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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Hello, Division One
Tuesday, 13th May 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''As the Hammers wave goodbye to the Premiership for a year or so, KUMB cancels the Sky subscription and looks ahead to the teams who await us in the First Division...''

Going Down With The Baggies
Sunday, 11th May 2003
by Danny Borley
''A few years ago there was a crossword that appeared in the Daily Telegraph. The clue was: A back number (8). ..''

EGM – What’s the rush? Well pull up a chair!
Saturday, 10th May 2003
by Anon
''West Ham United PLC, the company that owns West Ham United Football Club Limited has announced that it intends to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting, EGM, on Thursday 29th May 2003. ..''

Farewell, Parlo
Sunday, 4th May 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''After four years as a Hammer, Paolo Di Canio will be leaving the club this summer when his current contract expires. Signed as a gamble by Harry Redknapp in January 1999 the former Lazio and Celtic striker soon won over a sceptical Hammers faithful to become one of the club's most loved players in recent years...''

A message to the Chairman
Sunday, 4th May 2003
by East Stand Martin
''Saturday’s fantastic game against the blue enemy will go down in the annals of West Ham history. Those terrible games at home against West Brom, Man City (bore draw of the century), Birmingham, Leeds (the give away of the century) and Oldham just faded into the distance. ..''

Glenn Roeder
Wednesday, 23rd April 2003
by Andrew Sargent
''Today, Glenn Roeder is laying in a bed in the Royal London hospital, recovering from a potentially life-threatening clot in a minor blood vessel in the brain...''

How to lose £10m and get away with it
Tuesday, 15th April 2003
by Danny Borley
''I bet that Glenn Roeder dreamt of the day that the West Ham board told him to lose £10m. With thoughts of that decent defender, or a high profile transfer bid in his mind, the realities of working for the Hammers would soon hit him again as it was explained that the money had to be cut from the wage bill, as opposed to blown on new signings...''

Manager of the Month - or Manacle of the Month?
Monday, 7th April 2003
by Danny Borley
''So Glenn Roeder has won the March Manager of the Month award, thanks to three wins out of four in a run that, albeit briefly, took us out of the relegation zone. I think we can all safely ignore the fact that one of those games was played in February!..''

The Battle Ahead
Wednesday, 2nd April 2003
by East Stand Martin
''My friends, it will go down to the wire. ..''

Club or Country?
Monday, 31st March 2003
by Danny Borley
''As England play out yet another game lacking the spirit of the much heralded Three Lions and players are being spoken of in the same breath as true legends - despite playing only a few hours of top-flight football - is it time to ask the age old question again: club - or country?..''

Thursday, 27th March 2003
by Nick Homer
'''You can't keep a good man down,' it was once suggested. Seems like a fair point to me, after all the good guys always win/get the girl/become the hero. But are there any good guys in football, and I mean really good guys, not just those with a polished media reputation? ..''

The ten commandments
Thursday, 27th February 2003
by The Beard
''They say football is a religion. Some spend their spare time worshipping in a religious place, praying for better things to come. I am no different. But not for me that bald fat bloke (no, not Titi Camara) or an invisible deity sitting on high. If football is a religion then the hammers are mine and my church is Upton Park...''

Bobby Moore remembered
Monday, 24th February 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''Monday, 24th February 2003 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Bobby Moore, England's greatest ever footballer. We remember Bobby today through the words of those to whom he meant most - the supporters of West Ham...''

Desperate times?
Thursday, 20th February 2003
by Kit Robinson
''According to Glenn Roeder, West Ham are not in a "desperate" situation. This is despite there being only 11 league games left to the season, not having kept a clean sheet for 30 hours of football and being placed second from bottom of the league. The team no longer has any heart left in it and neither do the fans and yet the board is still totally in support of its manager and will back him even if West Ham United are relegated to the Nationwide League Division One...''

Bowyer, Racism, Politics and the Press
Thursday, 30th January 2003
by Amsterhammer
''My friends and fellow Hammers, lend me your attention for some serious thoughts. ..''

Wednesday, 29th January 2003
by Michael Grimes
''Football is different than when I started going in the mid 1970's. Back then we struggled in the first division, then for a couple of years in the second, but we had players like Bonds, Brooking, Devonshire and Martin (over 50 years service between them). ..''

The referee's a w*nker ...
Tuesday, 21st January 2003
by Graeme Howlett
''For some reason Premiership officials appear to have it in for Glenn Roeder's Hammers this season. Roeder himself must be aware of it 'cos he blames them for something or other after nearly every game .....''

The West Ham experience
Saturday, 4th January 2003
by Steve 'Rio' Barlow
''For as long as I can remember Christmas has brought a fair smattering of football and more importantly West Ham related presents. From money boxes and books through to scarves and shirts it's long been regarded amongst the relations that if it's to do with West Ham then Rio B will love it. And more often than not, it's true. ..''

Sunday, 29th December 2002
by Roy Camp
''As the team that is bottom of the Premier League at Christmas has always been relegated, it is about time the trend was bucked. Can we do it? The answer is no if the players rely purely on their undoubted ability - but if have the right attitude then it is possible. They must be ready to scrap for every point. ..''

Happy Birthday
Wednesday, 11th December 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''It's my birthday today and what am I doing at 3.30am instead of getting a good night sleep for the day ahead, or partying? Trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with our Club! ..''

McCarthy and O'Leary (The Dream Duo?)
Friday, 6th December 2002
by Matthew Kemp
''When Glenn Roeder was handed the hot seat at Upton Park the move was greeted with many moans and groans form the Claret and Blue faithful. I for one was sceptical about his managerial credentials, yet had heard good things about his coaching abilities. ..''

It's All Over Now Baby (Claret And) Blue...
Sunday, 24th November 2002
by Franko DiMcAtffio
''West Ham have recently spent record fees on players, built a stadium with the capacity to match historically large clubs, and for the first time in their history over a period of seasons averaged in the top 10 of the League. ..''

The clock is ticking
Sunday, 24th November 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''Being even more frustrated that I couldn't get to the match today or get any radio coverage, I just felt it was time to air my thoughts on our current situation. ..''

West Bromwich Albion - a preview
Saturday, 9th November 2002
by Roy Camp
''After a break of 16 years West Brom are back in the top flight. Being the first team that I watched us play (in season 1955-56, although my brother insists that I saw Stoke City first!) I have always had a soft spot for them. Unfortunately, being on holiday, I will miss the game!..''

Thursday, 17th October 2002
by Paul Eastwood
''The year - 1969. I sat in awe as twenty-two famous footballers played in the biggest place I’d ever seen and the atmosphere was amazing. The sight of claret and blue scarves waving, the singing was something I would remember for the rest of my life. My allegiance to West Ham was born. ..''

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