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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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KUMB Writers Awards 2004/05
Thursday, 30th September 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''It all started a few seasons ago when an insomniac Gnome sat at his PC at 3am and looked back over the season's match reports. ..''

Waiting for the sun
Thursday, 30th September 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''Doom and gloom abound this week...''

The money and the glory
Wednesday, 29th September 2004
by Kit Robinson
''There have been a few discussions on KUMB recently about the prospects of West Ham United should they be promoted to the premier league but also questions have been raised about our reasons for being promoted. ..''

The Beautiful Game?
Friday, 24th September 2004
by Kevin Mousley
''I can honestly say for the first time in 40 years I don’t much care what happens in football. Of course I care passionately what happens to West Ham, which is not quite the same thing. ..''

Are we Tottenham in disguise?
Thursday, 23rd September 2004
by Gary Firmager
''Am I missing something now? Ok, so we didn't take all three points on Saturday, and I was as disappointed as everyone else, but it wasn't until I saw the game on the box that I realised there were so many boos ringing out at the final whistle. ..''

Welcome to the wonderful world of – OLAS
Thursday, 16th September 2004
by Gary Firmager
''KUMB welcomes OLAS editor Gary Firmager who returns to the web with the first instalment of his new weekly KUMB column...''

Malky Mackay - a Norwich viewpoint
Friday, 10th September 2004
by Canary 123
''Most Norwich fans are shocked and disappointed that Malky Mackay is on his way to West Ham, as he has been an absolute legend here at Carrow Road. ..''

Beyond Carrick
Wednesday, 8th September 2004
by David Gill
''Now that the stark reality of life in the stone age has hit us with the thrashing at the hands of a workmanlike Wigan Athletic and defeat to an average Coventry City, I think it is important to state the blindingly obvious, which is that the club as it currently exists would not appear to have much longer left to run...''

The way ahead
Tuesday, 7th September 2004
by Frank Lee
''With the departure of Michael Carrick the final nail has been Hammered into the coffin of Harry Redknapp’s potentially great side of the late 1990's. What might have been is now a redundant question: it’s all over. ..''

The missing link?
Monday, 6th September 2004
by FDiMcA
''The jury on Alan Pardew's tactics and also on his backroom team is still well and truly out. He has however earned himself a lot of plaudits for shipping out players that do not suit him. ..''

For what its worth...(Why I like Partridge)
Monday, 6th September 2004
by Liam McDonnell
''There have been plenty of posts and threads on KUMB's forums regarding the current team and manager's performance. I have replied to many of those but thought I’d put it all together in one article. ..''

How we threw it all away: the end of an era
Sunday, 22nd August 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''The last remaining jewel in West Ham's crown - 23-year-old midfielder Michael Carrick - is on his way to Tottenham as West Ham United complete the dismantling of what promised to be one of the greatest home-grown teams ever produced...''

The Arse stole my backhander, claims Redknapp
Saturday, 14th August 2004
by Bobby The Knife, Chicken Run News
''Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp furiously admits his Ł500K backhander in the deal to buy Michael Carrick from West Ham is dead in the water - and he blames Arsenal. ..''

04/05 season preview
Friday, 6th August 2004
by WHUFC-Nick
''“They fly so high, nearly reach the sky, then like my dreams they fade and die”...''

Here’s to you, David Connolly
Thursday, 22nd July 2004
by Nick Homer
''Somewhere at a service station on the M6 last August, a long figure stood waiting, football boots in hand and a slight air of expectancy around him. The figure was nervous. ..''

Post season thoughts
Monday, 28th June 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Now that two debacles in a row are out the way, one in Cardiff, one in Lisbon, it’s time for a little closure on the disappointing 2003/04 season. I hope you’ll enjoy some things that came back to me in a little retrospective through some of the notable points of my season. ..''

Wednesday, 9th June 2004
by GMR Drummond
''What would have happened if Harold had won at Hastings? What would England be like if Napoleon had prevailed at Waterloo? What would the world be like if Germany had won the Battle of Britain?..''

Win ugly, lose ugly
Monday, 7th June 2004
by Kit Robinson
''The failure of the West Ham team to turn up at Cardiff, as opposed to the 30,000+ fans, should have finally laid to rest any notion from the West Ham board and the media, that West Ham United are a premiership club that was “too good to go down” from the Premier league and “too big for Division One”. ..''

Who's to blame?
Thursday, 3rd June 2004
by David Gill
''Who is to blame for the the mess that we find ourselves in? Step forward the thousands of fans who turn up game after game at Upton Park, rain or shine, consider themselves true supporters and who will not hear a word said against the club as it would be "disloyal"...''

ESM's post-match Palace thoughts
Monday, 31st May 2004
by East Stand Martin
''It’s not often you find me in a gay bar, but I thought I’d make an exception for the visit to Cardiff. Besides, I do actually quite like Abba and it happened to be the only place anywhere near the Stadium where the bar wasn’t 20 people deep...''

A little observation
Saturday, 29th May 2004
by Moody Blue (Millwall supporter)
''When Bill Shankly said football was more important than life and death, I like to think he meant it. Yes, we know it's just a game - but what I think he meant was that football may be a game, but still it's more than that...''

West Ham finals tradition
Wednesday, 26th May 2004
by Andrew Stephenson
''Many, many Alfie's ago, my dad (Mick), a then 21 year old, went to see his first ever West Ham Cup final against friendly arch rivals Fulham '75 ( dubbed the "Friendly Final - due to the fact that freakily, not once did any trainer come onto the pitch from either team ). ..''

ESM's post-Ipswich thoughts
Sunday, 16th May 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Not long back from outlaw country having successfully avoided ending up like Edward Woodward in "The Whicker Man". ..''

The play-offs: form and stats
Thursday, 13th May 2004
by FDiMcA
''KUMB forum regular FDiMcA takes an in-depth look at the teams involved in the forthcoming first division play-offs, and looks forward to what promises to be a nail-biting 10 days or so for all involved...''

Fans v Stewards
Wednesday, 12th May 2004
by Kit Robinson
''In England and most of the rest of the world, most human beings will always fight against any forms of authority, be it the police, politicians and their laws or even our parents when we are teenagers. ..''

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