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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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A nightmare on Green Street
Tuesday, 26th August 2003
by East Stand Martin
''Forgive me for coming at this a bit late, but I just had to sit down in a darkened room to calm down after the latest chaotic happenings at our club...''

After Roeder
Sunday, 24th August 2003
by Dave Higginson
''Despite not agreeing with Roeder's appointment in the first place, his dismissal, after just four games of the season, beggars belief...''

Worrying signs
Sunday, 24th August 2003
by Peter Hamersley
''We are just two weeks into the new season and once again the worrying signs are there at West Ham. We have failed to score in two of the first three games - a problem that was all too evident in last seasons relegation debacle. Here we are in a lower league, and we are not dominating games. Once again we had preseason preparations that were superior to none. Once again we have not come out of the traps raring to go...''

Cant, Hubris and Myopia
Tuesday, 19th August 2003
by Ron Manager
''The night oil burnt long at The Sanatorium last night. Over the usual warm ovaltine and Librium the pre-80's Hammer's fans (for who WANTS to remember anything after those heady days of the 60's, 70's and 80's?) sat around trying to make sense of the last three years. Through the subduing influence of the ovaltine and librium, we all agreed that relegation from the Premiership to the Nationwide had been achieved, seamlessly. WHUFC seems to be run on the same lines as MI5 but without any visible side of the operation. Comparable subversion and secrecy is the order of the day with disclaimers and lies being the only visible side from the board and our esteemed team management...''

The thoughts of Chairman Brown – a reply
Thursday, 14th August 2003
by East Stand Martin
''During half time at the Rushden & Diamonds game, I sat back in my comfortable seat in East Stand Upper to read the latest thoughts of Chairman Brown. I always try to read these statements with an open mind and honestly my natural instinct is always to try and see something positive in what people say. ..''

Retain the youth
Wednesday, 6th August 2003
by Kit Robinson
''I will admit that I balked and scoffed at the media when they said there would be a mass exodus from West Ham of our best players when we were relegated from the Premier League...''

The Terry Brown masterclass
Wednesday, 6th August 2003
by East Stand Martin
''Around the country in the expanding number of sports management departments at colleges and universities, lecturers are now preparing their classes for the forthcoming year...''

Back Roeder?
Wednesday, 30th July 2003
by Ryan McGill
''With the opening match of the new season fast approaching West Ham fans are confronted with the thorny issue of how to greet returning manager Glenn Roeder?..''

One Down, One to Go?
Thursday, 17th July 2003
''The purpose of this article is to give some facts about Administration and other insolvency related procedures as they might affect West Ham. There are two reasons for this – the first is that the procedures are being discussed as a method of ousting the current board. The second is that West Ham may find itself, sooner rather than later, being the star player in a tragedy of it’s own making...''

Tuesday, 15th July 2003
by East Stand Martin
''During the course of my work, I often come across companies who go into administration. ..''

Always Believing
Monday, 14th July 2003
by Nick Homer
'''Thanks,' he said kind of sheepishly, looking distinctly embarrassed and perhaps bewildered that he was coming in for some praise as a player who's part of the best team to be relegated from the Premiership ever...''

More Glen Johnson
Monday, 14th July 2003
by Matthew Kemp
''Losing Glen Johnson from the fans perspective is a big blow to the club. £6 million for an 18-year-old is a lot of money, yet I have no doubt that his value will double (at least) given the progress he has made in such a small amount of time. ..''

Glen Johnson - a reaction
Thursday, 10th July 2003
by Goes II Eleven
''Hearing the news this morning of Glen Johnson’s imminent departure from West Ham has left me feeling quite ill. Right now, I see the squad like a pyramid of playing cards with Johnson being one from the bottom row – a foundation, if you like. Watch now as the pyramid begins to crumble and tumble with players realising that the Board’s promises to keep our “crown jewels” appears to be no more than a pacifying comment to keep season ticket sales ticking over...''

Wolves at the door
Tuesday, 8th July 2003
by Roy Camp
''It has taken some time for me to get used to the fact that we will be in the Nationwide next season. During this time I had to think what is in store for West Ham in the future, something that never happened after previous relegations. After all if a club like Wolves could be out of the top division for 19 years and nearly go out of business, then why could it not happen to us? ..''

Fixture Congestion
Friday, 20th June 2003
by Ryan McGill
''August 2002: Newcastle Utd (a), Arsenal (h), Fulham (a), Charlton (h)

August 2003: Preston (a), Sheffield Utd (h), Rotherham (a), Bradford (h)..''

Transfer Debate
Tuesday, 10th June 2003
by Matt McDonald
''The media are simply doing their 'lets pick on the relegated team' bit by bandying around a load of bullsh*t...''

The EGM: a review
Thursday, 29th May 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''Today's EGM was attended by over 150 shareholders - a figure which included several new shareholders who had taken advantage of the single share scheme. Here follows a brief rundown of the days main events .....''

Money, Money, Money
Thursday, 22nd May 2003
''There is a lot of interest in the forthcoming EGM and the state of West Ham’s finances following this season’s relegation. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the facts and figures that are flying around in the media, on the websites and in the pubs. ..''

Relegation Speculation
Tuesday, 20th May 2003
by Kit Robinson
''There are no two ways about it, it's been a thoroughly miserable and very frustrating, even embarrassing, season. One which i'm sure all West Ham supporters are pleased to see the back of, if only it wasn't for the fact we are now in Division One...''

Hello, Division One
Tuesday, 13th May 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''As the Hammers wave goodbye to the Premiership for a year or so, KUMB cancels the Sky subscription and looks ahead to the teams who await us in the First Division...''

Going Down With The Baggies
Sunday, 11th May 2003
by Danny Borley
''A few years ago there was a crossword that appeared in the Daily Telegraph. The clue was: A back number (8). ..''

EGM – What’s the rush? Well pull up a chair!
Saturday, 10th May 2003
by Anon
''West Ham United PLC, the company that owns West Ham United Football Club Limited has announced that it intends to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting, EGM, on Thursday 29th May 2003. ..''

Farewell, Parlo
Sunday, 4th May 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''After four years as a Hammer, Paolo Di Canio will be leaving the club this summer when his current contract expires. Signed as a gamble by Harry Redknapp in January 1999 the former Lazio and Celtic striker soon won over a sceptical Hammers faithful to become one of the club's most loved players in recent years...''

A message to the Chairman
Sunday, 4th May 2003
by East Stand Martin
''Saturday’s fantastic game against the blue enemy will go down in the annals of West Ham history. Those terrible games at home against West Brom, Man City (bore draw of the century), Birmingham, Leeds (the give away of the century) and Oldham just faded into the distance. ..''

Glenn Roeder
Wednesday, 23rd April 2003
by Andrew Sargent
''Today, Glenn Roeder is laying in a bed in the Royal London hospital, recovering from a potentially life-threatening clot in a minor blood vessel in the brain...''

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