as yet materialised), the latest money-making scheme for the Premier League is to play games abroad...''

Wayne drops keep falling on my head
Thursday, 7th February 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''I am no stranger to a lazy stereotype. Iím half-Irish and Iím married to a Scot, so some people believe we stay at home all day smoking crack and peeling potatoes; which is only half true...''

When itís more than football
Monday, 4th February 2008
by Brian Belton
''Brian Belton, author of 'Brown Out' replies to Matthew O'Greel's review (which you can read here). ..''

The hurly bird catches the worm
Friday, 1st February 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''Call me old-fashioned, but i believe that fidelity remains the cornerstone of a successful relationship. I would never cheat on my wife, unless the opportunity arose...''

Wigan Athletic v West Ham Utd
Friday, 1st February 2008
by Matthew Coker
''With what looks to be a mouth-watering February for racking up points, we start the month at the JJB for the annual beano to Wigan. ..''

West Ham Utd v Liverpool
Tuesday, 29th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''After a weekendís grace from any West Ham activity, we return to action, fully focused on the Premier League. To that end, the fixture list lines us up with Liverpool, in a Wednesday night game under the Boleyn lights, kick off time being 7.45pm...''

Driving Miss Dozy
Thursday, 24th January 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''Statistics are normally my trusted ally, but even close friends can occasionally fall out. Research claims to prove that men are over 50% more likely to be involved in a road accident than women, but thatís probably because theyíve all been run over by dippy bints...''

Rings that go bump in the night
Friday, 18th January 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''My heart goes out to the clinically depressed and the morbidly obese, but I have a genuine illness; I suffer from sleep deprivation. I believe my condition is a result of an incident that occurred many years ago, when I was naÔve enough to believe that physical attractiveness was not an essential requirement in the process of potential mate selection...''

Manchester City v West Ham Utd
Wednesday, 16th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''Our next two fixtures are going to fuel the arguments about there being too many repeats on telly, as we face off in front of the cameras at the City of Manchester stadium, twice, in a space of five days...''

The Academy: a fan's dream
Tuesday, 15th January 2008
by Tross
''As a story breaks regarding us showing interest in a young foreign talent so close to the recent media attention surrounding the failure of the English national team to qualify to the final stages under Mclaren, I thought I'd chip in with my first KUMB contribution of the year...''

Always look on the bright side of lifeÖ
Tuesday, 15th January 2008
by Tony Watson
''If you had said at the start of the season that in mid January that we would have been eight points above Spurs I would have been very happy. However, to be above them with the setbacks we have faced shows just what a great job Curbs and co are doing. ..''

'3 And In': shock
Monday, 14th January 2008
by Squad God
''The '3 and in' series is back after its very own winter break! After some high-scoring Premier League matches over Christmas, we've decided to take an attack-minded view on all things factual and statistical this week. ..''

Rise of the foot long soldier
Friday, 11th January 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''When it comes to a worthy cause, I live to give. I was so moved by Peleís appeal to help men with erectile dysfunction that I agreed to pay £10 a month towards the campaign, but unfortunately I wasnít able to keep it up...''

West Ham Utd v Fulham
Friday, 11th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''We are back on the Premier League trail this week as we welcome West London rivals, Fulham, to the Boleyn for a 3pm Saturday kick off...''

Spending spree glee: do we need it?
Wednesday, 9th January 2008
by Dan Lee
''So the January transfer window is upon once again and some shrewd signings from Curbs last season seemed to have had some kind of impact of our great escape...''

West Ham Utd v Manchester City
Friday, 4th January 2008
by Matthew Coker
''Iíll kick off this FA Cup Preview with an apology for the lack of previews for the last two games. I was a victim of the excesses of Christmas, where the speed of games and the impossibility of trying to keep up with opponentís results, form and injury lists during the busy period was just beyond me. ..''

Letís all do the Bart Man
Thursday, 3rd January 2008
by Gerry McDonnell
''Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. Iíve recently discovered that binge drinking can lead to long-term health problems, such as crabs and Chlamydia. ..''

Mid-term report: season 2007/08
Monday, 31st December 2007
by Peter Hamersley
''ĎTis the festive season and the madness of 4 games in 11 days is upon us. During this spell we will pass the half way mark in league games and it is time to give an assessment of how we have done...''

West Ham Utd v Reading
Monday, 24th December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''Welcome everyone to the Boxing Day fixture, a game seeped in British tradition as we all don our Christmas sweaters and drag our hangovers out of the front door after spending the previous day overindulging and loafing to excessive levels...''

Middlesbrough v West Ham Utd
Friday, 21st December 2007
by Matthew Coker
''I guess we are now into the official Christmas period as we look to churn through four league fixtures in ten days, the first of which is the only one that takes us out of London. It does take us quite a way out of London though, as we venture to the North East to take on Middlesbrough in a traditional, 3pm, Saturday kick off...''

Bow down to happy Gilmore
Friday, 14th December 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Iím all for good-natured banter at a football match, but supporters are beginning to overstep the line. Harry Redknapp commands respect from all the major players in the game, such as Frank Lampard and Jamie Redknapp, yet the colourful manager endured a torrent of vitriolic abuse when Portsmouth travelled to Aston Villa...''

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