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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Retire the Six - your comments
Tuesday, 13th February 2001
by Noj
''We asked for your comments in the wake of the official club site's claim that fans were 'split' over the campaign to retire the number six shirt in honour of the great Bobby Moore. Here's a brief selection of what you had to say .....''

Aladdin (sort of)
Monday, 12th February 2001
by Noj
''Our hero Aladdin (played by Harry Redknapp) is walking along the street when he is approached by a shambling, dirty man (played by Peter Ridsdale) who has been showing passers by an array of watches and silk stockings hidden inside his waistcoat...''

Brown's Verdict
Saturday, 10th February 2001
by Staff Writer
''Chairman Terry looks at the club's latest accounts.....''

A view from Oz
Thursday, 1st February 2001
by Mark Evans
''Could you believe that Tony Hubba-Bubba Gubba or whatever the f*ck his name is when he said..."That may be the West Ham fans you can hear singing..." as "Bubbles" & "H's Claret & Blue Army" reverberated around Old Trafford!? Are you f*cking sure Tone!? That's ALL you could hear, for the majority of the match....out-singing the Manc Shites on their own patch...and then we SCORED! Fucking Brilliant. OFFSIDE MY ARSE! Go On Paolo my old son!..''

A day to remember
Tuesday, 30th January 2001
by Paul Smith
''Yesterday [Monday] I was still in shock (and annoyingly busy at work) so here are my memories of what turned out to be what I had dreamed of - West Ham folklore - and I was part of it...''

Free at last
Monday, 29th January 2001
by Rob Stavely
''January 28, 2001, FA Cup 4th Round: Manchester United 0 West Ham United 1..''

A New England
Saturday, 27th January 2001
by Amanda Lake
''Finally, the FA have appointed a new head coach for England and surprise, surprise he is foreign...''

Media Relations
Thursday, 25th January 2001
by Kit Robinson
''Well I suppose I should be writing about the plethora of non first-team players that seem to be joining us from other clubs reserve teams. However, Iíve come to the conclusion that we will have to see what they are like after 8-10 matches, a la Kanoute, rather than write them off before theyíve played. Instead I want to talk about our relationship with the media, particularly the newspapers...''

Free at last, Free at last!
Tuesday, 23rd January 2001
by Tross
''Dear One and All,..''

50p for the meter?
Saturday, 6th January 2001
by Amanda Lake
''Okay, own up who failed to switch the electric undersoil heating on at Upton Park then? Someone needs to own up because Saturday's events were nothing short of farcical and I am not happy about it!..''

Why on Earth?
Monday, 1st January 2001
by Damian Muncaster
''Norfolk doesnít have the greatest connections at the best of times, so with the trains at the present time being as reliable as a Florida recount, and as frequent as a Steve Potts goal my travels from Norfolk to Upton Park havenít been as regular as I would have liked this season. So to satisfy my need of a bit of live footie on a Saturday afternoon Iíve ended up watching the mighty Linnets of the Dr Martens Premier division...''

'I'm well in, me ...'
Monday, 1st January 2001
by John Palmer
''Ever been jealous of those mates of Rio, holding the camera and wearing his designer cast offs?..''

2000 in review
Monday, 1st January 2001
by Graeme Howlett
''Join us as we take a look back at the year that was 2000* .....''

Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season
Wednesday, 20th December 2000
by Damian Muncaster
''As the festive season draws upon us, and goodwill spreads through Upton Park quicker than a chicken phal and five pints of Kingfisher thoughts turn to what little surprises Santa will be dropping on to Harry and the boys this Christmas...''

Welcome to Bubbles!
Tuesday, 19th December 2000
by Bubbles
''KUMB is pleased to announce that we've teamed up Bubbles, the newest and freshest Hammers fanzine to hit the streets on match days. As a result we'll be swapping articles from time to time, plus you can catch all of the match reports from KUMB on the pages of Bubbles. ..''

Life after Rio
Friday, 8th December 2000
by Tony Fowles
''I have tried this week to be as fact based as possible as events with Rio have unfolded. It has not been easy trying to be objective about this subject because being a fan there was too much emotion over this issue...''

Sale of the Century
Saturday, 2nd December 2000
by Amanda Lake
''Are you are Premiership or European Club looking to expand your team?..''

Rio: the full story
Friday, 1st December 2000
by Staff Writer
''Last night Harry Redknapp sensationally revealed that West Ham United had finally agreed to sell Rio Ferdinand to Leeds for a British record transfer fee of £18m. We take a look back at how KUMB has followed the 'Rio to Leeds' saga, starting back in April, and ending up last night with the news that every Hammers fan had been dreading...''

Thursday, 30th November 2000
by Noj
''Another cup run has crashed to a standstill against a team that we should have stuffed out of sight. We all know this happens but what is it about West Ham that makes us such a pushover to lower league sides? Letís be honest about it - Sheffield Wednesday are on the crest of a slump...''

Wednesday, 29th November 2000
by Noj
''The man dubbed a "Rolls Royce" by Harry Redknapp has agreed to join Leeds in an £18 million deal...''

Leeds bid accepted
Tuesday, 28th November 2000
by Noj
''The news that we have all been dreading has finally come...''

The Rio thing
Saturday, 18th November 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Needless to say Iím as shocked and disheartened as everyone else by the news that the club are ready to sell Rio...''

Good game, good game
Thursday, 2nd November 2000
by Matt McDonald
''A good 2 goal win over Blackburn on Tuesday night will have boosted the Hammers confidence further after their hard-fought victory against Newcastle at the weekend...''

The big interview: Tony Cottee
Thursday, 2nd November 2000
by Tony Fowles
''Earlier this week it was announced that Tony Cottee had been appointed as player/manager of third division Barnet...''

Bye bye bye bye!
Sunday, 29th October 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Amidst all the speculation surrounding the safety of Harryís job we have been gifted the national story of Keeganís departure from the England post...''

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