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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Living in the past
Tuesday, 9th April 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''Arsenal fans are bored explaining to Spurs that "it's over ... we've left ... we have other friends now ... stop calling ... you just make yourself look foolish ... stop living in the past ... it was fun ... but baby its over". Deep down the Spurs must realise Arsenal have left them, and they're not coming back. ..''

York City benefit tournament report
Tuesday, 26th February 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Sunday, 24th February saw the Internet Hammers (formerly known as the Internet Irons) participate in a tournament at their home ground of Hackney Marshes in a fund raising exercise for the supporters of York City Football Club, who wish to raise funds in order to purchase their club from their current board who wish to sell the club and redevelop their ground into a money spinning project...''

Charlton Athletic 2 West Ham United 10
Monday, 25th February 2002
by Sean Calvert
''It is a subject of debate within football circles that a team without a manager, often performs to a higher standard come match day. This was certainly true of the Internet Hammers on Saturday, as they put a disappointing reverse at Chelsea last week firmly behind them, scoring ten goals against home team Charlton Athletic in an excellent all-round footballing display at Eltham Town F.C. ..''

Bring me sunshine
Monday, 21st January 2002
by Dan O`Rourke
''I have a hangover. This is not good. Nor was the football I watched against Leicester City yesterday. I have a hangover as a result of too Many Carlsberg Exports, not the Champagne football at "Fortress Upton Park". ..''

Tap tap
Sunday, 20th January 2002
by Roy Clark
''If it is true that Manchester United have not upped their bid for Paolo Di Canio and don't intend to, it is just another chapter in the "tapping up" campaign which has been conducted? This latest revelation will be followed by more press coverage in the tabloids, more quotes by Manure sources (players, manager, other lackeys etc.) which will all add to the uncertainty of the situation. ..''

Divide and Rule (Where's all the magic gone?)
Sunday, 20th January 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''Martyn, 35; Dixon, 37; Winterburn, 37; Adams, 35; Hendry, 36; McAlister, 37; Gascoigne, 34; Poyet, 34; Petrescu, 34 Zola, 35; Sheringham, 35. ..''

Bad press
Thursday, 10th January 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Slowly but surely, the media's approach and opinions towards West Ham United are deteriorating. There have been a number of issues that have arisen since the summer, and the departure of Harry Redknapp that have left a lot to theirimagination. ..''

The PDC Files – The Truth is out there?
Thursday, 10th January 2002
by Northern Paul
''There is so much about this rumour that doesn't make sense to me that I don't know where to begin. ..''

Glenn Roeder: Half term report
Saturday, 29th December 2001
by Graeme Howlett
''With 19 games played in the Premiership this season, West Ham, under new manager Glenn Roeder are exactly half way through their league programme...''

Halfway review
Saturday, 29th December 2001
by Mike Barrett
''So we have reached the half way point in the season, and after the review of Glenn Roeder's performance so far, it is now time to review each player individually. Hopefully, this article will give a fair view of how each player has performed or under performed as they case may be...''

West Ham High
Tuesday, 18th December 2001
by Ironman
''Another year at West Ham Community High has passed and a few of these reports have fallen into my hands to share with all you cheery folk out there...''

Newest of the Bohemians
Thursday, 29th November 2001
by Dan O`Rourke
''Prague is a lovely place, go, visit it, but go in the summer. I am now, a week after returning only just able to move around freely without a quilt, some warm Ribena (why, when ill, do I have to drink warm Ribena) and a load of paracetamol. As lovely as it is in the Winter, it is cold, very cold. ..''

Chairman's statement
Tuesday, 20th November 2001
by Terence Brown
''It is a time of change, both on and off the field, for West Ham United. The annual report and financial statements for last season are being presented to shareholders, the details of which are included here. ..''

Three Tiers
Monday, 12th November 2001
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''As a few of us posted [on the KUMB message board] this summer Newcastle and Aston Villa seem to have bridged the gap to the big five. After an indifferent weekend both clubs still stand in the new 'big seven'. Neither are likely to win anything this season but they have left the mid-table behind. This is an unsurprising development of the recent trend for clubs to finish roughly in order of size. ..''

The return of ...
Monday, 12th November 2001
by Dan O`Rourke
''I think it was when that bloody irritating voice called out "Welcome to Fortress Upton Park" that I realised we were in trouble. It was immediately obvious to me that this statement of overconfidence would be our downfall. I also felt like reminding him we were in all in the Boleyn Ground, Upton Park. ..''

The Chairman replies
Thursday, 1st November 2001
by Peter Hamersley
''Scroll down this page a little and you will find a copy of an open letter to club Chairman Terry Brown from Peter Hamersley, Chairman of the [Australian] Perth Hammers Supporters Club...''

Would the real West Ham please stand up?
Monday, 1st October 2001
by The Beard
''I must admit, I was never a Harry fan. Lovely bloke, great fun in interviews, always kept me amused. I even perfected his nervous twitch for impressions in the pub. But, his West Ham teams were a bit like him. Nice blokes, good fun to watch, nearly always kept me entertained but were prone to nervous twitches which made me drink more in the pub...''

1957/58 - A year to remember
Saturday, 8th September 2001
by John Cooper
''The 1956/57 season ended with West Ham missing promotion to the First division (now referred to as "Premiership") Although this was disappointing there was a feeling of optimism in the air...''

Thursday, 30th August 2001
by Andy Ledington
''I think the most worrying thing that is going on at the club right now is the possible sale of Paolo Di Canio to, of all clubs, Manchester United...''

The theory of relativity - and Glenn Roeder's chance to prove his
Thursday, 2nd August 2001
by Guy Williams
''As an ex-pat, I have to follow the goings on at the Boleyn ground via KUMB. And I can't help noticing that a very dull but possibly crucial detail seems to have slipped between the rants...''

Wednesday, 1st August 2001
by Paul Eastwood
''Right now I should be writing yet another letter to British Gas who have kindly registered me as a defaulter on a bill for a house which I was no longer living at, and was in fact empty during the 6 month period in question. My credit rating is now in tatters, yet every time I try to put pen to paper (or should I say finger to keyboard), my mind wanders to something much much more worrying. What the hell is happening at West Ham United FC? ..''

No surprise
Sunday, 15th July 2001
by Paul Eastwood
''Over the past week as it became more and more evident that Glenn Roeder would be appointed manager, I have been thinking of how this would affect the club I have supported since 1969, from the tender age of 6 years old. ..''

Jigsaws and Role Models
Tuesday, 10th July 2001
by Nick Malkoutzis
''So, Sol Campbell has signed for Arsenal. No doubt he made sure that the provision of a half-time foot spa and pedicure was written into his contract. ..''

It’s Not The Roeder To Nowhere
Sunday, 1st July 2001
by Matt McDonald
''Although I have no right to fully challenge the comments of older fans who have supported the club since before I was born, I can’t help but feel the despair over Roeder's appointment is a little premature...''

Where have all the managers gone?
Thursday, 21st June 2001
by Paul Eastwood
''In reply to a message posted on the KUMB message board a few days ago I said that although I was concerned with our situation, I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it. Oh how I was wrong!..''

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