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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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The first and last Englishmen
Thursday, 9th February 2006
by Brian Belton
''The West Ham United Cup Winners Cup team of 1964-5 was the last all English side to win a European trophy. Indeed most of the 16 players used in the nine games the Hammers played in the 1964-65 tournament were from East London and the Irons ‘home county’ of Essex. ..''

CJ – Latest News
Monday, 6th February 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''Charlotte “CJ” Adams is kumb’s very own mascot. 13 year-old CJ is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and is currently undergoing a tough course of treatment. ..''

West Ham v Sunderland: match preview
Friday, 3rd February 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Believe it or not, this is the biggest game of the week. Last Saturday was the distraction of the cup and I told you last week that we might as well write off the game at Highbury as a non starter and focus on the all important six pointer, home to bottom of the league, Sunderland. ..''

Fans forum - 2nd February 2006
Friday, 3rd February 2006
by Graeme Howlett
''Last night saw the latest fans forum held at The Boleyn Ground, where supporters are invited to meet club officials for an informal chat...''

The Gram of God
Thursday, 2nd February 2006
by Gerry McDonnell
''Beating the bookies is an enjoyable pastime, but is there more to life? Recently, I’ve felt an urge to discover a deeper meaning to my existence, leading me to conduct a little research in the field of religion and spirituality, in search of enlightenment, in search of God...''

Arsenal v West Ham United: match preview
Tuesday, 31st January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''On Wednesday night, we head North for a chance to take on one of the big three in a London derby, under the lights and in front of the cameras. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Arsenal away. ..''

The idea process
Monday, 30th January 2006
by George Levine
''Numerous comments to the effect of ‘why hasn’t Alan Pardew identified and sorted out suitable players long before this last minute transfer window panic,’ have been made in recent weeks. So we asked a professional manager how he goes about identifying, and trying to sign, new players ... ..''

CJ – Latest News!
Sunday, 29th January 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''Charlotte “CJ” Adams is KUMB ’s very own mascot. 13 year-old CJ is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and is currently undergoing a tough course of treatment. ..''

West Ham United vs Blackburn Rovers: match preview
Thursday, 26th January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Following Monday night’s demonstration of precision finishing, we take a short break from the rigours of Premiership survival and welcome the Rovers of Blackburn to the Boleyn for an FA Cup Fourth Round tie. ..''

KUMB Adopts CJ!
Thursday, 26th January 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''When someone recently started a thread on our discussion forum entitled “The Worst Day Of My Life” the usual sorry tales of hangovers, failed exams and parking tickets were not long in appearing. ..''

39 and counting
Thursday, 26th January 2006
by Graeme Howlett
''How many players do you think Alan Pardew has signed since succeeding Trevor Brooking as West Ham's manager in October 2003? 20? 25? 30 even?..''

Trust in youth
Wednesday, 25th January 2006
by Greg M
''Before a ball was even kicked in this 2005/06 season; many envious glances were being cast over White Hart Lane and the squad Martin Jol had assembled. The players were largely young, full of potential, British and cherry-picked from other clubs. Robinson from Leeds, Dawson from Forest, Jenas from Newcastle and Defoe from West Ham to name four. And despite two cup exits to lower league sides and this season’s finishing line still some way off, Tottenham look well placed to benefit from such a policy and finish in the Champions League places while also securing their best league finish in over a decade...''

West Ham United vs Fulham: match preview
Sunday, 22nd January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Monday night it’s all back to the Boleyn for our next Premiership London derby. It’s been a three week absence since the defeat by the Russian Mafia and now we get chance to try our luck against their West London neighbours, Fulham...''

Aston Villa vs West Ham United: match preview
Thursday, 12th January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''With Michael Barrymore back in the headlines, it seems fitting to ask the famous question, “Top, middle or bottom?” This week we play the middle of all middle teams, middle of the country, middle of the table (not just at the moment but throughout the recent past, they have finished between 6th and 16th in the last eight seasons) as we travel to play the Villain's of Aston. ..''

KUMB Writers’ Player Of The Month December 2005
Sunday, 8th January 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''After a November which saw us play a paltry three matches due to the international break, the fixture computer went beserk and saw us play no fewer than SEVEN matches. One of these was the rearranged match at Everton who had been otherwise engaged on Champions League business back in August when the match was originally due to be played. No, really they were...''

ESM's (belated) 2005 Annual
Friday, 6th January 2006
by Graeme Howlett
''Regular readers of KUMB will be well acquainted with our valiant match reporter, East Stand Martin...''

Norwich City vs West Ham United: match preview
Thursday, 5th January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''Before we get on to the business of Saturday’s opponents, may I just take a moment to declare my admiration for the FA Cup competition. The 3rd round of the cup comes in the most depressing month of the year and it is a welcome distraction from returning to work, the miserable weather and the post Christmas credit card bill declaring that you are going to be polo for about the next three months. ..''

Gnome’s Festive Diary
Tuesday, 3rd January 2006
by Gordon Thrower
''Having spent Christmas with the folks, we return to London where we are joined by the other half’s teenage son. ..''

West Ham United vs Chelsea: match preview
Monday, 2nd January 2006
by Matthew Coker
''With all the festivities out of the way, we can resume the hostilities as we welcome that small team from Fulham to the East End of London. In front of a packed house and the Sky cameras, West Ham take on Chelsea for a 12.45pm kick off. ..''

The Gazza Strip
Saturday, 31st December 2005
by Gerry McDonnell
''Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all parties and yachts when you’re a Premiership footballer. At this time of year, most players will face up to four matches in seven days, a schedule so tough, Wayne Rooney will be up and down the motorway, living off cold turkey sandwiches. He refuses to moan though, he enjoys an old bird. Man U are unbeaten in nine matches in the league, they’re a must bet at 4/11 at home to Bolton...''

Charlton Athletic vs West Ham United: match preview
Friday, 30th December 2005
by Matthew Coker
''By now, no doubt, a number of Premiership managers and players will be bemoaning the Christmas fixture chaos. Whilst they have, to a certain extent, my sympathy, please consider that the football writing fraternity and the overdrive that we are under. I am at risk of developing RSI, all of my stats are out of date and I am in danger of losing sight of the opposing team let alone who is playing for them. To the Valley then, for New Year’s Eve...''

2005 in review
Wednesday, 28th December 2005
by Graeme Howlett
''2005, a year of highs and lows ... join KUMB as we take a look back at the best - and worst - of the last 12 months...''

West Ham United vs Wigan Athletic: match preview
Wednesday, 28th December 2005
by Matthew Coker
''Wednesday 28th December sees us meet up with old adversaries, Wigan Athletic, for the next leg of our Premiership adventure. Many people predicted that Wigan and ourselves would be in similar league positions this year but perhaps 10 places lower in the league. However, both clubs have been an advert for gung ho attacking football and have been winning plaudits (and a few games) all season...''

Walking in a win to Sunderland
Saturday, 24th December 2005
by Gerry McDonnell
''You’ve got to be tough with kids, my littlest one threw a strop last week when I didn’t lavish enough praise on him after he sent me a Christmas card. As a result of the little man’s naughtiness, his letter to Santa asking for a puppy, a train set and Rob McCaffrey to stop screaming, “What’s he like!” will now go unanswered...''

Portsmouth vs West Ham United: match preview
Friday, 23rd December 2005
by Matthew Coker
''For the first time since 1999, the fixture list has given us a Boxing Day away from the Boleyn as we travel to Fratton Park to take on Pompey. It will be the perfect chance to give your new Christmas cds a spin on the journey south...''

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