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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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ESM's post-Ipswich thoughts
Sunday, 16th May 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Not long back from outlaw country having successfully avoided ending up like Edward Woodward in "The Whicker Man". ..''

The play-offs: form and stats
Thursday, 13th May 2004
by FDiMcA
''KUMB forum regular FDiMcA takes an in-depth look at the teams involved in the forthcoming first division play-offs, and looks forward to what promises to be a nail-biting 10 days or so for all involved...''

Fans v Stewards
Wednesday, 12th May 2004
by Kit Robinson
''In England and most of the rest of the world, most human beings will always fight against any forms of authority, be it the police, politicians and their laws or even our parents when we are teenagers. ..''

A bit on the side
Tuesday, 11th May 2004
by Kiwi Mick
''During a recent mailing list debate on the subject of Celtic supporters who follow a second team, I found myself revealing something that, perhaps in the eyes of one or two other Tims, might relegate me to the level of the lesser-hooped-spotted variety of Celtic fan...''

The Scottish connection
Saturday, 8th May 2004
by Graeme Howlett
''Last weekend, Scottish Hammers Don Hutchison and Christian Dailly both hit the target against Watford, thereby underlying their importance to Alan Pardew as he seeks to take his team into the Premiership via the play-offs. ..''

Tuesday, 27th April 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''Ever wondered why you have to queue for hours at Upton Park tube station, or walk to Plaistow, or (more sensibly) hang around for a pint after a home match at the Boleyn when there are two unused platforms at Upton Park standing idle? Us neither but we sent Gordon Thrower out with his anorak, thermos flask and notebook to find out anyway:..''

Hang the DJ?
Sunday, 25th April 2004
by Jeremy Nicholas
''KUMB welcomes along West Ham's match day announcer Jeremy Nicholas - who wants YOUR help to improve the match day atmosphere at the Boleyn...''

The second division years - part two
Sunday, 4th April 2004
by Roy Camp
''The second part of this story starts in season 1989/1990, which saw numerous changes occur...''

The Philadelphia boo-birds
Saturday, 3rd April 2004
by WC Pete
''I'll start by saying it was a bitter and humiliating defeat against Reading today...''

Truth and lies
Monday, 29th March 2004
by Gordon Thrower
''Due to the admin being swamped - no doubt by Hammers - I can't get on Reading website Hob Nob Anyone? at the moment...''

Milwall observations
Sunday, 21st March 2004
by WHUFC-Nick
''Today I'm disheartened. I woke up this morning confident that the boys would get a good result...''

My second trip to England
Thursday, 11th March 2004
by Palmetto Hammer
''As many of you knew this week I made my first trip to Upton Park and my second trip to England...''

Pardew Ė now that the dust has settled
Thursday, 4th March 2004
by David Bacon
''The days of Premiership football, Glenn Roeder, Joe Cole et al now feel like an entirely different age. So much has happened to West Ham this season I have almost forgotten that Pardew is still relatively new to the job, indeed is just over four months into what will hopefully be a long and very successful time...''

Media perspective: all change?
Saturday, 21st February 2004
by Kit Robinson
''Most Hammers fans have finally turned the corner with regard to a negative opinion towards West Ham United as a team that was going nowhere fast, to a team that could actually be going somewhere. ..''

Farewell, Jermain
Friday, 6th February 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Just before the transfer window opened, I started a debate on the forum of KUMB*. My starting point, because I knew that Old Man Brown was salivating at the prospect of cashing in on Jermain, was that there was no sense in a sale...''

A turning point for our season?
Monday, 26th January 2004
by Peter Coombs
''This week has actually been the first time I've been excited about a West Ham signing since the days of Mr Redknapp. ..''

The most exciting week in 18 months?
Monday, 26th January 2004
by Anthony Allen
''It's a hard life being a West Ham fan. After the dismal 02/03 season we thought we could romp this league, "good times ahead" we all thought. How very very wrong we were going be proved. ..''

ESM: post-Sheffield thoughts
Saturday, 17th January 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Tonight in desperation, I have been onto the National Schizophrenic Fellowship website to see what advice can be given about a split personality football team...''

Rock D.J.
Wednesday, 14th January 2004
by Ryan McGill
''Once again last summerís promise by the board of directors that only ďthree or fourĒ players would have to be sold to cover the cost of relegation ringís hollow, as David James joins the host of international players to walk through the Upton Park exit door this season...''

The decline of West Ham: the 7 deadly sins
Monday, 12th January 2004
by Peter Caton
''In the 12 years to 1986 West Ham won two cups, were runners up in two others, and finished 3rd in the league. In the 17 years since, barring that great night in Metz, they have won nothing...''

ESM: post Preston thoughts
Sunday, 11th January 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Iíll be honest with you, Iím not a particularly superstitious character. This stems from a time when I went to see Gypsy Rose Lee on the front at Blackpool and she told me that I would be lucky in love. Subsequent events proved that the old crone was a five star charlatan. ..''

The Premier League, Champions League and financial disparity in the English game
Saturday, 10th January 2004
by Kit Robinson
''West Ham Unitedís restructuring after their relegation last season is an obvious example of the desperate financial situation any club will find themselves in, should they drop out of the Premier league. But what is the effect of the champions league on the structure of the English leagues and how teams survive and prosper in future?..''

ESM: Post Ipswich thoughts
Saturday, 27th December 2003
by East Stand Martin
''ESM Jnr and I, full of Xmas spirit in the car on the way to Upton Park: ..''

The second division years - part one
Sunday, 14th December 2003
by Roy Camp
''2002/03 was the first time many of our younger fans had experienced the excruciating agony of relegation...''

The AGM: in review
Monday, 8th December 2003
by Gordon Thrower
''To start off with I'd like to preface this round-up of today's proceedings with a bit of a disclaimer. The intention of this summary is to give a round-up of what occurred rather than any opinions. ..''

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