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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Laptop, Laptop on the desk, will we succeed in our promotion quest?
Monday, 27th December 2004
by Matthew Coker
''The following article is intended to add a little statistical analysis to the recent fortunes of West Ham United’s footballing performances and try to establish the likelihood of the team returning to the Premiership in May 2005. ..''

The Terence Brown interview
Monday, 27th December 2004
by Frank Lee
''The recent statements by Terry Brown in the local press illustrates precisely why he and the board are the problem rather than the solution. ..''

ESM's Christmas Annual 2004
Sunday, 19th December 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''Regular readers of KUMB will be well acquainted with one of our valiant match reporters, East Stand Martin...''

Fans Forum 2: 14 December 2004
Sunday, 19th December 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''The club held the second of its fans forums at the Boleyn. As with the first forum the event was hosted by the club's Managing Director Paul Aldridge and Finance Director Nick Igoe who dealt with a wide range of questions from about twenty fans, including yours truly who frantically scribbled as much of the proceedings down as possible. Here's what I managed to decipher from my scribbles:..''

KUMB Writers Awards 2004/05 – November Update
Sunday, 5th December 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''Nigel Reo-Coker hangs on to his position at the top of the race to the probably-not-at-all-coveted KUMB Writers Award. ..''

The legacy of over-achievement
Thursday, 25th November 2004
by The Commissar
''I was browsing round the net today and stumbled across the following website:..''

The case for Pardew
Tuesday, 23rd November 2004
by [HH]
''Using the non-saleable, highly paid assets available, Alan Pardew has maintained the likes of Christian Dailly, Tomas Repka, Steve Lomas, Don Hutchison. These four players alone make up £5,000,000 of the annual £12,000,000 wage bill which clouds the Boleyn. ..''

Fans forum - 16th November 2004
Wednesday, 17th November 2004
by Mitchell Grant
''I had the pleasure of being selected for the first Fans Forum (under the current regime) and set off to the Boleyn not quite knowing what to expect from the evening...''

Brighton reflections
Monday, 15th November 2004
by Gary Firmager
''OLAS editor Gary Firmager reflects on the defeat against Brighton and what it means to our season as a whole...''

KUMB Writers Awards 2004/05 - October Update
Wednesday, 3rd November 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''Well things are beginning to settle down now in the race for the coveted (it says here) KUMB Writers Award. ..''

2003/04 accounts - in laymans terms
Tuesday, 2nd November 2004
by Alan Rand
''The headline figure that the board will boast is the operating profit of £11m. ..''

Not for a second
Tuesday, 2nd November 2004
by Nick Evans
''We’re 1-0 down in injury time having more than matched a team who get ten times the column inches (and have ten times the ego) than we do. Corner comes in and Anton nails it with his head. ..''

Not for all the tea in China
Saturday, 30th October 2004
by Andrew Sargent
''Just over three days have passed now since we were dumped out of the Carling Cup by a relatively easy goal, scored by a man who had previously not been able to find the net since his signing in the summer. ..''

You just haven't earned it yet, baby
Monday, 18th October 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''The latest instalment of KUMB editor Graeme Howlett's weekly column for OLAS, the number one Hammers fanzine...''

Monday, 4th October 2004
by Gary Firmager
''I still can’t believe we only took the one point from the games at Forest and Derby. The performances overall were worthy of all six, but it’s no good saying that because reality shows things very different...''

KUMB Writers Awards 2004/05
Thursday, 30th September 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''It all started a few seasons ago when an insomniac Gnome sat at his PC at 3am and looked back over the season's match reports. ..''

Waiting for the sun
Thursday, 30th September 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''Doom and gloom abound this week...''

The money and the glory
Wednesday, 29th September 2004
by Kit Robinson
''There have been a few discussions on KUMB recently about the prospects of West Ham United should they be promoted to the premier league but also questions have been raised about our reasons for being promoted. ..''

The Beautiful Game?
Friday, 24th September 2004
by Kevin Mousley
''I can honestly say for the first time in 40 years I don’t much care what happens in football. Of course I care passionately what happens to West Ham, which is not quite the same thing. ..''

Are we Tottenham in disguise?
Thursday, 23rd September 2004
by Gary Firmager
''Am I missing something now? Ok, so we didn't take all three points on Saturday, and I was as disappointed as everyone else, but it wasn't until I saw the game on the box that I realised there were so many boos ringing out at the final whistle. ..''

Welcome to the wonderful world of – OLAS
Thursday, 16th September 2004
by Gary Firmager
''KUMB welcomes OLAS editor Gary Firmager who returns to the web with the first instalment of his new weekly KUMB column...''

Malky Mackay - a Norwich viewpoint
Friday, 10th September 2004
by Canary 123
''Most Norwich fans are shocked and disappointed that Malky Mackay is on his way to West Ham, as he has been an absolute legend here at Carrow Road. ..''

Beyond Carrick
Wednesday, 8th September 2004
by David Gill
''Now that the stark reality of life in the stone age has hit us with the thrashing at the hands of a workmanlike Wigan Athletic and defeat to an average Coventry City, I think it is important to state the blindingly obvious, which is that the club as it currently exists would not appear to have much longer left to run...''

The way ahead
Tuesday, 7th September 2004
by Frank Lee
''With the departure of Michael Carrick the final nail has been Hammered into the coffin of Harry Redknapp’s potentially great side of the late 1990's. What might have been is now a redundant question: it’s all over. ..''

The missing link?
Monday, 6th September 2004
by FDiMcA
''The jury on Alan Pardew's tactics and also on his backroom team is still well and truly out. He has however earned himself a lot of plaudits for shipping out players that do not suit him. ..''

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