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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Golden era or precipice?
Thursday, 24th May 2001
by Simon Stansfield
''In the 35 years I've supported West Ham, the weeks ahead are the most crucial I have known...''

Thursday, 24th May 2001
by Lee Stevens
''With all the turmoil that confusion that has spread throughout the club over the last few weeks, I have to ask the question. Are we really in such a bad position?..''

Pull the other one
Thursday, 24th May 2001
by Bruce (Billy Whiz) West
''Jon Vinton's comments make interesting reading, and if they weren't so true they would be laughable!..''

They used to play in Claret and Blue
Sunday, 20th May 2001
by Bruce (Billy Whiz) West
''Well here we are at the opening day of the FA BurgerKing Premiership season 2012/13, and newly promoted West Ham are entertaining European Champions Leeds United at the 80,000 seater Stratford Stadium, built during Londonís abortive bid for the recent Olympic Games held in Turkey...''

Deja Vu
Sunday, 20th May 2001
by Chris S
''Seems to me like nothing is ever going to change. This is all reminding me of Lyall's last but one season when no-one wanted anything to do with West Ham. ..''

A brief history
Saturday, 19th May 2001
by Matt McDonald
''A brief history Öof well, up til now! With a brief break in coursework, I finally get back to writing again...''

West Ham should and will not die
Friday, 18th May 2001
by Rob & Ben Graham
''I was moved to write something in Harry's defence and produced my best effort to try and present a structured argument which might register with both the dispirited fans and the die hard supporters like myself. I spent all today writing the best argument I could. ..''

A new bond scheme?
Thursday, 10th May 2001
by Name withheld
''The board of directors of our beloved club have found a new and perfectly legal way for them and their connections to take even more control of the club - and this time they are using OUR money to do it...''

Leopards never change their spots
Sunday, 6th May 2001
by Ian Smith
''It is with regret that I write this article, but I feel enough is enough...''

This season was NOT in vain
Sunday, 6th May 2001
by Rob Stavely
''As we look back on this season many of us will be very disappointed. I for one did not expect what has happened. I don't want to dwell on what went wrong here bacause it can't change what happened. What happened is now in the past...''

How to keep Harry
Thursday, 3rd May 2001
by Dan Borley
''The calls for Harrys resignation are growing louder. A freefall down the league (faster than Steffen Iversen crashing to the floor) has seen the small minority of fans opposed to Harry Redknappís management skills grow to the vast majority, and given recent results, who can blame them?..''

Harry, please leave
Thursday, 26th April 2001
by Rob Stavely
''I want Harry Redknapp to leave West Ham. I don't say this lightly and I have given it a lot of thought. Maybe too much thought. I have come late to the "Harry Out" brigade but I can't justify him managing West Ham any longer. I won't change my position now, no matter what happens. What other Hammers do or think is up to them. I've made my decision...''

What direction are we heading in?
Wednesday, 25th April 2001
by Martin Humphreys
''What is the story with our First Team squad? We are constantly told that it is the best in twenty years but we have five players missing and all of a sudden we cannot put out eleven men that bear any resemblance to a football team. I know that the players missing against Arsenal were our best players and would get into most other Premiership teams but surely with a squad which must be approaching forty we could put together a more enthusiastic bunch than the eleven who 'showed up' on Saturday. ..''

Redknapp's transfers: the verdict
Tuesday, 24th April 2001
by Staff Writer
''With West Ham's season all but over, KUMB takes a close look at all of Harry Redknapp's signings since last summer and asks - have we really improved?..''

Calling Adam ...
Tuesday, 24th April 2001
by Jon Vinton
''Anyone who saw the FA Youth Cup Final against Coventry a couple of years ago will have noticed Adam Newton. He was voted as Sky's Man Of The Match after a scintillating display in both legs, outshining the likes of Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Richard Garcia. His speed down the wings was great to see and the quality of his crossing was unbelievable, this combined with a competent defensive display really marked him out as one for the future...''

Time to say goodbye Harry...
Sunday, 15th April 2001
by Andy Stone
''At the moment the only good thing to say about us is that we have a decent youth team and 3 England players...''

Welcome to Bubbles!
Friday, 6th April 2001
by Bubbles
''KUMB is pleased to announce that we've teamed up Bubbles, the newest and freshest Hammers fanzine to hit the streets on match days. As a result we'll be swapping articles from time to time, plus you can catch all of the match reports from KUMB on the pages of Bubbles. ..''

Shuffle the pack
Thursday, 5th April 2001
by Peter Hamersley
''Supporting West Ham since 1963 has made me immune from surprises. Winning away at Man. Utd or losing at home to Wrexham does nothing to my sense of surprise. But when it comes to disappointment, however, itís a different story! Rarely does a season go by when a deep sense of disappointment is not felt...''

In Harry's defence - Part II
Wednesday, 14th March 2001
by Chris Tye
''OK Harry sceptics, I'll do a deal with you. Let's debate Harry based on this season. You stop banging on about 'we were 5th 2 years ago and have gone backwards', and I'll stop using the 'look where were 5 years ago to 3 top 10 finishes in a row' argument. Both out of bounds, deemed irrelevant. Call it quits on these arguments...''

In Harry's defence
Wednesday, 14th March 2001
by Paul Eastwood
''Firstly, I must point out that sometimes I do not fully understand Harryís tactical policies regarding formation/substitutions etc. however, I would like to redress the balance (hopefully) to some extent with regards to the amount of public criticism he has been getting from fans. ..''

Thursday, 8th March 2001
by Peter Hamersley
''For the second time in the space of four days we have embarrassed ourselves on the football field. The teamsí performance in these two games has been nothing short of appalling. The club should refund admission and expenses for the faithful who suffered those two displays. ..''

Welcome to Bubbles!
Monday, 5th March 2001
by Bubbles
''KUMB is pleased to announce that we've teamed up Bubbles, the newest and freshest Hammers fanzine to hit the streets on match days. As a result we'll be swapping articles from time to time, plus you can catch all of the match reports from KUMB on the pages of Bubbles. ..''

The curse of Hackett
Thursday, 1st March 2001
by Chris Tye
''I note that West Ham have now reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, with a winnable tie at home to Spurs separating us from the semi-final. There is an understandable feeling of 'this could be it', a rising excitement that you hardly dare admit, but it is there. ..''

My first love
Thursday, 1st March 2001
by Chris Tye
''She was my first love, my first real relationship with sex occurring with some regularity (we were 16). It was at that horrible part of the relationship when you are being gradually unveiled to her parents, and consider it important that they like you (only in later years do you not give a sh*t)...''

Out with a fizz ...
Tuesday, 27th February 2001
by Amanda Lake
''The last ever match beneath the Twin Towers. England V Germany, World Cup Qualifier. What a fitting end for an old stadium. In Hollywood the script would have had the perfect ending, the credits would have faded to our triumphant heroes celebrating a win underneath gloriously sunny skies and 70,000 plus England fans chanting their names...''

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