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Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Hello's, Nottingham And Other Thoughts
Tuesday, 22nd September 1998
by Dan O`Rourke
''Welcome to my little piece, I'm not sure how over the coming season I'm going to angle my thoughts and stories for KUMB, but I hope you'll stick with me and them and hopefully we/I can all come up with something we enjoy...''

Pre-Season Ponderings With West Lower Les
Tuesday, 28th July 1998
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''How y'all doing out there in Knees up Mother Brown land? Like me, West Lower Les, lapping up the final arrival of summer sun and making the most of the last of the free Saturdays I hope...''

Ian Wright Q&A
Monday, 20th July 1998
by Anon
''IAN WRIGHT on the wrench of leaving Arsenal, West Ham's aspirations and his "special place" at Lancaster Gate!..''

Can You Adam'n'Eve it?
Wednesday, 15th July 1998
by Bobby Upper Bobby
''Just look at this picture. Can you believe it ? It's like an artefact from a parallel universe. You know, like in 'Sliders', or one of those science fiction programmes. But amazingly this image is from our world, our reality, now - July 1998. Ian Wright has signed for our very own West Ham United!..''

The odd couple
Saturday, 11th April 1998
by Anon
''Things were getting a bit twitchy down at West Ham around February 1997. Harry Redknapp's great foreign experiment had blown up in his face, relegation beckoned and the wisecracks that normally fly around their Chigwell training ground had dried up - replaced by long faces. 'Arry, as he is known to 'Ammers fans, was tearing his 'air out. A restless bloke at the best of times, he reacted to crisis by pacing the corridors like an exasperated general whose army was on the retreat. If he sat down for long enough, it was only to tell the same old story to his loyal lieutenant Frank Lampard: 'We're playing well, but I can't see where our next goal is coming from. We've got to move in the transfer market - or we're doomed.' ..''

Stan Makes The Grade At The Academy
Sunday, 8th March 1998
by Graeme Howlett
''If Stan had the power to change one thing about football, he would eliminate racism. Coincidentally, Lazaridis voiced his opinion the day before the premierships more notorious Stan, a certain Mr Collymore, alleged he had been insulted by a fellow professional. The Australian Lazaridis has never had to absorb anything more disparaging than 'Put another shrimp on the barbie', the kind of remark which amuses rather than affronts him. ..''

Lampard and son maintain family business
Friday, 6th March 1998
by Anon
''Once, before they realised just what a talent Frank Lampard Jr might be, there were those that accused him of trading off the good name of his father. It hurt him deeply at the time. He was only 18. Now he is older and wiser and ready to admit that, in one respect, the detractors had a point. "When mum called out 'Frank'," he smiled, "I used to ignore her and pretend it was dad she was after. Mind you, I think he did the same."..''

My three favourite ...
Wednesday, 17th December 1997
by Graeme Howlett
''... Spurs jokes...''

Five things you'll never hear ...
Tuesday, 16th December 1997
by Graeme Howlett
''... on the BBC's Match of the Day...''

Beech on Hartson
Wednesday, 10th September 1997
by Graeme Howlett
''Cyril Beech, the scout who discovered John Hartson and set the rebellious Welsh teenager on the road to fame and fortune, has talked about his early days with the Hammers striker, and how he took Hartson to one side for a no-holds-barred pep talk on one particular occasion...''

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