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Articles by Adam Smith

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Why we come back
Thursday, 11th May 2017
by Adam Smith
'''Abysmal' would be the best way to describe the 2016-17 season, but a near perfect 1-0 win over London rivals Tottenham Hotspur quells this ugly truth for an moment. ..''

Injury, a Bilic Godsend
Wednesday, 26th April 2017
by Adam Smith
''Many were convinced that the late season match-up with Everton would see Belgian goal-scoring phenomenon Romelu Lukaku add multiples to his seasonal total. ..''

Just a reminder: a big weekend win
Saturday, 15th April 2017
by Adam Smith
''After a much needed win, West Ham have what appears to be, some breathing room from the bottom of the table. ..''

What's up with the new guys?
Tuesday, 28th March 2017
by Adam Smith
''A promising set-piece master and a staunch centre back, two players West Ham desperately needed to plug holes in their team. ..''

No time to be fickle, Bilic in or out?
Monday, 20th March 2017
by Adam Smith
''Another loss, another defensive disaster, and another three goals scored. And sure, there is no time to be fickle for West Ham United and their supporters when it comes to the elephant in the room, but is there justification for wanting Slaven Bilic out?..''

What a puzzling feeling: thoughts from a 1-1 draw
Sunday, 26th February 2017
by Adam Smith
''Excuse the brevity and scattered nature of my thoughts, but my heart rate remains high after the lack of Success at the end of that match. With that said, an away draw is a positive, right? Then why does it feel so wrong?..''

The status of the strikers
Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
by Adam Smith
''With the league break coming to a close, it seems fitting to evaluate the Hammers squad as it stands and look towards the future as well. ..''

Monday morning reflections: getting over a 2-2 defeat
Monday, 13th February 2017
by Adam Smith
''A day or two have gone by, but the sting is still there. A 94th-minute equaliser takes the absolute elation out of a crowd that was celebrating the home squad, and replaced it with utter heartbreak. But how can a draw and a point from a team the Hammers are chasing hurt so bad?..''

Grit and a beard: the Snodgrass effect
Friday, 10th February 2017
by Adam Smith
''Three whistles sound and West Ham United net three crucial points in a 3-1 victory at Southampton. A dominant effort due to a well executed game plan can hardly be attributed to one man, but let me plead my case...''

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