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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Why on Earth?
Monday, 1st January 2001
by Damian Muncaster
''Norfolk doesn’t have the greatest connections at the best of times, so with the trains at the present time being as reliable as a Florida recount, and as frequent as a Steve Potts goal my travels from Norfolk to Upton Park haven’t been as regular as I would have liked this season. So to satisfy my need of a bit of live footie on a Saturday afternoon I’ve ended up watching the mighty Linnets of the Dr Martens Premier division...''

'I'm well in, me ...'
Monday, 1st January 2001
by John Palmer
''Ever been jealous of those mates of Rio, holding the camera and wearing his designer cast offs?..''

2000 in review
Monday, 1st January 2001
by Graeme Howlett
''Join us as we take a look back at the year that was 2000* .....''

Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season
Wednesday, 20th December 2000
by Damian Muncaster
''As the festive season draws upon us, and goodwill spreads through Upton Park quicker than a chicken phal and five pints of Kingfisher thoughts turn to what little surprises Santa will be dropping on to Harry and the boys this Christmas...''

Welcome to Bubbles!
Tuesday, 19th December 2000
by Bubbles
''KUMB is pleased to announce that we've teamed up Bubbles, the newest and freshest Hammers fanzine to hit the streets on match days. As a result we'll be swapping articles from time to time, plus you can catch all of the match reports from KUMB on the pages of Bubbles. ..''

Life after Rio
Friday, 8th December 2000
by Tony Fowles
''I have tried this week to be as fact based as possible as events with Rio have unfolded. It has not been easy trying to be objective about this subject because being a fan there was too much emotion over this issue...''

Sale of the Century
Saturday, 2nd December 2000
by Amanda Lake
''Are you are Premiership or European Club looking to expand your team?..''

Rio: the full story
Friday, 1st December 2000
by Staff Writer
''Last night Harry Redknapp sensationally revealed that West Ham United had finally agreed to sell Rio Ferdinand to Leeds for a British record transfer fee of £18m. We take a look back at how KUMB has followed the 'Rio to Leeds' saga, starting back in April, and ending up last night with the news that every Hammers fan had been dreading...''

Thursday, 30th November 2000
by Noj
''Another cup run has crashed to a standstill against a team that we should have stuffed out of sight. We all know this happens but what is it about West Ham that makes us such a pushover to lower league sides? Let’s be honest about it - Sheffield Wednesday are on the crest of a slump...''

Wednesday, 29th November 2000
by Noj
''The man dubbed a "Rolls Royce" by Harry Redknapp has agreed to join Leeds in an £18 million deal...''

Leeds bid accepted
Tuesday, 28th November 2000
by Noj
''The news that we have all been dreading has finally come...''

The Rio thing
Saturday, 18th November 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Needless to say I’m as shocked and disheartened as everyone else by the news that the club are ready to sell Rio...''

Good game, good game
Thursday, 2nd November 2000
by Matt McDonald
''A good 2 goal win over Blackburn on Tuesday night will have boosted the Hammers confidence further after their hard-fought victory against Newcastle at the weekend...''

The big interview: Tony Cottee
Thursday, 2nd November 2000
by Tony Fowles
''Earlier this week it was announced that Tony Cottee had been appointed as player/manager of third division Barnet...''

Bye bye bye bye!
Sunday, 29th October 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Amidst all the speculation surrounding the safety of Harry’s job we have been gifted the national story of Keegan’s departure from the England post...''

Time to look abroad?
Wednesday, 25th October 2000
by Kit Robinson
''In the wake of Kevin Keegan's departure from the helm as England boss, it has been interesting to see a couple of different perspectives upon International teams in the last couple of days. A major part of the debate surrounding England, seems to centre around the pro’s and cons of an English or foreign coach. It could also be, that because of West Ham’s current plight near the foot of the table that many West Ham supporters may also believe that a foreign coach, or a non-West Ham related coach may be needed at Upton Park...''

Julian Dicks Tribute
Sunday, 20th August 2000
by Paul Pomeroy
''I won't pretend that Julian Dicks was my number one idol. Because the truth is, he wasn't. And if I'm really honest, I would have to say that at the very best, he would come say fourth behind Bobby, Trevor Brooking and Frankie Mac in a list of my all time greats. ..''

Our best ever?
Tuesday, 15th August 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Been too busy with university coursework to write any articles…I could moan about this for hours, whilst on the subject I could also ramble on about various WHU related curiosities and joys. Instead I shall briefly raise the points and leave it at that...''

Bubble Bursting?
Friday, 28th July 2000
by Kit Robinson
''At a time when West Ham aim to recoup more finances by redeveloping, the stakes in the transfer market have been risen again, to a point, even after redevelopment, beyond the clubs financial capabilities. What is West Ham United’s record club signing, was it £5m for John Hartson? This summer the likes of Real Madrid buy Luis Figo for almost £40 million and Chelsea sign Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink for £15 million. I believe that the club and most other English clubs of whatever division, really need to ask themselves “what are our financial capabilities?”..''

Hammers outsing the Bhoys
Friday, 28th July 2000
by Alison Leahy
''My first visit to Celtic Park and I was lucky enough to go with some natives who could interpret for me. Last thing I want to do is turn this into a cod Irving Welsh novel but ‘Mis-tur, woat tchur-carr firyir?’ from a six year old kid is a challenge when all you want is a beer and round of bubbles. ‘I’ve got a couple of Dobermans to watch my car’. ‘Can they put out fires? Aaaah the old ones are the best. With this accent you can see why they refuse to put Rafael Scheidt’s surname on the back of his shirt...''

Bobby on the Beat
Friday, 21st July 2000
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Welcome one and all from the Upper Bobby, I’m Knees Up Mother Brown’s answer to Ali G. ‘Cos of the way I chat and rap with my posse, While some of you others reckon I’m a total hippy. But listen up people, it’s a little more complex. I’m not from Staines, but from Loughton, Essex. I hang out in the bar slaggin’ the Totts and Becks, And all the local women, they want me for sex. I know nothing of Berkshire and the gangsta rap, I’m just here to put West Ham on the map. Led by our guv’nor, the Lord Harry Redknapp, We won’t be beat this year by that Red Manc crap. Anyway y’all there’s no need to fear, In fact you Irons, be of good cheer. ‘Cos our youth system doesn’t cost us too dear, And we’ll still stick the Totts up the arse with a spear! ..''

The Terminator is back
Saturday, 8th July 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Well I’m home for the Summer in Sunny .. ahem … Stoke...''

In, out, but don’t shake it all about
Thursday, 6th July 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Well it certainly seems like we’re coming to the end of our inward coming transfers and the names of possible departures are the same that we thought would go before the end of last season. Anyone with a good sense of business and who knows the clubs current financial situation would be in agreement that Harry has done a good job with pretty much nothing...''

Dancing on the String of the Bigshots
Friday, 30th June 2000
by Alison Leahy
''Starring: West Ham United as The Corleone Family Harry Redknapp as Michael Mrs. Redknapp as Kay Jamie Redknapp as Paul Aldridge as Tom Hagen Paulo Di Canio as the Don Rio as Sonny Razor as Fredo Joan Gaspart as Hyman Roth And me as Connie..''

New Blood , New England
Wednesday, 21st June 2000
by Kit Robinson
'''Harry Redknapp believes that England's early departure from Euro 2000 could be good news for his bunch of England hopefuls. The England side is expected to see a number of casualties after the failure to get out of their group in Holland and Belgium, and begin their World Cup 2002 qualifying campaign in October. Redknapp expects the revamped squad of 22 to include his up and coming youngsters, including Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and possibly even Joe Cole.'..''

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