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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Thursday, 1st June 2000
by Graeme Howlett
''It's been a long and arduous season this one. Time to gaze into kumb's crystal ball and look to the next, and attempt to guess who will be plying their trade down Green St. this August, and who of the current squad will be packing their bags...''

A very 'unfortunate' situation
Thursday, 25th May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Supposedly Leeds United are interested in both Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand for a total of somewhere around £18-20 million, between them. This has got to be the biggest test for the club in recent history of what its priorities are. Do we sell and run the risk of continuing with a substandard team over the next couple of years whilst the ground is redeveloped? or do we follow Leeds’ example and invest in our own young players and produce a more consistant and possibly successful first team over the next decade? ..''

It's Rumour Time!
Thursday, 25th May 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Well that’s another season over and done with...''

Wembley, Wembley
Wednesday, 24th May 2000
by Damian Muncaster
''So the venue which has seen all of West Ham's greatest moments is about to be pulled down and reconstructed and after Saturday we can only pray that the new surroundings will inspire teams to produce fare that is slightly more befitting of the occasion. ..''

A Stroll in the Park
Tuesday, 23rd May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''Well, as I predicted in my last article, the Arsenal match was our last "meaningful" match of the season, unless you count pride being at stake against Leeds to gain the 8th position spot or for losing 5-1 last time, but that was down to that useless referee Harris, not the Yorkshiremen...''

That's all Folks!
Monday, 1st May 2000
by Kit Robinson
''This may well come across as whingey, conspirational and the after effect of a defeat, but I am sure that I am merely reflecting the feelings of many frustrated West Ham fans...''

Let the Good Times Roll
Wednesday, 26th April 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Superb return to form by the lads recently...''

Monday, 17th April 2000
by Kit Robinson
''It’s been interesting to see the reactions of Hammers fans towards the team and manager, during our recent drubbing at Old Trafford then our two recent victories against Newcastle and Derby...''

Great ground, no fans, great ground, no fans
Tuesday, 4th April 2000
by Kit Robinson
''"The irony is that it works out cheaper going away. Sheff.Weds was 18 pound a seat, so once the petrol has been split between three and the three travel cards that would be bought for a trip to the Boleyn are taken into account we're actually saving. not to mention having a decent day out...''

Moansh*tster game
Tuesday, 4th April 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Well, I hoped to write a report on the moan game based on the full radio commentary. Turned on at 2:55 and to my surprise, no bloody game!! With the history of upsets and Moan victories they choose to broadcast Leeds v Chelsea, Arsenal v Wimbledon and Leeds v Chelsea!! Despite 90% of stations commentating Moan v Bradford…why not us….. why do the same game?..''

Franky Mac
Friday, 31st March 2000
by Damian Muncaster
''Pleased to hear recently that our famous strike duo are doing so well for themselves. For Frank it wasn't the biggest shock in the world to see him in the News of the World for reasons other than scoring on the football field. But TC, our dearly beloved TC involved in a ticket scam, no wonder he was crying at the end of that final. With the same kind of almost telepathic understanding they had on the field, they manage to get themselves a result in the same week...''

The Geezer
Thursday, 30th March 2000
by Alison Leahy
''Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey...''

Our best Ever?
Monday, 27th March 2000
by Matt McDonald
''Been too busy with university coursework to write any articles…I could moan about this for hours, whilst on the subject I could also ramble on about various WHU related curiosities and joys. Instead I shall briefly raise the points and leave it at that...''

A whole season in one game - the paradox of West Ham United
Sunday, 26th March 2000
by Kit Robinson
''I believe that most Hammers fans would agree with me that Sunday's televised home match against Wimbledon, told the story of West Ham's 1999/2000 season, and maybe captured in 90 minutes, the essence of what makes supporting West Ham United both exhilarating and frustrating...''

Informal, personal and wildcat
Friday, 10th March 2000
by Paul Graham
'' can't speak for the rest of you out there, but in my 38 years' experience, I have always taken a step back whenever I have encountered the word "official"...''

Sunday, 5th March 2000
by Kit Robinson
''It’s been interesting to see the reactions of Hammers fans towards the team and manager, during our recent drubbing at Old Trafford then our two recent victories against Newcastle and Derby...''

Oh no! It's happened again!
Monday, 28th February 2000
by Matt McDonald
''West Ham signed Charlton’s reserve keeper Sasa Ilic to fill the role of the injured Shaka Hislop and brought back Ian Feuer, to sit on the bench...''

On England v Argentina
Thursday, 24th February 2000
by Chris Tye
''1) Wembley is a toilet. I had the best seat I've ever had, and it was still a crap view. The bogs, catering are shameful. Get the bulldozers in...''

England - the reason
Thursday, 24th February 2000
by Chris Tye
''Our players are not the best passers in the world, but they aren't as bad as they have appeared in Euro 2000. The true culprit is that the players are hamstrung by the dinosaurial formation used by Keegan. The problem, and I watched this closely in the Rumania game, is that players in possession have no-one to pass to. Basically we are outnumbered in midfield, which makes retaining possession difficult for the best of teams, and impossible for an average outfit like ourselves...''

Everybody sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin
Tuesday, 8th February 2000
by Matt McDonald
''As the newest member of the KUMB team, I thought I should give a brief account of myself...''

Still Upbeat
Friday, 4th February 2000
by Chris Tye
''This is all about being upbeat. Despite the horror of the Villa disaster, I'm still upbeat. I cannot possibly stay downbeat for long with things as they are. Sure, the defeats hurt, but let's not forget where we are and where we've come from...''

Millennium Musings
Wednesday, 2nd February 2000
by Dan O`Rourke
''Happy New Year, happy February and happy Leicester, because as I write they have gone one nil up in the Worthington Cup. I'm sure all of us will be hoping that Tony Cottee can make an appearance at Wembley and walk away with a winners medal. That is of course to take nothing away from Tranmere who have done fantastically well and are probably hoping they play Premiership opposition at Prenton Park every week...''

Sweet FA
Wednesday, 5th January 2000
by Graeme Howlett
''Happy New Millennium all. Trust you're all millennium bug-free (wasn't that an anti-climax? I was quite looking forward to planes falling out of the sky in a kind of perverse way). Anyway .....''

Bobby on the Bass
Monday, 3rd January 2000
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Yo, yo, yo!..''

Turkey well and truly consumed, it's time to do some work once again.
Thursday, 30th December 1999
by Graeme Howlett
''Turkey well and truly consumed, it's time to do some work once again...''

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