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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Heifery thing must go
Friday, 5th January 2007
by Gerry McDonnell
''Deep down, I’m just an old romantic. I always hold the wife’s hand when we go out together; it restricts her swing...''

Sad world
Wednesday, 3rd January 2007
by Andy Marriott
''I dont know about anyone else, but reading the KUMB forums and in the press and TV about our beloved team has become almost excrutiating this season. ..''

The unprofessional professionals
Monday, 1st January 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''I work two jobs to survive and provide my family with all the things that they need to live a healthy and safe life...''

A Spanish beer mug
Friday, 29th December 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’ve really enjoyed the festive break. Unlike the majority of my contemporaries, I resisted the temptation to get drunk every night; on Christmas Day, I collapsed at lunchtime...''

Fulham v West Ham United
Thursday, 21st December 2006
by Matthew Coker
''After the euphoria of last Sunday, West Ham have a chance to build on our success and put together that hard sought first away victory of the season. Our 10th Premiership excursion this season takes us West to Craven Cottage as we take on Fulham in a 12.45pm Saturday lunch time kick off. ..''

All I want for Christmas is Ewe
Thursday, 21st December 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I hate Christmas. Last year the wife bought me a 'Rudolf' umbrella just so she could use the line, 'It looks line rain dear'. My decision to kick her out of the house was perfectly justified...''

Post Pardew thoughts: a riposte
Monday, 18th December 2006
by Kevin Mousley
''I'm a big fan of East Stand Martin. Of all the West Ham reports and comments that I read online and in the printed media; it is his that I make an effort to seek out. He's probably a similar age to me( give or take a decade) and unlike me he has had the privilege of being able to watch West Ham in the flesh more than I ever have, or will - I have only ever lived in striking distance of Upton Park for a couple of years in my forty plus years as a fan...''

In defence of Magnusson
Friday, 15th December 2006
by Peter Coombs
''There is a general consensus that Alan Pardew has been hard done by, and that the Iceman has acted too quickly. I seem to remember a lot of similar sympathy for Claudio Ranieri when he was sacked by Chelsea in the second season of the Russian Revolution. ..''

West Ham United vs Manchester United
Thursday, 14th December 2006
by Matthew Coker
''As per last season we line up on a dark December winter’s afternoon to join the robocops in welcoming Man Yoo to East London. The kick off time is 4pm, Sky TV are providing the beam back to the public house as a newly installed Alan Curbishley attempts to stop the rot by clawing points from the league leaders. ..''

Ex-panda bull
Thursday, 14th December 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I feel a genuine affinity with Alan Pardew; as I too have been unjustly dismissed from the workplace. My only ‘crime’ was being young and in love. Admittedly, it was wrong of us to consummate our relationship during working hours; but I remain convinced that the zookeeper overreacted. ..''

Pardew's folly?
Monday, 11th December 2006
by Graeme Howlett
''Six months ago Alan Pardew had the world at his feet. Adored by the United faithful for bringing the good times back to the East End after an excellent season, the then 44-year-old manager could do no wrong...''

Post Pardew thoughts
Monday, 11th December 2006
by East Stand Martin
''Today, the £100 million new owners of our club showed just how fickle they can be with the sacking of a manager that brought back pride to West Ham United Football Club. ..''

A Pardism too far
Monday, 11th December 2006
by Tross
''“That’s not the sort of team I like to put out, if ever there is an examination of your togetherness your spirit and your character, its the way Bolton play”……Alan Pardew's post match statement after the home defeat to Wigan and prior to the now final game of his managerial reign which saw a gutless West Ham side go down 4-0 at the Reebok. ..''

Gone in 64 seconds
Friday, 8th December 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m feeling a little bit inadequate. Apparently, a normal male averages 20 minutes when expressing his love physically; I’m assuming that includes the taxi journey and the queue for the cashpoint. ..''

Bolton Wanderers vs West Ham United
Thursday, 7th December 2006
by Matthew Coker
''The games are starting to come thick and fast, no sooner have we got back to East London, then we are required to head on the hated M6 as we begin a televised footballing trilogy. This time it is destination Reebok as we take on our old foes, Bolton Wanderers, in the quest for that all elusive three point road trip. The 5.15pm kick off at least ensures that we can have a bit of a Saturday morning lie in. ..''

West Ham United vs Wigan Athletic
Tuesday, 5th December 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Well, after the disappointment at Everton, we all head back to the Boleyn for the first midweek home fixture in a very long while. The visitors are Wigan Athletic and on Wednesday night at 7.45pm we kick off as we aim to improve our league position...''

Back to the Führer
Friday, 1st December 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''My old man has forgotten more about betting than I’ll ever know; he has Alzheimer’s. It’s bad news for the old fellow, but it’s a result for me at Christmas...''

Everton vs West Ham United
Thursday, 30th November 2006
by Matthew Coker
''This week we get the opportunity to join the Sunday drivers as we head to the North West to take on Everton in the next step in our quest for survival in the big league. We are scheduled for a 4pm, Super Sky Sunday kick off with the cameras live at Goodison Park. ..''

KUMB Writers' Player of the Month - November 2006
Wednesday, 29th November 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''Another month closes and Gnome's been at the spreadsheets again. He enjoys it you know. No really..........''

Tuesday, 28th November 2006
by Kit Robinson
''The takeover is finally over and there are not many fans who are displeased with the way things have turned out. ..''

West Ham United vs Sheffield United
Thursday, 23rd November 2006
by Matthew Coker
''After league defeats 7 & 8 on the road, we return to the Boleyn for a relegation six pointer as we welcome Sheffield United to East London. ..''

I’m a celebrity, get me oat
Thursday, 23rd November 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m certainly not an intellectual; the last book I read in its entirety was ‘Little Women’, I found it short and dull. I do try to keep abreast of developments in the world of science though, and an article on ‘chaos theory’ recently caught my attention. ..''

The Problem with Chelsea
Wednesday, 22nd November 2006
by Bill Posters
''I remember my grandfather telling me stories of his life raised in and around Stratford, West Ham and Dagenham. How when he first started dating my grandmother they would often watch West Ham United play from the terraces, and how he clambered over the wall at the famous White Horse Cup Final. As a youth such stories became part of who we were, engrained in our lives and passed on from generation to generation. ..''

I pity the Newell
Friday, 17th November 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''It’s easy to say the wrong thing. When the wife told me she’d received a fine for not wearing a seatbelt, I probably shouldn’t have responded with; “Why’s that then? Wouldn’t it fit?”..''

Chelsea vs West Ham United
Thursday, 16th November 2006
by Matthew Coker
''We return to London this weekend for our second consecutive Saturday 3pm kick as we travel West, to Stamford Bridge, to take on the Champions, Chelsea on a quest for Premiership survival. ..''

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