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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Dirty Bastard
Wednesday, 6th October 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''Three games since the last report; wins against Osijek and Arsenal plus defeat at Coventry...''

August and September
Sunday, 3rd October 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''Phew. Another cold lager, the fantastic Supergrass on the stereo. Maybe I can catch my breath, work out if anything has gone horribly wrong so far this season (don't worry, the Blurbs were a one-off in an occasional series of the madder workings of my and other peoples minds, wait until we revisit "cult of the nine"and the Bo's amongst the more surreal things that have happened this decade). ..''

Digital Nonsense and Other Stories
Saturday, 2nd October 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''Two games since the last report; a win at home to Osijek and defeat at Everton...''

One Elle of a week
Thursday, 23rd September 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''What a week it's been here at KUMB. Three Hammers matches (two wins and a draw, can't be bad) plus one of the most amazing experiences of my life - the birth of my first child, little Elle (pronounced Ell-ee in case you were wondering)...''

Eat no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil
Tuesday, 21st September 1999
by Alison Leahy
''"Let the rhythm start to play, dance with me, make me sway" the sound of teenage pop pervades the still autumnal night and reinforces my theory of the parallels between dance and football. Even the News of the Screws is in on the deal and reported last weekend that dance instructor Mileva Drljaca has been employed by Newcastle United, amongst others, to jazz up training routines. Apparently Alan Shearer could only lift his leg a short distance but now he can he can pull it up past his hips. "Well hell-ooooooh" (in my best Lesley Philips purr). ..''

Wednesday, 15th September 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''I've realised that I am still buzzing, so with one of my duty free lagers and some of the obligitory Toblerone that I feel I simply have to buy every time I go abroad, I'll try and make some sense and convey what the last 24 hours have been like...''

John Moncur - Football Genius
Wednesday, 15th September 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''"Hi, my name's Stereo Mike, what the hell am I doing drinking in L.A", hell I'm not even 26, or L.A for that matter...''

(Not So) Happy Days
Monday, 13th September 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''Last week I opened this column by reflecting on what a good week it had been to be a West Ham supporter. So predictably, and in typical fashion, this week turned out to be completely the opposite...''

Friday, 10th September 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''Well, it seems like ages since I filed my last report. Parenthood has rather taken over everything in my life - believe me, this two week break in the Premiership couldn't have been better timed...''

Happy Days
Wednesday, 18th August 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''It's been a good week to be a West Ham United supporter...''

Lost Weekend
Saturday, 14th August 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''A Lost weekend, in a hotel in Helsinki...''

Sun, Sea, Orbits & Shadows
Sunday, 25th July 1999
by Alison Leahy
''I catch the morning surf and ride the crest of a wave. Claret and blue bikini sitting on my hips, the sun on my back and the tide is high. The other teams paddle to try and catch the claret and blue waves but it aint happening...''

Havin' It !
Monday, 14th June 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
'''Havin it in Ibiza, Yeah!!..''

Bobby On The Ball
Sunday, 6th June 1999
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''(This installment of BOBBY ON THE BALL is brought to you by the letters B and L)...''

Harry's Heroes
Friday, 4th June 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''Again it seems an age since I have written for my favourite on line West Ham fanzine.....''

The Return of the Magnificent
Saturday, 1st May 1999
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Hi y' all out there in KUMB land. Sorry it's been so long since I was last here to give you the benefit of my vast knowledge of football and all things West Ham. You know what it's like though, business to do, people to see, on me toes etc...''

There's Only One John Moncur
Saturday, 27th March 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''It always seems so much has happened in between my writing for KUMB, but I'd like to dedicate my ramblings here to John Moncur...''

Harry's Game
Saturday, 27th March 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''My, how things change in this topsy turvy, curly wurly season. ..''

Fortunes Always Hiding
Monday, 8th February 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''Happy new year, yeah right - it would be if we could stop conceding four goals a game, what's happened? We aren't leaking goals, but we are gushing goals against. I am having a hard time getting to grips with the whole thing.....''

Joe Cole Express
Monday, 4th January 1999
by Dan O`Rourke
''Happy new year to everyone, or anyone that takes the time to read my somewhat irrelevant thoughts. It's back to work for all of us and I'm having trouble carrying those extra pounds around the office, particularly after the lastest Cup debacle and to think I referred to the Swans as "only Swansea" about 5 minutes before kick off!! I guess some of us will never learn , or weren't there against Farnborough Town, Grimsby, Stockport, Luton, Wrexham etc. I was lucky enough to see the mighty Emley and the home game against the Cobblers though, lucky me eh...''

St.James' Park to Elland Road
Tuesday, 22nd December 1998
by Dan O`Rourke
''Itís been over a month now since Iíve written for KUMB and so much has changed, or has it I hear some of the doubters cry...''

Hurry Up Harry
Friday, 18th December 1998
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Alright you lot. How's it going? Your mate, Bobby Upper Bobby, here. Well I have to tell ya, me, I feel like I've just come out of one of those 'corkscrews' you get on rollercoaster rides. Those last four away games, blimey, talk about feeling the highs and the lows...''

Know What I Mean Harry
Friday, 30th October 1998
by Dan O`Rourke
''So here I am again for round 3. It seems everything imaginable has happened at our beloved club since I last put fingers to keys (that is other than a West Ham win)...''

A Load Of Cobblers
Thursday, 1st October 1998
by Dan O`Rourke
''So, my first week on the Knees Up Mother Brown editorial team ends with two 1-0 wins for the Hammers, yet we have managed to find ourselves out of the Mickey Mouse, sorry Worthington Cup and strangely 4th in the league, behind Villa, Derby and Wimbledon, what are the odds those three points come back to haunt us...''

Wright, Wright..... Right?
Monday, 28th September 1998
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Hi y'all chaps - like the Magnificent Seven - it's me, Bobby Upper Bobby on the return; back for a quick word like...''

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