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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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The ‘No Bell’ peace prize
Thursday, 12th October 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m not one to blow my own horn; in fact, I only ever whip my horn out on special occasions, such as a birthday, a Christmas party or a comical episode of Soccer AM. However, it’s with a genuine sense of pride that i speak of my recent charity work; I’ve been heavily involved in raising awareness of lesbian issues via the medium of DVD...''

Portsmouth vs West Ham Utd: match preview
Wednesday, 11th October 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Following our week’s sabbatical to allow for the national team to live down to all expectations, the Irons and the Premiership are back on our radars. We take a short jaunt to the South coast to take on Portsmouth on a Saturday afternoon 3pm show down. ..''

The takeover: if you build it, they will come
Monday, 9th October 2006
by Peter Hamersley
''Revolution is in the air at West Ham. Arguably, the uncertainty of it all, has affected morale at the club. The introduction of Tevez and Mascherano, neither of whom was a target for Pardew, has made a statement that the players may have misinterpreted. The lack of an official statement by the club has led to speculation by the press and others. The rumour mill is in full production as stories surface on a daily basis...''

West Ham’s suffering is good – for poor journalism!
Friday, 6th October 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''We’ve become used to a poor press over the years. It’s almost like water off a duck’s back. Granted, the end of last season was an uncomfortable time for us long-serving Hammers as previously indifferent journos fell over themselves to heap praise on a side that surprised everyone by finishing in the top half and gracing a none-too-shabby FA Cup Final...''

Where are you now…when I kneed you
Friday, 6th October 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''Without constructive criticism, improvement is virtually impossible. Armed with this noble philosophy and an in depth knowledge of the beautiful game, I have decided to share a couple of potentially helpful observations with the great minds of the English FA. ..''

Don’t panic, Mr. Pardew
Saturday, 30th September 2006
by Steven Larking
''Saturday 13 November 2004 … West Ham United faced the mighty Brighton and Hove Albion and lost one nil. At home. In front of 29,514 fans. ..''

Saturday, 30th September 2006
by Greg Mansell
''After becoming everyone’s second favourite team en route to the FA Cup Final last May with a refreshing brand of young, energetic and powerful football, West Ham are defying pundits for the second season on the spin, only this time for all the wrong reasons...''

The bedding zinger
Friday, 29th September 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m not the sentimental type. The only time I’ve ever cried as an adult was when the wife threatened to leave me; I was absolutely devastated when she changed her mind at the last minute. ..''

Palermo v West Ham Utd: match preview
Wednesday, 27th September 2006
by Matthew Coker
''“It’s a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we all work as a team. And that means you do everything I say” - Charlie Croker, The Italian Job. You're welcome to borrow it, Pards...''

West Ham and the foreign influence
Friday, 22nd September 2006
by Kevin Pocklington
''The recent signings of the talented Argentinian duo Carlos Tevez and Javi Mascherano will have captured the imagination of most West Ham fans. The two are young, talented and have yet to reach their peak...''

Manchester City vs West Ham United
Friday, 22nd September 2006
by Matthew Coker
''After the disappointments of our last three games, it will make a change to get out of town especially for the rare treat of a 3 o’clock on a Saturday kick off as we travel to the City of Manchester stadium to take on Citeh in a Premiership clash...''

A bung, bung, bungalow in Baghdad
Friday, 22nd September 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I’m not the type of man who makes disparaging comments about a person’s individual beliefs, but anyone who visits a psychic should be institutionalised. ..''

Cheats mostly prosper
Friday, 15th September 2006
by Kit Robinson
''On the eve of west hams first foray back in Europe for many a year, many West Ham fans are gearing up for a run of matches that would see our mostly inexperienced team take on the other “runners up” on the European circuit in the UEFA cup. The first two leg match against Sicilian side Palermo is of the utmost importance as it is the route into the lucrative group stage and a guaranteed high turnover for the club, even if West Ham were to progress no further than the group stage. As much as I want the club to progress and show how well we can play, evidence would suggest it may all end in tears...''

West Ham v Newcastle United: match preview
Friday, 15th September 2006
by Matthew Coker
''If you thought that Thursday’s opposition fans were indecipherable, wait until Sunday. This weekend we open the doors to the Toon army for a Premiership match with Newcastle United. The game takes place on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, this time our respective UEFA cup runs are the reason for the 24 hour postponement rather than the television schedules. ..''

It ain’t over ‘til the fat laddie swings
Thursday, 14th September 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''To be successful in life, you have to be a positive thinker. Every night I say to myself, “You are Gerry McDonnell, and you can achieve anything.” It’s equally important to remain level-headed though, so I always add: “Yes, but you’re still a tool.” ..''

West Ham v Palermo: match preview
Wednesday, 13th September 2006
by Matthew Coker
''“There’s a song going round at the moment ‘We’re All Going on a European Tour’ which I’m very fond of” - Alan Pardew in his programme notes vs Tottenham Hotsquirts at the end of last season. ..''

Sore berries and cream
Thursday, 7th September 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''Having been involved in the sports betting game since I was knee high to Paul Dickov, I’ve pretty much seen it all; I’m practically unshockable. ..''

KUMB match preview: West Ham United v Aston Villa
Wednesday, 6th September 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Once again, the mighty Irons are involved in a game so desirable that Sky felt that they just had to beam it into the nation’s living rooms. After a Saturday lunchtime defeat at Anfield and the break afforded by West Ham v Brazil at the Corporates Stadium and West Ham v Brazil at Shite Hart Lane, we return to the Boleyn to face the Villans of Aston in a 4pm Super Sunday show down. ..''

Summer's almost gone ...
Friday, 1st September 2006
by Graeme Howlett
''... and the transfer window has finally closed. Join us as we take a quick recap of the comings and goings this summer (with a bit of scurrilous rumour thrown in for good measure)...''

The Black Hammers by Brian Belton
Wednesday, 30th August 2006
by Press Release
''Brian Belton's new book - The Black Hammers - focuses on the story of the "Ebony Heroes" of West Ham United, from the pioneer black players who turned out for the East London club in the 1960s, to sparkling Onyx stars of the contemporary epoch at Upton Park...''

The bitterest pillow
Wednesday, 30th August 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''I am not a happy man. As a rule, the wife and I are normally easy going, or to be more truthful, she’s easy and I’m going. ..''

A Ferd in the hand is worth two on the box
Friday, 25th August 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''There is only one thing in life that’s more enjoyable than an evening with the wife and kids, and that’s an evening without the wife and kids. Whenever I’m lucky enough to be rid of the evil one and her two clones, I like to relax in front of the box with a couple of lagers watching quality television programming...''

KUMB match preview: 'Pool v West Ham Utd
Thursday, 24th August 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Now, I am going to try very hard not to use this preview as an excuse to go over old ground and to harp on about last year’s FA Cup Final. However, it is inevitable that a gap of just three months and three competitive games will mean that it is hard not to re-open old wounds...''

KUMB match preview: Watford v West Ham Utd
Monday, 21st August 2006
by Matthew Coker
''A little travel log from East London’s finest, on the way home from Villa Park in the late seventies which shows that not much has changed really:..''

A Drog with two ricks
Friday, 18th August 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''Occasionally, a person can become so synonymous with a certain action that the English language will evolve as a result. For example, if the sight of anything Portuguese sends you into a psychotic rage, you’re ‘doing a Rooney’, if your alcoholic wife beats you up due to unresolved rage issues, she’s ‘knocked out a Gerry’, and if you pay six times over the correct market value for a mediocre footballer, you’ve ‘pulled a Fergie’. ..''

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