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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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McCarthy and O'Leary (The Dream Duo?)
Friday, 6th December 2002
by Matthew Kemp
''When Glenn Roeder was handed the hot seat at Upton Park the move was greeted with many moans and groans form the Claret and Blue faithful. I for one was sceptical about his managerial credentials, yet had heard good things about his coaching abilities. ..''

It's All Over Now Baby (Claret And) Blue...
Sunday, 24th November 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''West Ham have recently spent record fees on players, built a stadium with the capacity to match historically large clubs, and for the first time in their history over a period of seasons averaged in the top 10 of the League. ..''

The clock is ticking
Sunday, 24th November 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''Being even more frustrated that I couldn't get to the match today or get any radio coverage, I just felt it was time to air my thoughts on our current situation. ..''

West Bromwich Albion - a preview
Saturday, 9th November 2002
by Roy Camp
''After a break of 16 years West Brom are back in the top flight. Being the first team that I watched us play (in season 1955-56, although my brother insists that I saw Stoke City first!) I have always had a soft spot for them. Unfortunately, being on holiday, I will miss the game!..''

Thursday, 17th October 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''The year - 1969. I sat in awe as twenty-two famous footballers played in the biggest place Id ever seen and the atmosphere was amazing. The sight of claret and blue scarves waving, the singing was something I would remember for the rest of my life. My allegiance to West Ham was born. ..''

What a rotten song ...
Friday, 11th October 2002
by David Challoner
''As many of our readers will be aware, this website is named after the song which was regularly heard on the Upton Park terraces for many years, right up to the beginning of the 1990s when it began to fade from popular use...''

An almost perfect day
Monday, 30th September 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Saturday s victory at Stamford Bridge may well provide one of the highlights of the season for the Hammers fans, the victory itself was hard fought and deserved, although some of the punishment dished out to Hammers fans before and during this encounter will go down in my memory as one of the most disgraceful things I have ever seen at a football match...''

Tuesday, 3rd September 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''So, we await the result of the PFAs ballot for strike action. Should they receive our backing or not? ..''

Internet Hammers F.C 3 Arsenal 1
Saturday, 24th August 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Saturday 24th August, the day that West Ham threw away a two-goal lead against Arsenal in the afternoon heat at Upton Park, but it was the turn of the Internet Hammers to take on the Cyber Gooners in the morning at the world renowned Hackney Marshes Playing fields. The Hammers side were trying to avenge their 4-2 reverse at the end of last season against our North London rivals, and obtain only our second ever victory against those from the dark side of London, the last victory being back in 1998. ..''

Are you proud of yourself, Terry Brown?
Tuesday, 20th August 2002
by Joe Maher
''Dear Terry,..''

Where are they now?
Saturday, 10th August 2002
by Graeme Howlett
''We're now in our fifth season at KUMB. Back in August 1997 when we first went online, when Bobby Upper Bobby* was just a twinkle in his daddies eye and 'Knees Up Mother Brown' was still occasionally heard on the terraces the Hammers were entering the new (97/98) season with renewed optimism after staving off relegation the previous term...''

A tribute to Peter Brabrook
Monday, 3rd June 2002
by Roy Camp
''Last month West Ham announced that youth team coach Peter Brabrook would be retiring from his position at the club. ..''

Internet Hammers 4-3 Glasgow Rangers
Saturday, 11th May 2002
by Mike Barrett
''The Internet Hammers took on an under-strength Glasgow Rangers side at Hackney Marshes on Saturday looking to avenge their recent 5-3 defeat against our Scottish rivals - and hoping to pick up their first league victory since the 1st December game against Crystal Palace...''

A season of complete and utter hogwash rumours...
Wednesday, 8th May 2002
by David Challoner
''I mean, its been nothing but rumours and bandwagons since the beginning of this season really; and not just at West Ham...''

2002/03 - a view (so far)
Thursday, 18th April 2002
by Roy Clark
''It's very quiet at the moment so time for some thoughts on the rest of the season. To start with, however, a view on the season so far. ..''

Living in the past
Tuesday, 9th April 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''Arsenal fans are bored explaining to Spurs that "it's over ... we've left ... we have other friends now ... stop calling ... you just make yourself look foolish ... stop living in the past ... it was fun ... but baby its over". Deep down the Spurs must realise Arsenal have left them, and they're not coming back. ..''

York City benefit tournament report
Tuesday, 26th February 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Sunday, 24th February saw the Internet Hammers (formerly known as the Internet Irons) participate in a tournament at their home ground of Hackney Marshes in a fund raising exercise for the supporters of York City Football Club, who wish to raise funds in order to purchase their club from their current board who wish to sell the club and redevelop their ground into a money spinning project...''

Charlton Athletic 2 West Ham United 10
Monday, 25th February 2002
by Sean Calvert
''It is a subject of debate within football circles that a team without a manager, often performs to a higher standard come match day. This was certainly true of the Internet Hammers on Saturday, as they put a disappointing reverse at Chelsea last week firmly behind them, scoring ten goals against home team Charlton Athletic in an excellent all-round footballing display at Eltham Town F.C. ..''

Bring me sunshine
Monday, 21st January 2002
by Dan O`Rourke
''I have a hangover. This is not good. Nor was the football I watched against Leicester City yesterday. I have a hangover as a result of too Many Carlsberg Exports, not the Champagne football at "Fortress Upton Park". ..''

Tap tap
Sunday, 20th January 2002
by Roy Clark
''If it is true that Manchester United have not upped their bid for Paolo Di Canio and don't intend to, it is just another chapter in the "tapping up" campaign which has been conducted? This latest revelation will be followed by more press coverage in the tabloids, more quotes by Manure sources (players, manager, other lackeys etc.) which will all add to the uncertainty of the situation. ..''

Divide and Rule (Where's all the magic gone?)
Sunday, 20th January 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''Martyn, 35; Dixon, 37; Winterburn, 37; Adams, 35; Hendry, 36; McAlister, 37; Gascoigne, 34; Poyet, 34; Petrescu, 34 Zola, 35; Sheringham, 35. ..''

Bad press
Thursday, 10th January 2002
by Mike Barrett
''Slowly but surely, the media's approach and opinions towards West Ham United are deteriorating. There have been a number of issues that have arisen since the summer, and the departure of Harry Redknapp that have left a lot to theirimagination. ..''

The PDC Files The Truth is out there?
Thursday, 10th January 2002
by Northern Paul
''There is so much about this rumour that doesn't make sense to me that I don't know where to begin. ..''

Glenn Roeder: Half term report
Saturday, 29th December 2001
by Graeme Howlett
''With 19 games played in the Premiership this season, West Ham, under new manager Glenn Roeder are exactly half way through their league programme...''

Halfway review
Saturday, 29th December 2001
by Mike Barrett
''So we have reached the half way point in the season, and after the review of Glenn Roeder's performance so far, it is now time to review each player individually. Hopefully, this article will give a fair view of how each player has performed or under performed as they case may be...''

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