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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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A turning point for our season?
Monday, 26th January 2004
by Peter Coombs
''This week has actually been the first time I've been excited about a West Ham signing since the days of Mr Redknapp. ..''

The most exciting week in 18 months?
Monday, 26th January 2004
by Anthony Allen
''It's a hard life being a West Ham fan. After the dismal 02/03 season we thought we could romp this league, "good times ahead" we all thought. How very very wrong we were going be proved. ..''

ESM: post-Sheffield thoughts
Saturday, 17th January 2004
by East Stand Martin
''Tonight in desperation, I have been onto the National Schizophrenic Fellowship website to see what advice can be given about a split personality football team...''

Rock D.J.
Wednesday, 14th January 2004
by Ryan McGill
''Once again last summer’s promise by the board of directors that only “three or four” players would have to be sold to cover the cost of relegation ring’s hollow, as David James joins the host of international players to walk through the Upton Park exit door this season...''

The decline of West Ham: the 7 deadly sins
Monday, 12th January 2004
by Peter Caton
''In the 12 years to 1986 West Ham won two cups, were runners up in two others, and finished 3rd in the league. In the 17 years since, barring that great night in Metz, they have won nothing...''

ESM: post Preston thoughts
Sunday, 11th January 2004
by East Stand Martin
''I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a particularly superstitious character. This stems from a time when I went to see Gypsy Rose Lee on the front at Blackpool and she told me that I would be lucky in love. Subsequent events proved that the old crone was a five star charlatan. ..''

The Premier League, Champions League and financial disparity in the English game
Saturday, 10th January 2004
by Kit Robinson
''West Ham United’s restructuring after their relegation last season is an obvious example of the desperate financial situation any club will find themselves in, should they drop out of the Premier league. But what is the effect of the champions league on the structure of the English leagues and how teams survive and prosper in future?..''

ESM: Post Ipswich thoughts
Saturday, 27th December 2003
by East Stand Martin
''ESM Jnr and I, full of Xmas spirit in the car on the way to Upton Park: ..''

The second division years - part one
Sunday, 14th December 2003
by Roy Camp
''2002/03 was the first time many of our younger fans had experienced the excruciating agony of relegation...''

The AGM: in review
Monday, 8th December 2003
by Gordon Thrower
''To start off with I'd like to preface this round-up of today's proceedings with a bit of a disclaimer. The intention of this summary is to give a round-up of what occurred rather than any opinions. ..''

The claret and blue revolution
Sunday, 7th December 2003
by East Stand Martin
''My friends, I say that Monday is the day that will be the beginning of the end for the gangster regime that is running our club. I do not expect the forces of light to prevail at the West Ham United plc AGM but all revolutions begin in small ways...''

De-friend or Defoe?
Tuesday, 25th November 2003
by Kit Robinson
''Yes a naff title to an increasingly naff situation that West Ham and their long suffering fans find themselves in with their much coveted superstar striker. Will he or wont he go? Red cards, attitude, a new manager and the same old chairman all point to Jermain man’s departure, but how soon is now?..''

2002/03 accounts - in laymans terms
Thursday, 13th November 2003
by Alan Rand
''This is not intended to be a lecture on accounting, such things I have had to endure and would not wish them on my worse enemy!..''

Terence Brown’s casino economy
Wednesday, 12th November 2003
by East Stand Martin
''For the last five days or so, I have been bang in the middle of never-never land where time blurs into one and obese Americans stare blankly into slot machines or slump in a stupor as the next hand of black jack is dealt...''

The sad treatment of a fellow Hammers fan
Sunday, 26th October 2003
by Spider Babie
''I am not a complete Glenn Roeder fan who cannot see past his faults. But I can see when one of us is treated badly. This piece is not a defence of Roeder - but merely a fan's sadness at how he was abused by some of us and the Board...''

In defence of the Aussie
Thursday, 16th October 2003
by Goes 2 Eleven
''Although the egg-chasing is well underway Down Under and a few of us are taking notice of England possibly topping Australia in their own backyard, I notice that our own young Aussie can’t seem to put a foot right these days...''

So we’ve got Pardew, what happens next?
Friday, 3rd October 2003
by David Bacon
''In the next two weeks, the sixth manager of West Ham United in my lifetime begins a new era at Upton Park...''

Knowing me knowing you, Alan Pardew … Ah haa!
Monday, 8th September 2003
by Ryan McGill
''"We have received 50 applications from within football and it is a case of whittling them down to a shortlist in due course":- West Ham Managing Director Paul Aldridge, quoted earlier this week. ..''

Meet the contenders
Saturday, 30th August 2003
by Anthony Allen
''Following the disappointing 1-0 defeat at Rotherham, Hammers fans were more than unhappy...''

A nightmare on Green Street
Tuesday, 26th August 2003
by East Stand Martin
''Forgive me for coming at this a bit late, but I just had to sit down in a darkened room to calm down after the latest chaotic happenings at our club...''

After Roeder
Sunday, 24th August 2003
by Dave Higginson
''Despite not agreeing with Roeder's appointment in the first place, his dismissal, after just four games of the season, beggars belief...''

Worrying signs
Sunday, 24th August 2003
by Peter Hamersley
''We are just two weeks into the new season and once again the worrying signs are there at West Ham. We have failed to score in two of the first three games - a problem that was all too evident in last seasons relegation debacle. Here we are in a lower league, and we are not dominating games. Once again we had preseason preparations that were superior to none. Once again we have not come out of the traps raring to go...''

Cant, Hubris and Myopia
Tuesday, 19th August 2003
by Ron Manager
''The night oil burnt long at The Sanatorium last night. Over the usual warm ovaltine and Librium the pre-80's Hammer's fans (for who WANTS to remember anything after those heady days of the 60's, 70's and 80's?) sat around trying to make sense of the last three years. Through the subduing influence of the ovaltine and librium, we all agreed that relegation from the Premiership to the Nationwide had been achieved, seamlessly. WHUFC seems to be run on the same lines as MI5 but without any visible side of the operation. Comparable subversion and secrecy is the order of the day with disclaimers and lies being the only visible side from the board and our esteemed team management...''

The thoughts of Chairman Brown – a reply
Thursday, 14th August 2003
by East Stand Martin
''During half time at the Rushden & Diamonds game, I sat back in my comfortable seat in East Stand Upper to read the latest thoughts of Chairman Brown. I always try to read these statements with an open mind and honestly my natural instinct is always to try and see something positive in what people say. ..''

Retain the youth
Wednesday, 6th August 2003
by Kit Robinson
''I will admit that I balked and scoffed at the media when they said there would be a mass exodus from West Ham of our best players when we were relegated from the Premier League...''

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